Peter Gabriel attacked my school by setting upon me with Midori Goto's swallow Rosine Monteleone, in a bloodthirsty love nest of facelying criminal deceit on behalf of Shawn Brooks, known confederate of a race gang with prior knowledge of AIDS and an impacted nerve injury they inflicted when holding me in pedophile custody of a violent gang who kidnapped and tortured me, a political assassination theTrump/Clinton machine try to downplay as "human trafficking".  In order to understand the criminal genius of Queen Elizabeth in her alliance with Peter Gabriel, who married into her workplace, and the Graham Foundation, who call one oftheir hired killers both "Hitler" and "Lazarus," ... "because he's back from the dead," you need to read the script, a Texas Schoolbook, that they planted on my house through an Israeli agent of Lennon explaining the text of why they supposedly shot him.  Yoko Ono moved swiftly to partner with Burstyn and Brooks.

       The text speaks of "Nobuko's Stupid Code of what boys should do and girls should do," and is a strict demand for abstinence from anyone who doesn't want to be included in pimp crimes, and debt collection services by the Police and F.B.I. on behalf of pedophile cinema run by the Museum mafia, as part of the AIDS attack.  Nobuko was the Japanese star of the film hildren of Hiroshima.  hrough such gangsters as George Romero, whose daughter Kyra is named in the script, and HitlerReagan, Palace authorities at Carnegie Mellon University have labored to network such groups at Pentagon-Disney, who secured the services of Ming Na Wen for the atrocity at Kelly School, when she was introduced to me at Mellon by Mike Mullin beforedoing the voice for Mulan.  Shawn Brooks is one of the only persons who had access to the shy, battered picture of me with broken glasses that is reproduced in the Japanese semiotics of their Pussyball eugenic drama.