It is upsetting to have no readers and no rewards when doing something important.  A former President of Carnegie Mellon, I believe it was Richard Cyert, was interviewed on video making fun of the 60's mentality about what the hippies were calling the “System.”  He asked rhetorically, “and what is the system?”  Suppose this mad innovator had some hidden concept he was sporting about.  Such a thought would conform with the evidence and text that arrives from Carnegie Mellon showing AIDS a foreign attack that usurped our government for an unprincipled act of War and Corrections unprecedented for its magnitude of cruelty and unusual nature.


      The simple facts show that the Corrections legacy was usurped entirely masquerading as an Act of God, while escalating a series of crimes that Voided Constitutionality flagrantly, while police sat by sucking their thumbs, Federal Judges slammed cases shut without review and media laughed.  The script I was sent makes clear that the authors regard sex out of wedlock as a capitol offense due to abortion and spoke of “Nobuko’s stupid code about what boys should do and girls should do,” meaning wed first or else.  Nobuko was the name of the Japanese star of the film, “Children of Hiroshima,” confirming that Neva Corporation (De De's sister's name) and Shiono/Yoko Ono were positioning herselfs with malice aforethought and targeting a son of the Navy, who themselves conspired in torture resulting in the crying shame of a homeless, pants shitting apology to Lennon's estate after a series of medical malpractice crimes by violent hospital veterans, leaving me a wraithe.


       Small wonder I flunked out of Temple University in my 20's.  How can someone honorably cooperate with Pennsylvania?   The murderers viciously entrapped me through head injury-related confusion and terror trauma into a cruel, I repeat entrapment, for the rendering of a Klan Law, amusing to Black psychos, involving deafness and dismemberment for being seduced by another child when a child.  Bernard Wattenmaker, who is named in the script by way of his son Ian had Ian tell me (when showing me a vicious picture of a U.S. Army veteran dying by a shot to his chest, tears in his eyes, blood streaming down his arm, (Ian played King Crimson for me after teaching me about Yad Vasham, a fact I can prove)...Ian told me that his father became addicted to cigars by having one every Friday night.  In the pedophile hostage situation where I was taken prisoner Ostro had a devil imp gripping its loins masturbatorially.   Ostro was a familiar of Braustein whose art partner Blumenfeld introduced me to Gail Burstyn, the author of the war and corrections script.  Gaol is an olde English word for “chuke” as Gail called prison, or chukey.  The County Jail authorities made no secret of smirking how well the internet dovetailed with the arrival of my death row solitude in manhood.


       We are told that because of neuroplastic, chemical, nerve-agent related consequences of poison and torture that I became a jealous individual in a state of rapture and mania for British prog rock and on that argument a barotone woman (DG) said to, “VALIDATE” the crime, despite all the evidence that I was a shy, restrained individual when making out with Leslie, Gail’s partner from Lydia Street.  DG is the ringleader of Hollywood's underworld in history.  Dia Galas, whose homophonetic initials are like AIDS, whose namesake DIA of the New York Voodoo Museum and Swid Powell called me to say Lennon was killed, which I no longer believe, or diabolical Diamonda, is an advocate for cruel and unusual punishment, such as 911 and dismemberment, ripper murder mayhem, in tandem with Gail Zappa.  How can all this escape notice, please?


        Lennon’s name is justification for the cruelest and most unusual punishments imaginable?  How come?  How come lives weren’t saved, the guilty arrested?  The public never warned?  Because the British said no, is why, having put a c for copyright in a star of David and providing SAPZulus (black allies of the South African government) as mentors for crooked and angry Blacks, some of them drugged violent criminals in Pittsburgh, some of them Church psychos in Sisters of Mercy promoting an agenda about religion where abortion serves, promoting the right to home wrecker, sacrifice a white for therapeutic deception and so on, proven planned and sold by the crazies in the Clue Klux Klan, that included the Walrus John Lennon of British Nazi Liverpool.


       They invented a persona by neurohypnosis and proceeded AS IF what they said were true, without law, without jurisdiction, without review, putting me places I never was, doing things I would never do, broadcasting infamous libels throughout the world by way of Peter Gabriel, forging a consent decree from confused ramblings of a person in pre-seizure semi-coma through terror trauma, escalating to all sorts of new measures that can’t be named, like the wave machine.  Fact: The letter was a defense of Leslie’s right to leave me.  Fiction: They claimed it contained an unstated threat.   What a laugh. To fulfill their script the Black gentlemen announced they would have my bride now and I would prove thusly my sincere.  Leslie was a practical joke of WQED and CCAC who employ Tom Ammons whose labor gang locked me in the house from the inside with Kasper who gassed me at Kings Estate as a child, as did the Pitmans (like Quarrymen), and CMU said this was a Socratic demand for HIV injection as Hemlock.  These disturbing murderers include Cameron Brown now at the New York Times.


       De De’s trap announced from Elmira, the US’s first Reformatory, with text of “Mark Mark” from John Lucarelli of Elmira that slavery was justified after a trick, and that it was being counted towards Pussyball Retribution of a Fundamentalist War and Corrections society executed by Midori Goto the Green savior of SAPZulus at Sisters of Mercy.  Lennonmania wasn’t on trial, it was behind the witch hunt, all of it planned by Hitler’s Hollywood.  You can see the turnaround thinking all over Reagan semiotics, the accusing eyes of the Jewess and the hand of the accused on a meat block, as surely as Tive’s Tove by Hebron Cemetery where Jimmy Creary’s eyes poured with invisible black tears from a nerve agent of indescribable savagery.
       This terrifying Opium War strategy to destroy the USA came from Alternative Conflict Resolution at CMU, and a warped series of alibis, set to the tune of 64, when they blew a mind out in a car, zapped him right between the eyes, for the English Army of Oswald Mosley.