The idea that AIDS was a one-ticket war cannot be exhaustively covered in this article; but enough support for the defining idea can be found in such facts as that while many people were slaughtered they did not use anyone else for the program.  This meant that my first person identity:  the I of my social contract, was subjected to a derogatory rendering and given to the plurality in a mob scene of scurrilous pseudo-justice.  It also means that the targeting tactics were aimed at a singular identity and since no one has anything to gain from acknowledging it even the other victims gave the issue the green light.  My favored son status as being from a father of George Bush’s ship in the Navy, but with the baggage of liberalism as a tag, I was considered a utility function.


      Despite every last detail being fraud, they openly avowed that this was all done and planned, just the parochial leer is so vicious and maturity so scarce that no one interjected, spoke out or intervened, but anyone can see they were in place to do what they wanted to do to pull it.   


     A major strategy of the  AIDS combine was to profile and target, while making sure of through deranged manufacture, the presence of two-timing.  Their stalking and prior violence all proves the intent, as they mapped out their target concept and took advantage of power on high about this single claim ticket to render pornography manipulation.  You want restitution for forcing me to prove myself credible?   For being brutally tortured for reporting torture?  You want me to serve my father’s enemies?   It is criminally insane.


      Conscience isn’t even a consideration for these people   Luring the victim to report upwards they answer with wave after wave of tribalism, having mapped the entire crime out to demand public service from a victim of horrific and diabolical lifelong brutalization, down to the  single ticket of their new age ultrahigh wave machine.   London and the V.A. cannot just author a crime in my name and then mandate public service.  


     Their neurohypnosis was brazen.  They impacted a freak neuroplasm to intensify media suggestivity and waged war by enemy music on the essence of our morale, demanding suicide in the name of loyalty to Beatlemania, the strong force of their violence and cowardly deception   


     At 18 years old you are allowed to know you are being Drafted.  At 13, you aren’t allowed to ask questions when horrifically inducted into sexual slavery as local education at the point of a gun, and you aren’t even allowed to know what is being done with your name.

     “It’s a knock-out.”