Probably the best way to address what has happened in the United States is knowing the hidden history and the indexes used to create an abstract beyond traditional focus.   The United States is obviously a country with a lot of good things, which is why so many people are fighting over it, but the choice of weapons is now between ideologies and this fact is very convincing about the nature of the Kennedy curse that changed our destiny and realigned us with a method of scientific exceptionalism that I will call an Axis, because that reflects the evaluation system that they used in creating a society justifying and prosecuting  the AIDS attack as a good idea one that was justified and answering our predicament. They haven’t said so openly, but I will show you that their convoluted claims and fallacies are hiding their true mentality through examination of the indexes they use beyond traditional focus. There is a clear pattern of building on deception scientifically which I will illustrate with all due care, both by example and by second example that shows pattern. The reality of this Axis and process is so clear, so exceedingly strong, that the legerdemain they use to cancel out this pattern and process is completely worthless.

    The process of programmatic paranoidization derives from the index of a hidden axis.

    We are dealing with a highly imaginative enterprise.  An attorney for the assassin group, Miles Kirshner, working with Pitt, Pentagon Disney, Reagan and King Crimson had me for this gang in D.C. on the day that Oliver Stone claims Reagan was shot, but Reagan came out the night before and waved to me, so then the alibi was ironclad for the AIDS war game in Maine.  The brochure for Kirshner reads, “there is no such thing as objective reality only what the jury believes.” For a cover story they were recasting the evidence of torture for roof of guilt which they called whinging, which was a reaction formation from trauma, semi-coma and the loop of brutality towards me unprovoked, they recast this phenomenon and called it proof of guilt, which renewed brutalities and caused whinging they cited for impurity, thus they got ahead of the loop evidenced by torture through deception.   However the ironclad alibi made it impregnable anyway.

      To pull off extermination with an olive branch and a laugh by shaming a victim of torture for terror is quite an achievement.   Accountability is strictly prohibited and there is a lockdown on the Capitals of all fifty states. Even a really high standard of honesty dismissing the possibility of a sleight of hand creates a slipknot based on the idea that such control of the perception weapon is impossible and that would weigh in for loyalty to the assassins, however ironic it may seem to find them promoting their own attackers.   Once you can show they are indicating where the truth is hidden you have a basis for counter-recruiting because they are asking you to suspend disbelief about a magic trick even after showing it is there. Do you so enjoy their misdirection that you will still follow that map even after you see where it leads?

      We know that the hidden indexer was King Edward working with Cecil B. DeMille and the Axis powers making a simple axis that sex is immoral and therefore AIDS a parochial agent of discipline.   Lennon apparently was asked by Her Majesty’s Secret Service to perform this magic show for the masses to take control of victim sentiment. We find the symbol of Barron Brytton on a pro-war book about Vietnam by Suzanne Labin.  This indexing is commonplace, permiating their publisher’s houses like an Easter egg hunt from the dawn of Hollywood, and cross references to the hidden indexers pseudo-demotion to Duke (Barron) of Britain (Brytton). The Pittsburgh text countered “we shall overcome,” with “me shall lubin” (Michelle Lubin) and Lou Brecher (Lube Wrecker) indexing the loss of De De’s virginity in the script correlated to the shooting of Martin Luther King.   They planted them on a grandson Donaldson (son of God) in who he is well pleased, serving as I do, for the decoy duck.