The Olympics of Crime

an editorial by Mac Crary

July 20, 2017


This editorial has a voice that may strike you as strange, so let me put it clearly from the outset: it is an attempt to figure out less than an attempt to explain. The facts do not entirely speak for themselves for two very simple reasons: 1) The truth provides an excellent camouflage for the killers in this Olympics of Crime; and 2) because the spirit world is an occupied zone, in the sense that rhyme and reason do not make any difference.

If the United States of America had any decency, dignity or self-respect you would think that a legal response by law enforcement would be automatic when credible evidence of extremely serious violations of law amounting to underworld war, came to light, but this is false. The crime in question is regarded as amusement by police.

An individual, even a gifted American with an admirable name: James MacRyland Crary, proven to have been so intoxicating to the killers that they stole it and used it, cannot get a lawyer in a case this extreme because the legal system was overthrown from within to make certain that the victim whose name was stolen was allowed no redress. Trying to fill out forms in a so-called fair and objective legal system, trying to proceed, without a lawyer is similar to trying to drive a car without wheels, it cannot be done. The lawyers in the Bar Association are entirely, as an organization, in fact guilty of tire slashing in this tragedy.

You will recognize what their argument is, of course: that this topic is politics, and not law at all. There isn't anyone else doing what I am, it's unique, so leave it alone they seem to feel. So many people are displaced by the scarcity of resources and opportunities for justice that one more extreme case on view can't do anything but good in terms of scaring away other petitioners with the advertisement for futility. The forms are useless.

Some wise birds have suggested to me that I was the informal object of an institutional study conducted by Real Worlds in Bath and University of Pittsburgh. They were just scaring me with AIDS to build empathy for victims while claiming in secrecy augmented by the ingredient of nuclear documents that I cudda saved John Lennon, so that the many acts of terror they subjected me to, and sickening lies, both to and about me, were prison state experiments punishing me for something I knew nothing about because they say I cudda, and not evidence that AIDS is manmade. Punishing someone as negligent in the AIDS attack is just a shadow they bring over it, but they cannot authenticate that story because it would reveal that AIDS was an attack and show that this horrible, lifelong false witness campaign against my name, which they stole, is to protect those who did it, so I am alone, battling a secret allegation about Lennon while testifying that AIDS was an attack against people representing the victims already poisoning me mortally for cudda saved John Lennon. For Obama, in other words, failing to show AIDS an attack is the only thing restricting him from an informal death sentence, because if I succeed he will blame me and say the joke's on me.

What is this joke? Oh, right they are just giving me irreversible medical injuries to avenge John Lennon or something? The double fantasy operation surrounding John Lennon's disappearance is brought into question by my presence in D.C. when Reagan also claims he was shot with the FEMA attorney division the Beatles and New York Times are defending in justifying the study by Real Worlds and Pitt, all of whom were licensed by Ronald Reagan in the matter. This gets very old, because it is: Robert Fripp and his sister Patricia Fripp allying with Reagan in the AIDS attack while slandering me sneering that Reagan didn't know. How droll it always was. Ignore as well that a woman named Dia from the milieu of the band Der Mond called me on Dec. 8, 1980 and that Diamonda Galas has symbolized in her art the attack on the World Trade Center and anthrax as revenge for the AIDS victims, all while defending those who did it by covering for the truth about Mt. Desert Island. In fact, Reagan's notions of African Witchcraft were so savored by the Blacks in the PITT NAACP that it is pointless to argue with them, they don't even care about the letters of Gail Burstyn anymore, excepting that they enjoy the fact that the killers themselves repossessed them.

This still leaves a lot to figure out. Are they simply after my hard work because anything associated with the Beatles is worth a fortune? What exactly is such gold to them about being able to brag over and publish concerning their absolutely horrible and dishonorable Death Study? God loves a winner they laugh. All of this circumnavigation is a hotfooted attempt to tiptoe out a position from which to try to figure out a few additional facts from all their refrains.

Blacks attacked our heritage of dissent. They decided that American dissent, no matter how difficult to defend, wasn't worth a cup of oil. The evidence that my mother, Nancy Moore, who caustically watched me being done in as a child, shrieking horrible nightmares of screams at me morning, afternoon and night in her alcoholic binges, ignoring what was done to this day, was a Wichita agent who hated the white male power structure so badly she gave birth to a white boy in order to help set up a revenge syndicate finds the PITT NAACP in absolute alliance and mutual defense.

We know that a fitness campaign for me was run in the name of Midori Goto in which the NAACP had set up a dibs call by manufacture of a Louie Louie adultery the Black pimps of Reagan's FEMA demanded tribute and compense for. Midori Goto was sporting as a partner of the NEVA Corporation who mutilated me as a little boy and impacted the nerve agent King Crimson and Ringo Starr manipulated (now visible) to create their refrains for character assassination, lie after lie. They produced Rosa from the Green Party in the name of Clemente on behalf of his own killers as part of a ritual dance the Hutus of Kuntu Theater claimed African Justice. We also know this was set up, and that I was sequestered into a bubble of isolation from my early 30's on to contemplate this as a monk being used for vivisection, filled with the toil of regret and suffering of seeing my faith betrayed.

Yoko Ono and the Warhols are accustomed to getting away with anything they want to. After she made her horrible art house film: RAPE she explained to her victim that she was the victim and she was forgiven for a Lennon smile. After Mapplethorpe produced signatures from a child he pedo'd the museum mafia allowed it to be ruled art. My refusal to clemence the rape of my deaf advocate, which they filmed, brought a ripper attack ultimatum out of the Seattle Queer museum mafia who laughed that their poison crime giving me diabetes was a hidden magical pun of mercy from Dia-Beatles.

The idea that Reagan was God is easy money for King Crimson. This allowed them the license to trick those at risk and worse for AIDS into believing their Olympics of Crime and Liars Club guerrilla war as art campaign to be empathy-building when, in reality, these brutal molesters were fulfilling a war script to a tea claiming something they authored to be found art, and failing to satisfy our media, lost in their loyalties long ago the British Invasion that came on the heels of Kennedy's murder, can only mean that they owe blood oath, death vow and virtually slavery to the attackers, who they wholeheartedly cheer on, lie after cowardly lie.

The political success of the AIDS attack perversely lay in rubbing our faces in it, because America likes a winner. One falls short of understanding why Queers, gloating in their survivors guilt, would cheer the killers and failed to warn. Just because Reagan and the Beatles told them to? This goes back to a dispute about my childhood playing out in isolation by cyberstalking patrol of my lifestyle involving Japanese adult cinema. They twist this into a claim that having been serviced in secret by that industry, which they deny was being targetted and used, I am now a dependent supporter of that means of action, in love with the sadists who mutilated me as a little boy. This industry no longer uses the C in a Star of David for their trademark and instead uses a Regal Crown.

In the early rise of color cinema censors surrounded kisses. Lennon broke the doors of censorship down, burst in, and announced from the HAIR scene that there would be license for capture of extreme sex acts, meanwhile the drugs were brought in, King killed, and sexual slavery commenced. This story of lifelong servitude to the Japanese sex industry was scripted by the Warhol syndicate in Pittsburgh, as would be obvious from anyone looking at the script, actors and actresses, but it is also obvious that this goes much, much deeper. When Tive of SONY, where Midori (which means green) of the Green Party called me a mental midget, he was referring to the legal justifications that Oliver Stone planned to give for bullying me into Mutual Assured Destruction in Wichita by blackmail through Harpers Magazine's Lewis Lapham with the story of De De Mancine, grown fat in life, like Tive, and thus an image to break a sweat as Lennon's pitchfork feeds her tables full of spaghetti from Franco America. The Mental Midgets of Fulton School were slated to appear in camera at the Fulton Mini for the wisebeards of the NAACP in our province, and the Secret Service of the US Government made sure of it with Rosa Monteleone and the rape of deaf Jeannie, organized by Martin Sheen and Vince Eirene with Catholic Worker secret tapes from Natural Language Labs at CMU provided to Hustler Magazine without consent of the abused containing soundtrack impacted on a semi-coma from the NEVA Corporation's bondage genre, to the mirth of HitlerReagan and Nancy Moore.

Billy Graham and MisterRogers spouted in the Post Gazette who advertised the murder of my father Ry by the Green Party in a public trial cleverly framing me as a red witch, "God tapes us all." They then escalated up to soul surveillance with the ripper hatter madcap of Ultrahigh from Real Worlds, Queen Elizabeth and NASA. The hidden violation of Ultrahigh will never be heard of in court. They claimed a spiritual impurity existed in the queerbait and this taint was prove that AIDS was justified.

The hidden dimension of Secret Service facelying has consequences for our society. Just as Presidents passed had slaves, the California network agents including Karen Sasamoto, Greg Starsinic and Donaldo Gulligan (DG/47) demonstrate that the island and Rosa enjoyed the sponsorship of Trump, as a leering fabulist playing MASH with the queerbait. My father was cased by an odious Jewish kid of the type 20th Century Fox's script thief David Lucarelli consorted with when grabbing me literally by the jugular vein in my own home, and someone from Africa named Nyguna Kagbugi (pronounced Chikita banana, as in coming to tell you how to get rid of your teacher today) or NK. The war progressives are protecting are freedoms, ah so.

Ed Eisen showed up at the workplace of Leslie Katz when she was employed by Connie Bolanis whose neighbors, Officer Ford, gave me the Social Security number beginning with the numbers: 1984 in the hidden underworld prank system of HitlerReagan's Caspar/Carlucci syndicate. Ed Eisen was a prowler in the East Liberty working with a Japanese man named Robert Lee. Katz was also championed by Meieren, a partner of Gail Burstyn and Sean Strub, while working with Ruth Hammer and Masako Shiono. The legal system is mobilized by this consortium to make America the defendant in the AIDS attack while forbidding us to prosecute the guilty.

It began before the blindside attack by Kasper and slaughtering head blows by Tive when an English little king spat at me it was time "he was going to start getting nasty," and there was a Billy Club, Billies Rodd, Flynn, and Beck, all faster than me, the Rodd of which was there for the blindside attack for the red-headed alibi on the mental midget they called queerbait.

I may never know what Ian Wattenmaker kept insisting that a curtain rod went through his brother's cheek at the window where he had me shoot a bb at a bird (not Wade Beebe yet), that can only make you sigh and think "Elizabeth was a Jew," but we do know that Mark Nordenberg's Death Study about the Nature of Reality always meant it doesn't matter if it's true, they will still get away with it, and that Tony Levin of King Crimson's real partner, Greg Karl, snivelled at the power partnership idea of Midori Goto and James MacRyland Crary in the logic of East-West reconciliation, here's the way to crush that dream, we'll pollute him and jeer, then confiscate his power match for reclaim dibs.

"Go ahead and cry," my mother Nancy Jane Moore mused.