The character assassination that yields the truth about the AIDS attack is predicated in the University of Pittsburgh’s long-standing belief in Conflict Theory of Law.  I already know that I am dealing with the criminally insane.  It is also plain that Conflict Theory is written in such a way as to allow them a fastidious place to hang their fatuous and syphilitic hats of the trade.   With Edgar Snyder advising them, they lisp, how can they lose?

      There is considerable hyperbole to draw upon for them; among their support faction is a woman who penned the very revealing work of art titled, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.  I, do, too.  The caged bird sings in victory over conflict theory.   The entire problem with American reasoning since the Kennedy assassination has been the ghoulish idea that might makes right.  In reality, it is the other way around.   A slave trafficker can leer that they are making use of the human being to enrichment ends, but in fact the truth is that by murdering the idea of man, the soul and inherent being within, the master becomes an animal.  This is the entire sinister problem with these Nature of Reality jeers from the mad hatters at work in Pitt platoons.

       If Christian culture is intended to make a Death Sentence on innocent people to ensure faith in master-slave plantations that Christian culture is nothing but the opposite of what it professes to be.   The targeting at work in how I was tortured, earmarked, and then sentenced in a pre-scripted operation for the two-dimensional work of a letter, testifies to the betrayal of the Bill of Rights and freedom of speech that went into the AIDS attack, but it also testifies to the darkness of Black America in the present age, who are not building on their heritage by embracing such a foe.This doesn't mean that there is something wrong with punching someone who attacks you. The Union Shield signifies the war against slavery, but raping the daughters of Abolitionists is hardly liberation much less theology.

      Black Americans do understand the Bill of Rights.  The caged bird sings with the luminosity of the long forbidden texts, not only schoolbooks and the Bible, but also Marxist works, in which they understand the forbidden motive of the slavemasters.   Yet targeting a white person just for spite in reducing grievance to a symbol of hate for innocence was predicted ghoulishly by the AIDS attack assassin lobby who are lying about everything.  The entire scope of their mission was to say that Black people do it, too.

      The Death before Dishonor concept underwrites the yammering of Youssou N’dour in service to Hitler and Reagan on the Beatles Warhol plot function by Penis Gabriel titled with malice by SO.   Neely Fuller’s concept of compensatory coding presents hate towards innocent people as an antidote for helplessness towards Simon Legree.  While Donald Trump’s mission of announcing the death of drug traffickers may sound like the pistol of Mark Chapman towards Lennon, the truth is that Lennon’s people are in a strong alliance with Trump and his mission of justifying child pornography in the name of creating a New York pirate chest.

      Ivan Itkin and the people of Pittsburgh are still lying about everything.   A neighbor of Leslie Katz, where deaf Jeannie was raped, was Richard Danko, a friend of Jim Pellis, who not only took bb gun pot shots at a friend of my father, but took me to a carved stone sacrifice altar hidden in Frick Park like the fluxus language of, “how can it be?” Larry Lederer of the Holocaust tribe.  The hidden canvas of justifying by implication also traces to scripts from the Texas Schoolbook that find their expression in Melvin Belli’s Star Trek beam down to defend Jack Ruby for the Goering widow he also represented, as well as the Fox/Lucas grab for Yoko Ono of the payback letter trove.   Notice that a man named Astor, also as in Saul Astor, a nearly Biblical name who believed in Conflict Theory justifying police thievery, is also the name of an expert in Japanese literature, because the overtones of the terrible crime are written as benshi, the narrators who accompanied silent films, as surely as Aston of Pitt’s rare papers took me to Night of the Living Dead on its debut when Calgari disappeared from line-up like David Lucarelli’s first reel from his episodes of Grendel pins the tail on the Don Quixote, allowing for Charlie Chan.

      The Jewish Holocaust is not a super victim-chip from American gangland.   The soft-pleading ideology of Seattle Queers trumpeting for child molesters isn’t payback to the witches of olde.   It’s the letter opener of the black women who murdered Dr. King.  The only escape is to put a stop to it.