When I was a child, John Fitzgerald Kennedy President, there was a world around me of hope.  Everybody felt important and like they meant something, our lives mattered. We actually felt cared about by the world around us, filled with promise.  Shortly after the disaster struck, Sgt. Peppers showed up on our record player consoles. Something was obviously wrong. We may have been young, but we were suddenly filled with doubt, made to feel like we were inferiors, with nothing to offer our betters.    The 60’s, as it unfolded, was a trick. I was grabbed and earmarked in a vicious painting of murder that the authorities deemed a masterpiece. One of the things we have learned from Orwell is that when foreign English start talking about peace, get under the desk.  The first thing they did was just get rid of the American peace leaders, like shooting ducks.

     The possession of the United States of America by an Axis Ark of Colors, which isn’t even being questioned despite being entirely found out, was a realism enterprise inclusive of black fascists towing points for military service, and required trickery.   The black leadership of the U.S. is like Catholics in Hollywood, moral fraud. Orson Welles made it a point to meet up with Goebbels, and the attachment to Hollywood of the signifier DG played out in the AIDS attack with dog eat dog American attacks on America like 911 and Anthrax, to the baritone of Donaldo Gulligan and Diamonda Galas.   Donald Finnegan and Donaldo Gulligan finalized the text on Mt. Desert Island. DF of Double Fantasy was a signifier of the failures.

      The Unions pulled together to allow illegal and anti-heroic interrogation by insidious means by foreign nationals who lay in wait to confiscate a text they themselves penned in high trickery.  It wasn’t even questioned because of the Input/Output dimension of neuroplastic head trauma being manipulated by sadistic attack prostitutes working for sociology. In fact, my own mother ignored the evidence of disappearance related kidnapping, torture and injury, while sniping at the neighbors for not calling police when they saw strange men entering the house when we were away.  She said, in the fluxus of contempt for my in-born social standing, “he usually owns up.”

     Stalling in the name of confirmation, the murderers seek out how they can use their Royal clown scapegoat in profiteering from a rout, because white and beautiful as a child, he is needed for cowhooves for the Elders Secret Society of quisling Warriors! Warriors!

      Trump’s coalition murdered Kennedy and the evidence is pasted all across our skylines.  Like the 1964 index reading WELL DONE in the Japanese novel House of Nire, year of the 46 - AH -64 turnaround system, and the bullet train, it all signifies a shot in the dark as lawsuit and grievance settlement concerning the abomination of Hiroshima about which Yoko Ono, Karl, Sheen and Vengeance of Shiono crow to the tune of “Nobuko’s stupid code about what girls should do and girls should do,” an idea called Two Virgins by you know who.