This piece is to put to rest the rumor that my suspicions are without merit and to establish that the notion that the renegade outfit was solicited to execute extra-judicial remedy is deranged.   I am dealing with the criminally insane who by implicating me are watching their own backs. They claim I am in bond to their Fuhrer extension. Their ploy is futile and furtive for with their domain no one’s back is safe, least of all helpless children who by blindsiding they induct by Draft winds to gale force in war games of illegal congress.   The existence of these predators and their determination to cast danger around me is certainly in effect.

     The best place to begin is by supreme objective:  AIDS Nuremberg. The reason why SCOTUS should be placed on trial through interrogation before impartial Tripartite established by Congress is clear:  irregular signature upon implied consent defamatory to the Constitution as service to the AIDS attack. The British Crown brays a license of eccentricity analogous to the claim that because John Fitzgerald Kennedy kept around the Oval Office the poem, “I have a rendezvous with death,” he was granting implied consent to the death wish laying in wait for the mechanics to shoot him before the film camera of Chas. Bronson.   The rabid leer that pornographic research allows all kind of manufacture and entrapment.

      Above top secret in this case means in broad daylight.   American Foreign Policy was changed by the death of Kennedy by allowing dominance by the underlings whose manias were carefully subordinated by Supreme Executive wisdom.  Adjusting to their announcement of crime license isn’t bias, it is prudence, and AIDS Nuremberg mysteriously focuses on the Chancellor desk of a man garble nomiker’d Nordenberg, as though in dare.  They always say love to the prey they pin and inject. The fact that what was done to me by Yoko Ono is factually revenge for something far, far different than the Houdini whodunit event of someone Lennon is perfectly established.  The incidence was constructed around me like some sort of rubber dummy. The gall they have in saying I am insulting the widow after shooting Kennedy down like a dog in front of America’s unrivalled First Lady!

       Whittle away and fiddle about is the doctrine of the foreign English covered by hillbilly wannabees aping vernacular with a fornicating lump in their yeehaw thorax.   We get the laugh of our lives from Pentagon Disney’s publication about Spirit Mediums in Zimbabwe based in London Eno transmitter rooms, recalling the details of a book called Mitsui that Jeff Thompson appeared to have disposed to me on Winterton whose namesake they call a Lady, noting the meaning denoted for denial in the aspect of escalation found by the name Youssou N’dour (No Exit) to hide gun and bug by hidden pun in Nyguna Kabugi.

Guess pap had to go to make America great again.