The very private aspects of a reluctant politician are enjoyment for leisure readers as a function of American Cultural Psychology. Inside-the-home portraits of our leaders traditionally do not take the form of strip tease pens. Seeing FDR at the fireside, JFK with his children was a private view of the important man. Technology has facilitated the desperate search for answers concerning Dallas. The mask of a lone killer camouflages that our whole world is under attack. Rather than face the facts, my own school's best teacher, who led me to things overnight which would have taken me years to find, entrenches around the protection of American principles using the myth of a lone killer as his National Guard, the very opposite of what he should be doing and this oppo-world is a confederacy protected by their own victims. The strip tease pen is too humiliating so the hustlers, calling themselves cowboys, have held barn-burner. They justify themselves in destroying innocent lives by shrugging, well that's war.

After the attack that sent my heart into flutter and into Emergency Room situations, the chemical poison caused diabetes and Seattle forced me back to Pittsburgh to attend college and answer furtive fugitive allegations. When Inslee and NWAsianWeekly brought me back to Tacoma, Sound Mental Health, on the heels of Donnie Chin's murder, poisoned me in the mouth with a plaque-causing agent assailing my already badly damaged memory and brain. The perpetrators come from the Green Party who are wizard warriors of an Ark Confederacy including members of the Black Panthers using Warhol Foundation structures in their linguistics; then there was a massacre across the street from my house back in Pittsburgh at a synagogue of persons I have known since baby school. It's all very dizzying and of course our family's only child Molly's namesake was killed by a Latino in Iowa. However, just because it is a rational uprising does not mean the leaders are humane.

Kim Kardashian is an Armenian diplomatic arrangement between Ono, Trump and the Jericho Project whose network probably include my school's poster girl and the Pulitzer poet who taught me at the Governors School, Peter Balakian, largely in place to help Obama sell the adventure of Leslie Katz for Peter Gabriel's performance art testimony about Mt. Desert Island, Neva Corporation and Ono's revenge posture to convince Seattle that she is their rational spoils attorney. Gabriel knows what he doesn't like. Despite the recordings substantiating his myth they are illegal and should all be confiscated for evidence of what they prove, a nerve agent caused jealousy. He knew that, it was counterfeit, but his real target is American dignity. That is what they British really do not like.

You might wonder, if you are my friend, why they did it. I hitchhiked from Pittsburgh to St. Louis in high school just to hear Robert Fripp play. Leslie was still a virgin. I never touched her. The hardest part is alone at night when erections don't come now, from the chemical they used. It's not that I couldn't make love at all, I have been forbidden because of the production team, but at night, in bed, I would not be able to stand the humiliation. Alone, at least I can bear it. The attackers have in mind portraying me as a political answer, a prop for their revenge, the ideal to burn as the last of the spoils are robbed from our dignity. In my upbringing they occasionally used the word totality and that is what it is, the liberation of the reich, hidden under pet peeves from Britain.

The discovery that Jacqueline held a weapon against JFK's throat and that the gunfire, the swarm, the images of warning from Warner Brothers, were an umbrella for her kill (the radio man in the image was probably reporting to A.S. Onassis) explains among other things why she was wearing Roman pink. If you knew what they did at Neva Corporation with the Beatles and why they are laughing, to those Shinto girls from Neva, in their heavy, heavy gunfire and solemn mockery, bang bang shoot shoot, of the USA, you would be displeased. They chosen'd a boy from the dignity of the Midwest and presented their Green (which is pronounced Midori) leader spoil as the new symbol of the bread basket through ripper reparations from Seattle. They case me at home and online for Obama trying to slime-bag my Chinatown poem, my tears for my father when I see the Girls Drill team on Memorial Day, by catcalling the children with libelous names like "Mouse". The Tives used a nerve agent on the little boy Jimmy so they could generate rumors about lusting from brain damage.

The murderers from the ARK/Green Party of Seattle are in a war for presumption of consent. Like the buddhist monk who burned himself in protest in Saigon, Sean Strub and Foucault both were suicide bombers in the AIDS attack. Aaron Dixon thinks a white should have to prove himself to Nammies for Hollywood cred. This is the fingerprint of the killers themselves, not found art as they so love to claim. Leni Reifenstahl went right from making films with Adolf Hitler to Africa making films with seven foot tall bush men giants. It was shrewd of South Africa to convince American blacks that Hitler's fireplay would avenge them on white bigots if they only kill the Rainbow Guard and Peace Corps as a symbol of appreciation for Augustine, Brother Adolf of Hope, who the wise men called Kasper for the Spirit Foundation of Kardashian, Jewish Holocaust survivors and all those who, pardon my fluxus, are stuck with it. Everybody feels guilty about something, it would have been like Reagan to laugh.

The Democratic Party played the whole thing as a legitimate union trade off, with the idea of freedom of association being mutilated by the taliban of a pussyball payback ledger for the Black leaders of the whorehouse sit-in who watched me like hawks at Fulton Elementary School. Obama just saw it as getting ahead. The subtext is their bonanza. At the debates for 2020 the Dems talked up the need for car licenses, why not gun licenses with the hidden transcript of marriage licenses for fornication that is the fait accompli stern notion of the Martial Law conscription behind the Marital Law of the AIDS attack. Everybody feels guilty about something. The machine they've built is too fragile to tamper with, we are told, don't report it. So, if you have a mass mailing list handy, you might want to follow my viewpoint and forward this to everyone you know. They used Jimmy for some eidetic comics, clocked to names like Urmanyhazi (decrypting to GermanyNazi and your money, hazy) and the hotel suites of Marlon Brando and Jagger to whom it mattered least.

Mac Crary, testifying