If you are fair to yourself, this testimony from the chosen child of Bush’s fleet in WW2, my father was his radio lieutenant, will convince you that the Government of New York, both Cuomo and Rockefeller, authored the AIDS attack through contacts in the State of Pennsylvania, led by Leslie Sanetta Katz, an attache of Hillary Clinton.   That is why New York ran both political leaders in the last election.   I wake up to voices everyday calling me the most famous tragedy in the United States.   For me, knowledge is poison, I am slowly dying from the arsenic of old Nancy Reagan.   The truth is cruel to your mind, you must put on your mask and announce that you believe it is all fiction, fulfillment of the prophecy called schizoid man, but I have paid for this site a year and will leave it up so you can study it and see for yourself that it is real.  Peter Gabriel has advertised their broadcast machine, they have it, they use, and they don’t care about your rights and know they can cover it in psychiatry.  Pentagon Disney has unlocked direct brainwave to the your thoughts and dreams.  The Beatles are the syphilitic ogres at the magic kingdom of plenty where all privilege rules.

      As brilliants of the Royal Liars Club they beamed down Melvin Belli into Dealey Plaza from his place in Star Trek, the lawyer for Goering’s widow, when the moonchild of Aleister Crowley named DeMohrenschild set up Lee Harvey Oswald for Oswald Mosley and that Liverpool Gang.  They evacuated Lennon with the help of Rockefeller Times and Cuomo, but the dirtiest part was yet to play.   They had suicide bombers in the AIDS attack.  I proved this by scientific method beyond a shadow of a doubt.   I profiled the suspect as having a name signifier, Jewish, from the holocaust community, tied to the leadership of victims, in the Green Party in a Stranger Newspaper public before … before … he was identified outside the Dakota with Mark David Chapman as an agent for Peter Gabriel’s package plan planted on my house for Fox Media staged discovery, my stepbrother David, to slip to Warhol Museum on signal.  My natural father Ryland had met with the Beatles in London before the exampling of JFK.  He was replaced by someone John L., David’s father, of New York where “Mark Mark” Twain lived.  Meanwhile, Gabriel’s ripper faction, working with Manson, named Mancine, of the NEVA pedophile cinema black markets, gave me a knockout gas and took me into a dungeon of King Crimson, where I was tortured and mutilated.

        Ringo then called New York’s petulants and sniveled, that’s not the walrus, he’s a bad person, let’s gang up on him.  The Greeks who took Jackie Onasis had a lot to do with this.  For one thing the cinema semiotics are Greek for a comeuppance about Hiroshima.   For another, the script marked Burstyn (gay ill) the name from the Exorcist used a nerve poison to create an enemy within the hostage, personality change, so that the killer, led by Hitler in Argentina, could be Reagan’s Caspar, the friendly ghost, and the British King Edward demanded tea and forgiveness in the name of brotherly love.  The queers in Seattle, completely in partnership with Rockefeller’s attache Ralph Tive, cluck in glee that after I am dead from their ratty poisons they will announce that the most famous schizoid man in history was right after all, change a few details and be raking in the cash.  They brought in the Greek Evangelia Karmas to attack the impacted nerve agent, have me screaming in seizures for the Green Party, while Midori Goto and Aaron Dixon with Obama behind them gloated that the sex register of the pimps behind the AIDS attack forbade by the violin of Louis Farrakhan, my rescue.  Midori promised to make it up to Trump for Allah’s joke.

       Silence that bully had proven me soft, so they raped my deaf advocate as I screamed in convulsions and castrated me for trying to pull the sword from the stone.  Vince Eirene of the Pittsburgh Merton Center and Friends Meeting knew all about how I was held hostage as a symbol of the attack and sacrifice of white privilege, while Mer and Ehrlen, those Merlins, announced the closing of a Nutrition Center just as Ryland showed up at the hospital to die with Tive at his bedside and Green Germany graffitti all over his obituary.   The Chinjun shadow of Alina Sheykhet was at my stop when feeling left my feet.