Belief motivates people but translates into squelched and garbled messages.  Don't go there.  Getting to the truth is easy but our irresponsible authorities will pretend they don't see it.  When celebrity violinist Midori Goto came to Pittsburgh's Duquesne University on a mission of government terrorism for a bi-partisan agenda of beatlemania, she took her name, scripted in advance "Go/to" as in go-to hell, as a birth right by which to castrate and brutalize her symbolic trophy kill, little boy of the US Navy.  As usual the perpetrators sent conflicted messages intended to exonerate ticket-holding sadists calling themselves peers.  At the core of this mission tutters the tiffany bongo of Jimmy DiSpirito from the Rusted Root gang preaching for the rat's nest that there is a graceful behavior required of disappointment.

      A lot of this plan, the AIDS attack as a global police action being enforced by North Korea with gifts from Russia with love after being armed by Israeli jewboys enjoying the pussyball battle royal, injection needle for defiance, come from WQED which means When Queen Elizabeth Dies, a public television station which once featured MisterRogers.  The idea anticipates the crowning of William, King of England, to augment control of mass distribution in malls of old Beatles records.  They killed JFK, released the church illness of Hitler's revenge in the name of Churchill, and raped a retarded girl who taught me sign language in the name of Roberto Clemente.  Now all is sanctified.  Just say, "ah," for the doctors of the Golden Circle of the Crimson King, coronation provided by Obama in Pope drag, master of all.