"Beat me beat me make me write bad checks," ~ graffiti on the elevator to Matt Marcus' art studio at CMU where Leslie Katz took me. (Pronounced "mark us").

John Stockwell, "The Left have an absolute horror of self-examination."

In 1980, a woman named Dia called me for John Lennon to tell me he was dead while I was living with Obama’s Director of Army Operations in Afghanistan. A few month’s later Reagan’s FEMA attorney for Mt. Desert Island had me in D.C. when Hinckley shot Brady. Reagan waved to me the night before. Dia’s mother told me, “In war only the art matters, not the people.”

Was Leni Reifenstahl in Duzzeldorf or too busy with seven tall black victim warriors in Africa?

Obama is a ripper sadist at the heart of the AIDS attack. He couldn’t care less. As the beacon of privilege and minister of race finkery, he said, “the joke’s on you.” He was the ordained warrior of SAP Zulu in the crusade.

AIDS was indeed a crusade. Gail Burstyn worked for King Crimson.

This is the pretzel at the heart of the AIDS attack: New York Times media and SONY impacted a personality change neurological control injury into the child and then paid warlord money to the NAACP persecuting an informant they punished as a JD. NYT media shrieked that the victim of their frame job would have to prove itself against the brainbeam on the soul that it wasn't possessed by satan, their holy war explanation for the human trafficking on Mt. Desert Island and kidnapping by child mutilationists. By this arrangement, Lewis Lapham worked with Peter Gabriel and NASA to lie about the potentialities behind Pentagon Disney. God can do anything. The Almighty TRUTH is a tawdry Liars Club.

Reagan had great talent behind the staging of his own shooting, helping Lennon stage his own murder, Oliver Stone, Beat Kitano, who gave us the film Brother and the Obama Presidency, Mel Gibson, Robert DeNiro, SONY, Pentagon Disney. A lot of work was put into the plan by New York Times media. Splendid dashiki robes were distributed with primo libation among the SAPZulus.

Dr. Nelson Harrison knew all about it and covered for it to get racial sexual satisfy for the token army. He isn’t a very special person. Did the Proctors know Schugar Bear as well as they know Mike Seate? Dr. Eskridge was on hand for the black master race to confiscate the script when Obama made his play.

Why did Jimmy ask for a carbon tip screw at Sears? Because he “wasn’t much of a person” (Tim Wolfe); at least “not anymore.” Trivia question: which seven foot tall a the black victim dragged queerbait around the floor by its foot?

Reagan was a rabid animal. He called Larry Flynt with the set up about Terri Visco. The Kennedy Assassination was made for TV.

Lennon died? Hahaha. Yoko Ono filmed the rape of a retarded girl for her museum.

My mother probably knew about Gail Burstyn all along. She married a special agent for HitlerReagan from 20th century Fox when it came time to abortion her deaf son some more.

The war in the Middle East is a diversion. Media wouldn’t dare report the AIDS attack information now.

Youssou N’dour and Dia Galas are leaders of ISIS. They planned 911 as damage control over Mt. Desert Island to protect their controlling interest in Gail Burstyn’s barnburner party. Taliban just meant scorecard, it is how Paul McCartney balances the ledger of his syphilis. ISIS was queer in origin. The AIDS Isis authorities were fetishists working with Youssou N’dour reconciling Molefi Asante’s hysterical hatred for homosexuals and backstabbing rage against the United States with the petty rivalry of queer elitists in Seattle seeking status and groping rights in the name of Leslie Katz and Matt Marcus (pronounced Mark Us).

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton worked through Granger Morgan’s offices on a German approach to the AIDS attack called Alternative Conflict Resolution. It was predicated on Vaclav Havel’s shrewd insight that the homos would rather be entertained than informed and rescued. Cameron Brow was their agent at CMU for the 911 attacks and slasher ripping of Shannon Harps in Seattle. His partner David McWade admitted it was damage control for the Beatles’ alibi for Mt. Desert Island. England hopes to upload their Crimson King in the name of King Edward through the confusion.

Melvin Belli of Star Trek was the attorney for Goering’s estate and Jack Ruby. Lennon had the machinery of Star Trek and Pentagon Disney to help him stage his own murder using a double for their fantasy presentation to delude his poisoned flock of lemmings. Contempt for the generation betrayed that Lennon claimed to lead just poured out of the British vermin. Sulu of Star Trek, George Takei, was a Queer from the Ark, a perfect trick of the celebrity superstate. Elizabeth Taylor was an elite’s fiend working the Queer Gestapo for Yoko Ono’s make pretend rage.

The timing of the books Perfect Storm and Infinite Jest show clearly the direction of HitlerReagan’s Publisher’s Project.

Imposter! He is no longer the person I invented! Shrieks Hollywood.