As I say, I knew something was wrong when the Rolling Stones began calling me a snitch for reporting the evidence that AIDS was a man-made, pre-planned, military attack.   It happened in 1988 on Mt. Desert Island.   I had already been the object of a blindside attack and terrifying violence towards the press.  What I didn’t realize yet was that this was mind-surgery of a grand cosmic jest that began with the Kennedy assassination in the 1960’s all linked up with themes from that era.  The Texas Schoolbook planted on my home by my midwest family who birthed me from an alliance begun by Bush in the Navy with my father for the game (my birthday is six months from Hitler’s and they arranged a Social Security number:  1984) was being promoted by Abby Hoffman’s letter:  Steal This Book.   The assassination of JFK was theft of our national narrative.  This structure also played out with Daniel Ellsberg’s Pentagon Papers drama which was answered by a psychiatrist office’s break in, and Watergate tapes, which were planned with the patience of a rock tumbler as a tape loop about the Screwtape letters by correctional authorities who attacked me and brain damaged me as a child.  Patience was a theme from the beginning, and my mother’s faction sit waited and watched, biding their time, while the gangs in our government attacked me with drug trafficking and human trafficking syndicates for breaking rank and trying to warn the public.

        Mercy Hospital was allowed to make it look like this crime was in the name of charity and a united front.   The original assassin team said I was going to “perform” for them, after they used a nerve agent to hotwire inside the hostage psyche, leering that using attack prostitution was a standard aristocratic practice to hide the meditations behind the AIDS attack.  In fact, so sure were the British and Pittsburgh that they could use a letter to Leslie Katz to construe it as saying the opposite of what it contained, using neurohypnotic manipulation, race codes and crowd hysteria, that they didn’t even bother to hide that it was premeditated, evoking Oliver Stone’s refrain that it was psychologically consistent with the profile of their prey in the script.  In other words they used it to advertise that the AIDS attack was premeditated, wanna make something of it style.

        The men who killed Kennedy are millionaires.  They set up this racket to claim they were just using someone they don't like to make their money back on the departure of John Lennon.