A shockingly dishonest investigation was directed at me by child mutilationists to cover for the truth about the AIDS attack in Pittsburgh.  Politics is the art of finding people you know you can trust, not the cold, unhappy certainty that you can’t; yet there are compelling reasons for the latter view.  Deceit is a studied game and put into practice by professionals.  Sincere people are pawns who play roles they do not understand or do not dare challenge.  Their friends, their wives, their children may turn on them.  They may lose their jobs.  New powers challenge old powers without proving their merits based on persuasion of cowfolk who moo in the voting pastures, at committees, at dance parties.  They believe deeply and unshakably in their views of self-interested progress.   Old powers are sometimes very tolerant, knowing where it leads:  to sell outs, to personal advancement for a few, to accommodation and return to old ways with positions held by an insider circle that resembles the old one in practice.  Change then is more of the same.   

     The issues being found out by archaeology into the sickening attack by Pittsburgh, its local framework and geopolitical arrangements are deep and harrowing to unearth.  The perpetrators watch and gloat. They have it arranged that I am acting in their interest involuntarily.  They want you to know and then deny.  From what I have witnessed, they have grounds for their confidence.  A number of noteworthy facts and archaeologies emerge in dissection of Pittsburgh as fundamentalist compound culprit of the sickening AIDS attack including insight locally and geopolitical arrangements, most disturbingly at Carnegie Mellon and Heinz Museum.  Shannon, the name of the girl Seattle authorities ripper assassinated as a human sacrifice in the political advance of Neely Fuller and Ta-Nehisi Coates was scribble encryption for Shawn, a Migliosi technique on the slurred speech jest, “duh lala nufa ya haha” Huhn?  “Does blowing affect your hearing? Hahaha.”  Which is answered if played back, “No it affects your speech.”  Ascertaining the degree of credibility interpretation of these memories have would require a special episode of “Cordial and Candor.”  Stuart David Sheppard calls this, “the play within the play.  Ask Rosencrantz.”

      An attorney would rightly gaze dismissively at that, but the real issue of the Pennsylvania Bar Association isn’t their laugh at the chapters and verses of the Texas Schoolbook we found here, but their damage control about the evidence that could be used to convict, in other words their Peter Gabriel happy hooliganism at the paper shredders that stand between reality and the rigged courts of Justice.   I am, without a doubt, the target of a slow, cruel biological murder and there is only so much I can decipher of my notes on borrowed time.   I don’t reckon that mixing facts as established by secure and certain evidence with tunes being played by the announcements of the guilty is the best idea, but if I don’t represent both evidence and attending drama I haven’t done my duty as a witness for humanity.  Limitations also apply in what the reader brings to the text as their own baggage claim.

      A good example is the way that Kennedy's assassins, who also killed Martin Luther King, got greedy blacks to buy into their plans.  I have a picture of a black man in Confederate uniform in front of a Confederate Flag.  A baseball player from Georgia posed with one on his baseball card.  A black woman was the first person to try to murder Martin Luther King.  Blacks opposed his stand against the Vietnam War and many are still bitter at him after they served and were decorated.  The Confederate Flag picture has the caption:  The South Will Rise Again.  We know how now, through Africa.  Africa as the lost paradise fuels the mentality that the black man is a Warrior!  This nonsense of mythological conscription goes on in the Sudan, much to their demolition.   Blacks believe that white liberals are to blame for slavery and push this garble high and low, despite no end of evidence that places like the Congo have serious human trafficking problems and chattel slavery in the complete absence of whites.  This mentality allowed Peter Gabriel to lead an action, black hater focus on me, in which the ripper murder of Shannon Harps was part of a performance idea, while running a horrific game of humiliation at CCAC through a girl working for Shawn Brooks named Rosa,.  This man was called a source for Gabriel, but in reality is a Christian extremist who locked me out of a church as a child when a mob ofarmed haters arrived vowing to kill me, a fact he also did not report when I disappeared from school for months in crying terror.  Gabriel set on me armed with his lies.

      Gabriel and Thos. Gordon of CMU robotics used me as a brain damaged scapegoat for their war game under the idea that taking the world from a man would so make peers laugh with cruelty that it would set an example of what they call "a convenient thing to hate."  In their ravenous enthusiasm, Seattle rippered Shannon Harps and call it their policy.  You do not find many people in government there who are enthusiastic and dynamic protectors of decency in love with their jobs.   They are hatters and resenters who think they are ushering in a new age.