The Government of Jay Inslee and the State of Washington in Olympia are apparently of the fixed, rigid opinion that a deaf person in a state of trauma wishing for a better world allows the criminally insane to draft them by violence into a secret, illegal cult.   I propose to examine the way that foreign agents worked with Obama to claim that the AIDS attack was special education program to teach sexual responsibility. Then they tried, with Federal permission, to murder me by detonating the safeguard they had implanted, a terroristic nerve agent.   You cannot shame our legal system into action, it exists to step on your face and if you say anything to step on your face again even harder. The whole so-called defense of the way the Secret Service came after me for Hollywood is part of the extermination program. It is the lucrative machine of the cover up in action.

      Contrary to their fixation on language as a private prison, this isn’t really malediction, it is a criminal complaint against rapists and murderers.   Their claim of negligence is as meaningless as their claim to consent, but their method of advancing this fraud is telltale. A child beating unconscious in terror is not responsible for their so-called self-inflicted condition, the idea that they are has allowed the murderers who did this to command our studios of broadcast for over a generation, and finding the Beatles snickering at the root of it is not surprising.   They have, however, won over your heart from loyalty to JFK, who they murdered with King Edward in this outrage, by slandering me, threatening me and offering me music. The bias that is used by Seattle Queers and Aaron Dixon is so obviously a violation of our hate crime statutes that you can only gasp in disbelief that they haven’t been prosecuted for stalking, theft, hostage-taking and terror hate crime, but these marauders, calling themselves something like a union, firmly believe that if you beat America it will love you more.

        The murderer behind this atrocity, Robert Fripp, put out the band King Crimson for the AIDS attack group after leaving Dr. King in a pool of blood.   They gassed me ferociously as a hostage while uploading their script to the designated day, in the meantime they serenaded the King Family with riches and glory, the message of South Africa’s gift to the future after Apartheid, Black involvement in the AIDS attack.  No lives matter because Black lives do. That’s a clever message. Meanwhile I have been given a tip off for a hit by those hitting their own to drum up a revenge pin on the chess board of Yojimbo deception. There are certain names I generally do not say for the same reason I do not drink piss, one of them is Elaine Langer.   

    The Clintons love how tricky it is to play to the program of assumed values in a folkway mob.  They sold the idea of a deaf victim of mutilation who didn’t want contact with child molesters as a deadbeat boyfriend and called the agony of castration the penalty for being a deadbeat to unwritten contract controlled by child molesters.   Robert Fripp, their viper of ripper attacks, is like the gangster in Kitano’s movie Sonatine, he likes to sit in meditation and watch the sea after shooting ten men in the head to prove who is boss. Typical of Reagan’s cronies, he sells the insane idea that ecocide is a new beginning and that his ego is more important than life itself.   He actually said that.

       They have given great license to themselves by chanting, “her virginity proves rape that means we get to rape and torture two deaf people.  Her virginity proves rape that means we get to rape and torture two deaf people. Her virginity proves rape that means we get to rape and torture two deaf people.”  Nobody laughs because they all went along with it as the price of the ticket in the AIDS attack. They want the money now. AIDS never mattered to them, they jumped right up on the podium and shouted listen to me!

         Linda Herrington, another distasteful, was working for the Center for Disease Control in McCartney’s plan to use pedophile blackmail to sell the extermination program.   Clinton says I did a hit and run (not accurate) of loverboy with lovergirl and now she got a condition, to cover for her team on Black Street who were adults using me for sex after Ostro got me ennebriated enough not to care that I was hostage, and call the act of starting AIDS a sacred plan of super-empathy.  Meanwhile, both Langer’s contact Sellers and Herrington, were in the script written by the Beatles and planted on my home. Penis Gabriel had no remorse about contracting for the crime with a gang named Mancine known to have knowingly participated in murder, torture and rape, at least if you believe their suspicious angle that Lennon died.  Money to another victim was a lot more serious to them than AIDS or Lennon, if you believe them.

       Which I do not.

        Meanwhile, while they crowed that I ran from brutal pedophiles and the women knowingly using me as a little boy after ferocious, brain injury-inducing trauma, they wrote music about sex as hit and run famously romantic, and Dyslexter King offered up his father’s most moving line, free at last, to dispose of the sex object he gratuitously slandered at the door, to sign on to a deranged snuff movie draft of a white.   Elaine Langer of course is tumbler system in special scene of their movie for frame up analysis gesticulations, as they demand victim status to the most brutal syphilitics in the penitentiary. The rabid Fripp eliminated by nerve toxin the memory powers of his hostage so he could sell it religiously as a sufi masterpiece in the immediate over the real. That is what being drafted to a snuff film by the men who worked the violins at the gas chamber doors really means.   

       The rabid focused and obsessed on the Bermuda Triangle significance of my having ordered white Russians in a bar, but ignored that a Black woman with a husband named James Curry was behind the first hit on Dr. King, just as Obama rushed to the scene of the crime to slap five with Robin Lipscomb, the Black accomplice of Gail Burstyn.  The Black Aristocracy always crowed about the talented tenth and figured the rabid had a good plan for the rest in the coy mistress genocide.

     I believe the Attorney General should order the arrest of Robert Fripp and seek the Death Penalty.  If so permitted the SCOTUS, I would gladly kick the chair.