Kennedy's assassination (a man worth well beyond the unmentionables who landed) was part of a very weird identity crime laying claim to a great deal about our heritage and intended to steal a large amount from the United States while lessening our legacy.   It was conceived by what could guarded be called the Bush machine back when they were being indicted under the Trading With the Enemies Act, which somehow they have overcome, partly because the turncoats and mafia in the Democratic establishment never mention it, all of which now constitutes an Axis occupy.  The local refusal to accord me dignity and rights is part of this evil history put together by those who think globally and act locally.   It is a heist endorsed by the Tammany Halls of NAACP repute which is one of the things that makes this identity crime so weird.   We fought the Nazis, Nazis were white, we are white, therefore we are Nazis.  How's that for smarts?

         The situation is just what you would expect from British eccentrics in cahoots with HitlerReagan, a hallucinatronic ordeal and victory for the Confederates.   I recognize the bully style of all of it, and their fraudulent claim to a kingdom borrowed in name.   It wasn't in the script that anyone would care, so they ignore that I am being cased by a serial killer with a million times more power than me making my life into his snuff movie, while he clever partners play like they can't find their own names, so I'll tell you a few of them:  Yoko Ono is a Class A War Criminal.  The horrid hate criminals at The Stranger Newspaper in Seattle have cheered and egged on the assassins who started AIDS backing their own city into a nuclear showdown like nothing is real.   They applaud every ripper hatter pervert and demonstrate nothing but scorn for someone who shows them the truth.   Gail Burstyn they cheered when she wrote, "LOVE IN JEST" with a pun on ingestion, making light of a horrible, horrible poison crime.

        The letters from 74 add up to Unit 731.  Allen Dulles and his cronies had done this before, they knew that people would pretend they were only kidding.   Black fantasy and opportunism for pure evil led Cornell West, the name West is in the letters as was it acted out on his turf, the Theological Seminary, over and over, this muttering bandit of thuggery acted as if biological warfare was in the interest of his own people!  Making a snide and ruthless joke of it, mandating spread rather than warning.   The viciousness by which they applaud this holy war by rabid animals is the end of our society, we're just teaching little children to hate and to lie now.   For child raping pigs.

        The County and Unions ratcheted up the stakes to the status of fame so the truth doesn't matter anymore and when I tried to go public for Protection From Abuse, they lay in wait to ambush me with politics.

         The Joke Be With You.