Walker’s idea for a militia is one of the most complicated things I have ever seen and very difficult to explain.  I don’t think I would be able to do it were it not for the years of research community activity involved in smoking out what Oswald really was.   When these people set out to wreck something they do it royally so I want to explore with you the physique of Rockefeller’s machine and why his cousin Ted Rockefeller, of my acquaintance, went by Teddy “Rock”.

       Their method in university is to incriminate by discovery of an open mind.   They do reconnaissance by method of promotion.  In other words, they play act the socialist dreamer to encourage the object lesson to announce freedom of thought openly, possibly even get them to taunt the mainstream and politically correct for being less willing to do the hard work of understanding things, upon which the militia announces, see, the object is not rejecting communism properly.  My father Ry had a book on Understanding Communism, for good example, which empowered genuinely craven attacks on my person in childhood by tormentors at large, enjoying widespread support from the Rock industry, and responsible for serial acts like medical violence bullets, torture and the rape of my loved one.  In my case, where the objectivist philosophy of American individualism plays a very loud role, in my affirmation of creative autonomy, they have an automatic response system that works there, too.  They simply allow their playacters to do just that, retaliate as left wing violence.  This allows the military surveillance team for the hustler bank to operate from both wings of violence in a dramatic experiment in American defeat by object lesson.

     The overthrown Money Machine firmly enforced the AIDS attack, while uploading their own charity system as mandatory.   A significant fringe benefit results from cultivating the nostrum that things are not as they appear, a Hollywood war craft that signifies the allegiance of the hustler bank with the “Silver” screen, this is that any legitimate academic professional gets shadowed by the legitimate suspicion that they are not on the level.   Having both the Left and Right in their pocket for the AIDS attack was illustrated clearly in the silence of the Sandinistas due to the Catholicism of Daniel Ortega.  Havel was a bit of a parochial sniveller, too, and Aung San Suu Kyi, of course, was an iron woman schmoozing with Mitch McConnell all along.

       A major headache exists in the refusal of Kennedy researchers to recognize that JFK and AIDS are the same attack.   They prefer to distance JFK from that aspect.  It is arguable the most important Trump wall there is.   A rational reason is to prevent being ensnared by hustler bank charity dogma, but that probably isn’t what motivates their caving.   In the height of evil hour the ROCK music allies of Reagan’s Old Germanic style, principly Bowie, were preaching in favor of plastic reality, and for good reason, in light of Pentagon Disney’s huge fake reality machine.   While probably a refresher for you, this is important in getting to the nitty gritty of what is going on in Pittsburgh and Seattle, not just in murders on the street either, but that, too.

      Implicating someone by an open mind is only one of their tricks in this matter.  They also inverted the issue of stalking and terrorization.  Notice that Leslie Katz was still a virgin after making out with me night after night for a year buck naked, and yet they used her to justify raping deaf Jeannie, my advocate.  Further, they terrorized me into playing into and following the logic of their AIDS testing entrapment, then covered for it with the usual storyline that things are not as they appear.  Jim McDermott of the House of Representatives said that their alibi, a scared straight program, was 100% wrong, meaning that what they really did, which is 1000% wrong, planning the AIDS attack, is being covered up by a storyline claiming that what they did was only 100% wrong, and in retaliation for informing on them, I was hideously tortured again, in what was a fraud and swindle all along.   The Museum mafia at Warhol and Heinz Museums in Pittsburgh picked off an innocent person ostensibly to re-compensate Yoko Ono for something her prey had nothing to do with, and for which there is conveniently no physical body of the victim to confirm that it wasn’t a Double Fantasy from plastic reality at Pentagon-Disney.  Against they say that their action is only 1000% wrong and not 1,000,000% wrong this time.

       It is therefore a doctrine of forfeiture for being open-minded.  Clever Rock.  Brutal retaliation has been authored back home by Mel Gibson, whose father lived in Westmoreland County where the FEMA angle was hatched.  Gibson is part of Hollywood’s conspiracy control tower, allowing some ideas, but not others.  David Geffen, Reagan’s man in Havana for the Rockefeller Queers involved, had the whole operation meeting, Oliver Stone, Diamonda Galas, Penis Gabriel, in Rockefeller Center, while funding the installation of Obama who, you will notice, did not authorize the release of the Kennedy files, but did authorize execution on prey in maniacal retaliation for unearthing events on Mt. Desert Island.  They made it sound like a threat to Leslie Katz and that if they did not test me for AIDS in a quarantine conjob that the sky would just about fall.  It’s not that people aren’t inclined to believe in open-mindedness as a virtue, on the deepest level they want to know but they have inculcated and learned defense mechanisms in place that forbid them.  My new sociology professor characterizes it as a feedback loop between government machinery and the subconscious target of indoctrination:  the mind of the powerless.

         My old school, CCAC, and PITT, used me for vivisection and treated me no better than a rhesus monkey, much of which my mother Nancy Jane was in place for the money machine to ensure went smoothly.   The Black Psychology Department from PITT at CCAC finished up their ruination by snapping out at me that I’m not special.  Yet they used me for two holocaust special education simulations, by their strident cover yarn, gassing me in Kings Estate, “don’t say like Anne Frank,” they yammered, and as an AIDS testing guinea pig in evil hour on Bar Harbor.   The assassins won by failure to warn.  They made clear from ROCK they didn’t care about the problem honorably.  The fact that they are in place with Disney to make a copyright, and -30- claim is just the vomitbag end of their nuclear blackmail conjob.

     It’s very ironic for detection to be shut down as inappropriate.  Detection of possibilities is sabotaged by people in the Bush regime taking preventive actions by the manufacture of unintended consequences.  To prove the doctrine that loose lips sink ships (they want the press caught for keeping after the issue of Prescott Bush’s trading with the Third Reich) they whimsically detonate and slaughter in syncopation to reports about wrongdoing, as though the fact of reporting their crimes is responsible, an awkward bit of tawdry reverse spin control.   It isn’t illegal or against the regime to talk about poetry devices provided you stick to discussing poetry.  Noting them in the Kennedy assassination is irregular, out of bounds, and just about bound to get hysterics from the psychiatric lobby.    Yet Rockefeller was slick and operated on a high level of abstract thinking, letting only the elusive (at that point) long-term planning in the Texas Schoolbook, but the Rockefeller presence cannot possibly be denied.  Recall that Ted Rock materialized at Falk Medical in 1984, after championing Leslie Katz at Swarthmore and being seen at the food trays eating from them as they were returned until he supposedly got food poisoning, a parable of sorts, for what was in the making.

       The methods of true deceivers gets old, but there is still a wall of sound about just about everything that is relevant.  The story of N.Y. Jews in the Roosevelt Administration complicit in the turning away of the Saint Louis, a ship carrying refugees that ended up back in Sobibor, is old and sobering, if off limits since Netanyahu has announced, after all, to the Palestinian Authority that they, like JFK, lost and must accept it.   Rockefeller Queers however are still off-limits to any record keeping at all, despite being proven involved in the planning, execution, war-gaming and exploitation of “Clean Up Time”.   For me it was like Rosemary’s Baby, which was filmed at the Dakota.  It was a situation where every office I turned to for help was occupied by the collaborators.  They were Rosemary’s Queers.  There was no escape.  The object lesson was branded fugitive for trying to get word and warning to Our Commonwealth.

       So, the brilliant and slippery Rockefeller, and hustler bank, had brazen, completely inane, sin fieldworkers at Carnegie Mellon, the most important of mainstream Disney actresses working with Oliver Stone, led by Ming Na Wen, who I dated Platonically, casing me for Leslie Katz’ complaint conjob, orchestrating their assassin work at the time my father was extinguished, they were manufacturing confidential complaints that were bogus, contrived, stop-at-nothing, illegitimate, whispery strategy reports by combine workers doing the “he’s weird” routines of a Christian glee club, but it wasn’t just religious Fundamentalism, it was also Eugenics, as the Black patronage in the name of Midori the Hun, made clear from Two Virgins Pussyball gaming.  In short, the attack was a brazen, horrid, stomping boot rout by weasel-like atrocitarians.

       Meanwhile they profiled me in such a way as to make the cycle from opening to closing of Playboy into a bunny story from Oswald the Rabbit.  They used horseplay in a playground between miserable adolescents to make a Karma slander look mystical to themselves.  How could anyone ever doubt, they sneered, that a battered child being abused by Israelis might someday shake his sissy fist at someone?

       Ming Na Wen operated the franchise for Pentagon Disney.  Her introduction to me was arranged by Micheal Mullin at CMU (not the same as Adm. Mullin) sometime before she did the voice for Mulan or her work on Deep Space Nine, from Star Trek, where Jack Rubin’s attorney came from, too.   The borg phenomenon, (voices, castration), of Mr. Right for the Wright Brothers routine of Mr. President over a fling with an Indian woman, to be avenging by tit-for-tat over Midori Goto at E/W Circuit Road, made James C. into a James K. only to be restored by forgiving the James KKK in the name of kowtow to the Black man, in a James Bond/age special representation of the Church of England under Kingdom Come, coded by ROCK as KC.

      Dr. Broudy, the cardiologist I ended up with, is the son of the man who owned the tavern where Mancine used to drink, and a colleague in Seattle of sorts with the man who poisoned my heart and castrated me, leading to diabetes.   Rockefeller worked this whole thing out with the Roman Catholic Left.  We see this pattern again and again in Bishop Tutu (22), Penis Eirenus of Catholic Worker in Pittsburgh, Mancine’s advocate, and friend of Martin Sheen, Midori Teriyaki at Greg’s Foreign Autos in Seattle and all sorts of double entendres that you aren’t supposed to say may mean Oswald Mosley and Gen. Walker.