The extinction of the hippies took place without public notice because they were never much of a tribe to begin with.  Without friends, yet they forbade themselves to question their enemies.  The conditions in the world that led to German concentration camps had not abated and although some marginalized voices were scandalized by FEMA internment camp plans making the obvious connection to the sudden AIDS attack proved futile.

       AIDS was an attack on Free Love, but the leaders of the 60's went beyond silence into confederacy and open endorsement of the abomination, a crime that played out in ripper murder by enforcers led by attorney Amanda Harcourt working with the Beatles and original cast of HAIR.  In an alliance brokered with Reagan by King Crimson, Harcourt covered violently for Gail Burstyn and her partner Leslie Katz.  Their media/military alliance brutally tortured me and raped my deaf advocate, a girl with Downs Syndrome. 

       Nothing could have prepared me for the discovery that the Beatles were behind the AIDS attack and that Obama was installationed as a corporate attorney protecting David Geffen's interest in promoting delusional ideas to incapacitate proper review.  Peter Gabriel wrote the alibi for the assassins where, on Mt. Desert Island, AIDS was proven a premeditated plan, so the atrocity eternal now is baggaged further by his crank, dishonorable name.

       Mindlessness is the eternal gyration of the 60's a gyration that spun like a toilet whirlpool whenever you tried to reason with such evil, cruel horrorshow backstabbers as Peter Sinfield, a fact so horrible and dishonorable about a man so treacherous that I, a soft-spoken, timid poet, actually cheered with hatred and joy when that pig Keith Emerson pulled the trigger of a gun aimed at his own greasly fat head.  Like the fate of what lesser bigots we managed to hang at Nuremberg, it was small satisfaction.

      How it happened is because mindlessness is not universal. 

      Under Free Love Doctrine marriage became an act of demonic possession.  The church realized this, that their victim would cry for the lost dignity of union with a soulmate.  They conceived of the black persecutor sniping away at the white victim declared uncool about she's gotta have it in the name of a military pussyball tryst.  Sliming their garbled reasoning, the Civil Rights Movement led slasher vows in blood oath to the murderers, seething they were our friends. 

        The women of the confederacy closed ranks in loathsome fraud, as Ringo laughed convince me.