To understand the leadership vacuum in the City of Seattle in 2018 affecting the whole United States you have to go back to the Battle of Stalingrad.  This truth explains why Prof. Brian Duchin of Tacoma Community College mandated for a final project in American Film and History not a research paper but instead an outline.  You might at first glance consider that an unfinished bridge, but in fact the structural underpinnings for knowing what happened are exactly what are missing and much in need of drafting for future text.  Knowledge is confusion when you can’t keep up, that is why patient learning skills are so valuable. The psychology of good teaching also makes clear that confusion is not ignorance. Calling someone a moron will have the logical counter-effect.  Sometimes I do hope I die and leave you motherfuckers in the lurch with no comprehension of what is going on, you practically deserve it. A Biblical plague was a war crime just waiting to happen. The reason you have to go back to the Battle of Stalingrad to understand is due to the fact that at the time Stalin himself saw France for irrelevant, a fact not lost on Anthony Eden, the adventurer serving as Britain’s primary war diplomat in Russia.   

        Feminist academic theory of positive fragmentation can be understood as studying what you do understand to help crack the case of what you do not understand.   This is dirty when you have a puzzle created so that several different pieces can fit in the same places, but only one is right, however identical they may seem.   Such fragmentation theory can also be put to the work of building corrals for evasion, such that excluded text becomes a jeopardizing factor. This is very clear in getting around the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, mindset surrounding JFK.  Kennedy’s achievement was to temporarily defeat those who defeated the Roosevelt Brain Trust. Henry Wallace was outflanked at the Democratic Convention when Truman pushed his way through the crowd to the podium before Wallace could reach it.  This idea of weak liberalism that haunts the Democrats didn’t work with Kennedy who was a strong horse war hero who swam for hours and hours with an incapacitated shipmate on his back, reminiscent of the soul train song about the scene from War and Peace, he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.  This, too, brings us right back to the Battle of Stalingrad.

        The British diplomat for the Battle of Stalingrad was Anthony Eden who advised Lyndon Johnson not to listen to the Free French leader Charles De Gaulle who wanted Paris Peace Talks with Ho Chi Minh.   Knowing how Britain helped put LBJ into The White House is the beginning of understanding where we are now, the lack of such understanding is the cause of our leadership vacuum. During the Battle of Stalingrad, Russia wanted the Allies to intensify a second front against Hitler to relieve some of the pressure on Russia, which FDR favored, although, to be sure, the loss in troops, Black troops particularly, would have been huge.  Churchill did not favor such reckoning generous to Russia. France, at the time brushed off for irrelevancy by Stalin, was promoting occupation fashion magazines bearing resemblance to LOOK Magazine, as though designed by Clare de Luce Booth herself. A sidebar to Germany in Russia, their relevance to America could not possibly have been greater. One of the many secrets of American history is that Vichy France, who drew us into Vietnam after the defeat of the Roosevelt Brain Trust, were allies of the Japanese.   Denial may be capitulation in America, but it is heavily padded with what Harry Truman called normalcy.

        Seattle 2018 of course seems a world apart.   The headaches of lethal agitation in Seattle come from the garden variety of cosmic poachers in the Black Power vanguard occupying Tammany Halls like King County, calling down the spirits in the name of holy women like Maya Angelou, who isn’t eager to be photographed with her sponsor Donald Trump.    Seattle twat culture like to meditate asking themselves down the mind’s whirling tunnel how are we programmed by the effervescent quiet voice of supra-Disney to buzz? Bard College has been long working with Carnegie Mellon on a murdering assassination defense of Leslie Katz that is created in contempt for Dag Hammarskjold, contempt for the peacemaking liberal, this is central to the Valedictorian angle of the AIDS attack squadron in media being developed while I was sequestered in a tin drum of gestating neuro-trauma, deceit so deadly it is a kick in the teeth wearing egg on the face as a mask.

        Obama is like the Black rapist in the film L.A. Confidential who starts peeing himself during police interrogation over the white woman they have tied to the bed, but he was hasn’t been caught and best of all they crowned him Black avatar of the play station.   AIDS is very conspicuous in Seattle for having been an attack by proto-African warlords on the make for big spoils. This happened in Pittsburgh, too. It is the overarching principle phenomenon behind the blackout against American history being recorded. The sociology of the AIDS plot is why we need Federal troops at several American universities, including Pitt, UW and Bryn Mawr.   

      Illuminati is a word intended to make studies of the 1% sound like UFO tripping and this method of smearing investigators set back understanding the death of JFK a long time, so the fact that two friends of Hitler sat on the Warren Commission, arguably a third, in Melvin Belli, who was both Jack Ruby’s attorney who silenced Oswald and lawyer for Hitler’s number two man Hermann Goering, makes clear how precipitous of understanding the far-reaching is held at bay when you hold off such investigation into the fortune trust of Western Civilization.   Kennedy’s achievement in temporarily defeating those who defeated the Roosevelt Brain Trust was short-lived, and nothing makes this clearer than the British role in the AIDS attack that has dominance by virtue of a leadership vacuum, in Seattle. Penis Gabriel, while a maddeningly effective ripper hatter, is a pathetic joke, peddling an image of when the walrus rushed the stage to great effectiveness selling fascism as the fetish of the deceived, ah, they lisp, but is it not rational self-deception? The malice of the tricked never budges. The Right Wing Left of Seattle make themselves a nuisance in the game of claiming fame.   Further, they are buttressed by the undefeatable scramblers of Pitt’s scientifically minded pseudo-intelligencia for whom the masses are a vat of lepers from whose attentions time is running out. When in doubt they evoke Abdul the Pervert, saying Tupac Shakur, and the truth is out of reach, so believe in your darkest dreams, little one.

       Although poison slavery isn’t really teaching, it is used effectively stirring the cauldron for the march of rude Black maniacs.   The poetry pogrom was founded at the language wall in Auschwitz where words describe insanity but fail to fend it off, and this potty training poetry was all rigged up in the 50’s by those from the Oral Roberts and Billy Graham direction who found the spirit of God represented by the cathode ray tube, these are the brilliants behind the made for TV scam of Oswald the Rabbit.   The history of Black involvement in the slave trade, while real, isn’t cool copy in today’s mythology. But we do know from this situation that the Pittsburgh Public School system is criminally insane and that Tacoma Community College is laid out as a board game of symbolic representation in the crime.

        The Fripp’s have it figured copiously with sugar-coated Reaganism playing forget it by normality.   They have what they hold aloft with disdain like a urine specimen particular facts that they feel yield tribute to the iron gridlock of their slipknot, and it isn’t just using Lennon to bring triumph for Mark David Chapman and Israel in the case of AIDS and Leslie Katz, they say they can prove that Roberto Clemente was on the side of child rapists by the magic fascism of sacred Her Majesty celebrity power.   After all, they snicker, didn’t the Jaggers head to help Somoza’s flock in Nicaragua ahead of the disappearing aviator who took Roberto down? Get outta that one, Houdini.

        In the AIDS attack the British had all in preparation a soothing harmony of blending mentalities said to be collision management, it was right on hand, this so-called found art, they barely even had to glance at the papers in which Gail Burstyn had written, “ain’t it weird how all I wanted to say has already been written.”  You see the story is foundational and so consistent it cannot be escaped, and yet escape it they do, while calling me the Houdini for my whodunit. They are murderers, yes they are.

        Conspicuous oversights in the book about United Fruit called An American Company give away the game about Mick Jagger.   How can you have such an informed book of investigative reporting and photography never mentioning either Dulles or Roberto Clemente, while spelling out all about the Nicaragua earthquake?  The disappeared is telltale. Like Air America’s activities elsewhere, the mining of Nicaraguan harbors involved Oliver North and those weren’t the only planes that didn’t get where they were going, he also managed the failed hostage rescue attempt, and this is the road to Blackwater aviation and what Pitt pulled at the Axis of Learning.  Jagger just wanted to be there to collect some insurance on his slick, condom wearing, Katz-liberating lisping weaselry in escalation dominance effervescence and the sacred wheel of using Roberto’s name to rape deaf Jeannie for the plan. Just another Dag plane brought low for the whorehouse sit-in of penis strutting Black men.

       Obviously you are going to wash your hands when dealing with disease vectors, but Brian Eno worked the revenge of police society for Reagan by announcing that such protection from AIDS would be punished by insane poison crimes, to do this, with the successful sale of his nightmare to our public offices, he evoked deference to Black militancy who announced that failure to cater to Cameroon grievance in diversity inclusive of cannibalism was a failure of the liberal promise.    This was something of a twinkie defense allowing Midori Goto to rally Texas Queers on whose magazine cover she posed to rally the besieged behind the ransoms of the Carousel Club whose pal Jack Ruby was the flint nicknamed Sparky. Seattle’s Union campaign also uses Christian fascism as the fetish of the deceived as well. Proud to be a traffic jam preventing timely warning, they are a little like Marinus Van Der Lubbe and Mark Twain’s smokeshop Injun who, while it is impolitic to say so, was in fact dealing with some imbeciles.  Although our eager minded intellectuals, for whom names like Gehlen have shock value for what it says about Unit 731 after the war, are suddenly in ennui about gaslighting, the drenching and mind rape of the neuroplasm by Ultrahigh was effective and as Martha Gellhorn said of the lingering screamers in Dachau, for at least one they had come too late.

         Gellhorn sided with Burstyn in the end, she was stage managed to her suicide by Monte Python, obsessing, as Burstyn did, over that one single unforgettable, just can’t stop dwelling on spot of pus on the spoon.    The disappearance of wire dispatches from Pitt News in 1986 when Buckley was still around and going strong, like the arrival of the whore house sit in the name of feminism, came packaged as training the press to tell it like it is, a brand of censorship realism with a big message of black out from the Silver Bugs.