Hillary Clinton, the City of Pittsburgh and Paul McCartney no longer have the social history they once did.   All of them were found out openly for making a laughingstock out of someone they tortured, a deaf man given a nerve agent, and called a liar for escape behaviors from an extermination program.   The masses are too big a threat to the great powers of New York City and so they cooperated in the Hitlerian AIDS attack, operating out of places like Carnegie Mellon University, involving a pacification program claiming that the wizards responsible were avenging John Lennon.   Since it is impossible to reconcile the facts in the case with their fraud, they refuse open address. They hired deviants to execute their hostage rendering. Media serves as their vigilante courthouse, thrill killing innocent bystanders as a sociological act of the celebrity superstate.   It is Peter Gabriel’s school massacre approach to vindicating the Reagan regime. It was fairly easy. They wrote a film script in advance, and since everyone in Hollywood accepts historic fiction it was a feeding frenzy for a million dollar contract to misrepresent what was happening. Since America wastes no opportunity to convince that loyalty to the masses is a dead end, Seattle Queers were easily brought into the fold.

         The murderers have forged the injury into a brutal lens.  They know that they have inflicted terrible suffering and have balked at treating the injury they caused because it has been useful as a human agency from which to author high crimes.   They torment me, watch my public poetry for cues and use them for arsons and deadly attacks. The United States Government is the only government left on earth that openly targets the children of dissent as a legal mechanism of political assassination.   By forging the injury into a brutal authoritarian lens, they can use public address for anonymous messages in the manner of the sort of cowardly slink who tormented the poor blacks in the South during the age of segregation, a method the NAACP learned to use to their own advantage.    The anonymous messages then bond with the nerve agent and maul the readings of testimony about the deranged crime committed by felons in office.

         The Vietnam War was a smokescreen in which they hid the plan for the AIDS attack.    They shadowed the office of Social Security to render it a feeding trowel for the afflicted once they were done, a recourse for the serfs who have had their share of sex and life under the doctrines of the big pimp, Yoko Ono, who proved that trafficking is a crime of woman on woman.    Small surprise that she was good at it. So has been Catholic Worker, with stage names like Philomena O’dea, knowledge of men who overdose.

        Informed by the hostile terror of overpopulation in England typified by Steve Hawking, a man furious at health and autonomy, they didn’t even bother to try teaching American Sign Language before announcing that chemical castration was the only way to get their golem of a hellish vivisection to focus, focus through the brutal lens of their evil ingenuity.   Then, as a last grace, they want to strip from a victim of torture the rights they allow all other loyal citizens of the union. It’s important to answer these slinks. It is unsafe to credit a pseudo-morality that encourages people to their demise, and in finding there were pornography corporations setting this up we have no choice but to see that Lennon was, too.

       If the goal of the research detectives had actually been psychological history they might have been more ominous in their warnings to the public concerning details such as that when in my formative years I first saw Butch Kasperowski I found his lizard like eyes fascinating, and there were the rabid with Sinfield putting out an album called, “Drivers Eyes,” while threatening me with Grand Auto Theft charges for reporting being held hostage later in the backseat of a stolen car in trauma from severe beatings, unable to escape or stop them.   In hotwiring techniques and stage props they bragged of a stolen Lincoln while using a neurological chemical to induce robotic obedience of the kidnapped Kennedy loyalist.

       You can see what sort of cartel it was from the gossip spreads of men like Tom Wolfe, who after writing, “no left turn unstoned,” talked of a gang banger saying, “it is her movie, it really is.”   They wired up child sex so they could confiscate sex stories about a child they held hostage through the hired stories of starlets they paid and scripted. This entanglement remains determined to fetch a sum.   Further, because people would do anything to get attention from the Beatles, they had the walrus of super sex music-topia, Midori Goto, splitting their sides making the neuroplasm operate as she wowwed the child molesters that Mick Jagger wetpetted for being bad boys.