Nobody laughed harder (as they pounded their breasts in indignation) about the slaughter of Queers in Miami than the Queers in Seattle.

      The rabid called themselves a pro-active investigation which meant lawless and unprovoked, as well as criminally insane. They withheld exculpatory information, while sowing fear through slander, they disallowed the right of defense in a politically predator operation of alliance with child mutilationists who they invoked as informants, while making Mike Doyle-styled gestures of transparency as though criminal terror were service of papers. I don't like when untrustworthy people accuse me viciously of not trusting them, as they embark on serial mayhem.

      In the AIDS attack America has now had encounter with the deadly Jew. These are hilarious times for our nation's enemies, to see us laughing with them as they laugh at us. The massacre of queers in Miami by the friends of Seattle queer who invoked Ayn Rand when slashering Shannon Harps for the English made clear the operation of totality in the ranks of the Beatles - the massacre in Miami was Operation: You Still Love Us More, and they do. The NYPD also flocked to secure autographs from the men behind 911. This is a game of fixation, one in which Trump holds a lottery ticket as spoils, getting Blacks ravenously to attack white liberals for their masters in the old SWAPO system while battering the white into weeping that the black assailant is victim.

       The truth is forever cloaked. If De Lawd sees all, then he knows perfectly well why little Jimmy was hiding in gnawing terror in the closet. Come out! The death row ultimatum by CMU AIDS attackers billed insufferably as Liberation for the Gays, who believed it, was a German bark at Anne Frank, and the Queers got jackboots fitted to their attire, as they roared with hatred that the Invisible Sanjuro, Kasper the Ghost of Forgiveness, was FRIEND just as the man who liberated them in Miami was their friend as Seattle queers fall over each other vying to confess right to this minute.

       These are exciting times for America's enemies, seeing us tied up in knots of self-hatred as they slap us in the face cooing their franchise, sneering that we will never understand and we fall to lap their feet. A crime of fixation allowing no end of lies.

       The Rabid himself played drums for infamous Guillotine, led by the snivelist John Lennon. Pittsburgh has provided public defense through klan terror for the assassins, lisping of parental instinct while withholding the truth and shredding information. Unless there was some evidence of wrongdoing, other than black assassin contract libel through attack prositution for abortion, their supposed treason, they should have been strictly held to providing me counseling for the injury they knew about and had inflicted, instead of hiding it in order to orchestrate fear. People laugh at me, why did you take the drug they forced on you at the hospital? Why didn't you know it would castrate you? Why didn't Seattle Central Community College listen to me when I warned them about the gang before they slasher rippered Shannon Harps? In the name of the holy black tribune who effervescently sees into the scenario with their sacred shiemish of infinite insight!

      You've never even heard of Elijah Lovejoy, and couldn't possibly be expected to comprehend the Nips behind ISIS.

       He was their friend!!! Myuh.