I was always a wench crisis in the making; half Audrey Hepburn’s brother, but with a teutonic profile; given to being a scribe ~ in a word: irresistible. So I was excluded from the first by heavy handed rivals who took measures to put my orbitals out of whack, leave me paralyzed mentally by trauma as a child, while they scribbled a narrative for profit full of derision over a Manson ordeal of hostage at the hands of child mutilationists, who attacked me with slaughtering blindside blows to the head in Pittsburgh and then deigned to insult my character. This has been traced to the English operating through Highland Park of Allegheny County. They stocked this diary of tragedy with terrible political ideas that suggest the specious tactics of blindside assault on children and sniper murders of liberal leaders somehow proves their victory theorem a superior brand of thought. It’s all in a script.

      Throughout this wicked, sinister, macabre, lifelong sentence of an ordeal, the Democrat/Republican system played good cop/bad cop defending the killers throughout the AIDS attack to which my injuries were neuroschizologically detonated in evil hour to make me a public target. When Harborview Hospital in Seattle coerced me in homeless trauma by trickery (a word you will hear a lot) onto wrongfully prescribed drugs from a violent direction with the impact of causing erectile limitations the tragedy set in motion the gradual failure of my endocrine system. Coffee, too, has taken a toll.

      FOCUS is the name of a Carnegie Mellon faculty digest who operated a sadistic lampoon of the floundering condition I found myself in as they orchestrated and staged a maniacal ordeal they claim, against all the evidence, was conjured rather than planned. Focus is indeed root to the incidents in the narrative and counter-narrative attending the truth about this terrible crime: the AIDS attack. I was a Medical Library Clerk when it happened. I have done a wildcat investigation. The attackers used me as a social demonstration dummy and wanted their victory rubber stamped with survivor approval; yet far worse and more devastating for me, as a cushion they used trickery and wound compare to incite the afflicted on me shifting the focus from failure to warn to catcalls about the disappearance of John Lennon, ridiculously sniveling that they would knight me for accepting HIV infection voluntarily, a maniacal idea they locked me down to now 25 years. So with that established, I offer suitable digest.

      What John Lennon’s disappearance was used for is not only gravely underestimated and ill-understood (they invaded me inside and out) but the situation is obscured by Pentagon Disney media who have withheld the scope of their true potentialities. The assassins are in control pretending.

      The separate lenses of focus, mostly unlike my disturbed orbitals, are really two different systems of thought. One justified the attack. I fell victim but also because the crime didn’t infect me I became a symbol for the victims to ravage as well, comparing me to Lennon with spitballs of disfavor. Trickery is nothing new in this case, and it is difficult to conceive of the degree to which Lennon personally is implicated in this abomination without actually viewing the semiotic evidence I secured through 25 years of hard research, often homeless, intelligently. The social evolution of a scam that dismembered me allowed all this. This could not have been done were the first focus not triumphant. The calculus of the celebrity superstate derives from the British Royal Family and was attended by victim haggling for status on high. Our values have been ransacked by financial extremists.

      Aporia’s oldest O.E.D. mention of real meaning is the at sea-ness you get trying to find a point of departure in a complex matter, plus our society doesn’t read. This doesn’t really include deviousness which makes things harder. You have to bury jumping off points in the thick of text. This case shows that the march of atrocity betrayed America’s finest youth, beginning with JFK and we were told by Corrections Amok looking over us as godlaw that we should scorn that fact in favor of overawe about their tumblers of consideration evoking cultural relativism as neo-realism about human rights to defame our Bill of Rights in favor of demented sadism by foreign assassins with pull. The assassins, gloating of being able to entertain calamity victims hid nothing yet is it hidden all the same by the silence of.