Whatever you might think of the loud names from show business associated with leadership of the 60’s they are the cruelest enemies that there are of the civil rights promised Constitutionally to the sheep.  They have no honor and their lives are choked with depravity and hate crime.   Every generation has to relearn just what it is told.   It is almost impossible to make progress because of hidden history.   The violence and sadism visited upon me by the Office of Amnesty International alone dwarfs the beating of Rodney King and renders stories from Guatemala Bay almost political fairy tales.  The rabid were driven to execute a concept of extermination on a curve approaching death by AIDS.   They won’t admit that AIDS was authored in my name, which they rant and fume was linked to the death of Lennon, because it would force investigation into the truth of the stage craft behind the operation, the details appearing in films like:  Diva, leading to the widespread question:  Why then are we all working with the true authors of the war crime?  My essays can provide some answers into the atrocity, but there are shut off switches, things you would dare allow yourselves to entertain much less know for the full facts that they are:  Such as why was Barack Obama’s black candidacy so loudly embraced by future Trump voters?  Why was the NAACP full-knowingly accomplice in lying about the AIDS attack?   How did the interrogation conducted serially online emerge from the dungeons of hostage controlled by Japanese pornographers taking at least one child hostage in the East Liberty District of Pittsburgh in the 1970’s?  How did Penis Gabriel prophesy the emergence of voices interrogation demanding “seconds” from the album SO and That Voice Again?  Why did the Texas Schoolbook criss cross themes so effectively between John Fitzgerald Kennedy and James MacRyland Crary?   Why did the Black Panthers team up with Adolf Hitler’s revenge plans?  What does the proven discovery that original members of the Broadway cast of the Musical HAIR are working now with Trump and Ono on completion of a wheel of X-termination for which we were granted temporary license of reckless abandon by Martin Luther King’s killers for the final acts of Clean Up Time or the AIDS attack?  These murderers dog my steps with the most horrible sense of hun-like, juvenile sabotage and false promotion, lying through the faces of everyone I know, because they all think they will clean up on the killing, making money on defamation of my name, in the final slap by Hitler.

        And still the foreign English weasels, ripper back-knifing, slasher feeding, providing vital services for his X-termination troops of secret war on American soil, with the blessings of Kennedy’s killers.

        Let’s revisit some of the Gomorrah details, some of the many filthy ways that guitarist Adrian Belew and his cadre in Seattle spat upon, shat upon and defiled the meaning and mission of Pittsburgh Public Schools, seething and spewing unfathomable doctrines of terrorism and fear they announced were the Nature of Reality.   One man’s filthy back-knife, the foreign English leers with a coo, is another man’s licky chops golden egg.   The Pit-men aren’t like the Quarry-men, they snicker, and poke around their alphabet soup to disprove perception of the obvious, waving in ennui, are you Eno’s favorite brainiac fans or aren’t you, sweeties?  Arriving with German desperados dressed in white coats driving Rolling Truck Stones things plastered:  Our Gamer Sons Wasted Your Honors Student, myuh, MYAWK!

     Nothing is real except at Pentagon-Disney, high seat of the Nature of Reality.   When we notice a gnashing, rabid, ripper hatter like Penis Gabriel has gotten carried away, we do ourselves credit.   The F.B.I. aren’t going to do anything because they told the Sheriff to talk to Matt Marcus for Reagan who told them, weele duh reason they raised Cain is on account queerbait was hassling Leslie Old Katz, ain’t nothing wrong up the island now.  Seen one vigilante action by an angry father over a hippy who crossed the Nammies you seen ‘em all (chuckles).   Well, Colin Powell just got interested, that’s all, it’s not so mysterious, don’t ask me, I’d’a done it.   He ain’t got no business stirring up trouble with such monstrous allegations, which by the way are the truth.

      No public safety this here is about principle, the foreign English just needs to prove that Jimmy Creary was a snitch and no hero can get away with not being one of them, so hehn.   Court won’t solve the problem, that’s why we bribe judges, would we have to do that if courts were fair?   Jimmy Creary should be glad he is going to be worked over by the Judge and Jury mob scene of a Penis Gabriel Taliban, so hehn.   Why it’s a masterpiece, anyone would want to be tortured by the Beatles, they would gladly sacrifice themselves for such an honorary dismemberment.   The gas chamber was the holy womb, man.  You don’t want to follow the reasoning to the gas chamber, be safe.   

      The rabid sneer that Jimmy Creary didn’t behave properly after terror hostage and hypnotic trance by Dr. Wattenmaker, as admitted and proven by Pennsylvania State Secrets.   What did the defective do?  “It” tried to get help.  That is Tutu DeDe’s le no no.   I was 13 years old when the Mancine gang of NEVA brutally pummelled me and toxified me into a neurological trance and took me to the Devil in Mrs. Jones, where the trainee was instructed, “concentrate on the pleasure, not on the pain.”  HAIR was a cheer of reckless abandon, but who is in a rush to die, with Rushdie, Akrim Midani and tomb Balalian waiting in the wings for signals to send like 911 to the collective subconsciousness of Ming Na Wen, to prove that by doing that they would never do that.