This punishing ordeal is illegal, has been lifelong and required slave labors from a badly injured deaf individual.  I am dealing with the criminally insane.   The goal in this Judiciary Proceeding set for Chamber Feb. 5, 2017 is to examine and expose with increased facility the Beatles Council (Taliban) who have cloaked their hand in the AIDS attack by masquerading as victim vultures.  Issues of tactic, linguistic mannerisms, execution, illegal military, motive and media Svengali-ism in the course of which I have been held hostage, tortured, mutilated, detained, threatened, poisoned and otherwise serially abused while subject to debasement, cruelty, theft, terrorism and fugitive entrapment have to be posted.  Having identified their battle station and run for it, they gave chase and took deceitful measures, sure of their domination.  Nevertheless fear and hatred of what is right shrieks from their premises and destruction of evidence.  Murder energized their Federal accomplices to whom it all is a game.

       There is a tendency for more important issues to come last which haunts the gyrations of a non-reading public.  Among the roles this tract is quasi-“set to discover” is that of the woman’s day writer Lewis Lapham, a priss of cloak and dagglery known as British double agency, notorious in backstabblery and child mutilation, guilty of a myriad offense, and authoring the goad of a feudal docket.  Claiming a psychiatric motive over actions disguised as dramatic attentions, the cold-hearted executioners of an entire generation violated all dignities and laws in Our Commonwealth, heaving the firebomb of a slander combo from a crossroads itinerary they called Guerilla Theater.  Their gig was to inflate public opinion in a sadistic serial dismemberment crime to see how long it would take their research committee to trigger public sympathy for their prey loud enough to cause turbulence in their celebrity cult of impunity for a gurgler’s laugh.  It should be noted from the onset that these murderers addressed me in stationary as their friend while planning ripper murder, cover up, confiscation, rape and an illegal war crimes trial in secret over Hiroshima, due to my Naval status as a son of the San Jacinto (CVL-30), as was President George W. Bush, Jr., clearly no sympathizer for victims of brutal pedophiles in the wrong strain of ideology.  He brought in James W. Child to hiss that pacifism is immoral to reign sadistically over the mind of confused deaf trauma victim with untreated head injury.

       By my admirable restraint with Leslie Katz I condemned myself.

       There were both local ringleaders and foreign.  The assassins took me back into the womb by gassing me into semi-coma during kidnapping incidents at Kings Estate.  The kidnappers used agents hired for a linguistic pun on the band name Quarrymen (The Beatles) or Pitman.  Over my house a shrieking mother from the CIA Parent Company made sure of my trauma while readying blame and cover up storytelling for Gail Burstyn.  Gloating over their genius as the foreign English do is hardly investigation.  All was planned, in place and revealing about the execution of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.  The link to AIDS was an insurance policy, scattering the liberal weasels, while Kennedy loyalists offered bloodoaths to Reagan and denied JFK’s affinity by marital infidelity to the target group.  The Lord of the Flies jazz dreamed up by the Karls scattered them, too.  The British murderers involved then invented tragedy, attacking me shamefully, for storytelling purposes pre-meditatively.  The courts knew:  all feedback lines were shut down.

        Data must also be filed in public record throughout this proceedings.

        The arrogance of foreign English rabid is everywhere in evidence of contempt.  They organized a demonstration project to justify sex as a grounds for profound and lethal character assassination.  Around this they conjured a smokescreen of depraved and evil smear, heaped with manufacture and smoldering libels:  bellowing Just Cause! in search of a non-existent date rape postulated without victim in the name of John Lennon’s disappearing act, a triumph of revenge handed on a plate to Yoko Ono.  John Lennon’s name was evoked to deter public warning under corporate confiscation claims being made without fair warning or proper review by the true authors of this hideous mockeery to promote stigma in evil hour.  Lennon’s cult of schaedenfreude or malicious gloating was allied to Reagan in celebrity supremacism.  In point of fact, the murderers used the time tested strategy of slave holders in the Antebellum South.  They made any appeal to the Master (Ringo Starr in Britain) over the violence of the overseers (Reagan and King Crimson) a slaughtering hell that made sure of no repeat appeal.  Raping a deaf girl was like an interlude in their cosmic warthoggery.  Their plan:  experimental martyrdom of a mutilated hate object, a crying child held in contempt for scholarship by Pittsburgh street criminals being billed as loyal to cause.  My own school didn’t even consider investigating until the future King of England had this flesh and blood of their derision castrated as a symbol of his contempt for the USA.

       Queen Elizabeth’s lies have spat blood as viciously as little Regan in the Ellen Burstyn film vomited her famous split pea soup, a tawdry and putrid exhibition of Hollywood’s mania for sales of the so-called enemy within.  By Pittsburgh law duels are prohibited.  You cannot slap someone in the face and say you demand satisfaction.  These murderers who cut off my dick not only heaped contempt on my character but assaulted me horrifically blindside as a 12 year old, not exactly fair play over a difference of opinion with my dead father, and have set up an online Inquisition where not one of their brutal and bald-faced lies has been admitted or retracted.  They are scum.  They posed as victims in deceit as monolithic as the Trojan Horse.

        The rabid licensed a sicko-obsessive pseudo-investigation in which child pornographers who held me in brutal and traumacose hostage perpetually set upon me sexually ostensibly for study by camera spy.  I learned for example that Lisa Cassidy on Mt. Desert Island was when I first saw her in the company of a woman later in Brian Richmond’s gang of Maz Field softball.  His classmate Evan Knauer had initiated the assaults on my name at CMU and is irrefutably responsible for empowering the inside cult that found me a zombie at the mercy of hospital violence in Seattle, administered to wrongfully with no respect for law, dignity or patient rights.  The caustic gangster women in line to falsely accuse me, notably the sinister drummer from Salt Chunk Mary, lay in wait, some of them offering their own twats as medium for manufacture, lewdly bellowing of drama school, targeting impacted head injury.  The Ian Parent Company of James Bondage was sleuthful in chemistry, causing change of mood by invisible pain, re-circuiting the women’s libbers in the AIDS Confederacy by a plot of anti-Queerball propanganda and nerve damage manipulation.  Is this what you call your champion?  Hahahaha.

       The rabid are clever.

        The NAACP militated an interpretation of insignificance brokering a role of breast-beating on behalf of Donald Trump while bringing in dizzy lizzies from Muslim society to pick my bones with their gestures of scorn and eminent domain over legally untouchable rights. 

         There were agent Donalds to note:

  1.  Donald Faulks a man of questionable attractiveness mysteriously always had new women in Seattle.

  2. Don Timmerman (don’t I’m her man) was in Catholic Worker at Casa Maria Milwaukee, in sole possession of a very scary evidentiary letter, and missing of person, a category: Catholic Worker that includes Vince Eirene, a second for Knauer, and his callow, murderous Master of cunning:  Martin Sheen.

  3. Don Ostro, a very significant person working with the NAACP, a brutal pedophile.  Although the cowardly and vicious character assassins in the NAACP lewdly pounced on me as “just having fun”, they neglected the proof of their alliance with King’s assassins in the word play of Ostro’s violent indoctrination of me as a semi-comatose hostage, weeping gradeschool child.  Ostro, a hireling of Braunstein and Midori Goto, viciously indoctrinated me to sexual gratification that Penny Crary introduced me to at the age of nine at HAIR.  He insisted that pleasure was the only purpose of lovemaking and in the lingo of racist gyration that the NAACP should have excoriated used the telling linguistic expression, “Let’s get hosed.”  Yet because of their protectorate for monsters like Schugar Bear, Mike Seate and Alpana/Chang, the NAACP allied themselves with King’s killers in the hopes of scoring off a white symbol elected to be hate object.

  4. Donald Gruber who told my neighborhood “Jimmy shoved clay in his prick”, leading to lancing by holocaust survivors that causes the golem to pee with forked prong.

      Meanwhile, Sisters of Mercy were forever busy lobbying to protect their favorites, Eirene and Karl.  Obama did not have to endorse this.  He had a chance to be his own man.  Look at what Donald Trump has done with a week of Executive power.  He wasn’t just a punk but he was cruel about it.  Obama was a sissy installation doing their bidding; there were blacks like him in the Reconstruction, Governors in the Statehouse and the whites would yell, "Governor, hurry go get another brick, hurry Governor bring us the slop pail."  Preying on the horrid combination of:

  1.  Hope for love under their delusion campaign.

  2. An Executive determination to force me to comply in AIDS transmission brinkmanship.

  3. The cruel feminist persona they impacted by neuro-hypnosis.

  4. The need to investigate.

  5. The two-timing tendency caused by misguided ideas and neuroplastic black outs, an injury they knew about and knew I didn’t.

  6. The planned viciousness of masquerade for the ends of humiliation by facelying female hirelings.

  7. The language they crafted to “impinge on the persona’s experience.” (Greg Karl).

       The Sisters of Mercy outdid themselves with the bombing of Oklahoma Federal sa. McVeigh, Green and Rosa Evangelia Karma Murdaca’s birthday.

        Methods of sophistication are hardly unavailable to them.  They have cult signifiers like:  gotta get in to get out, the truth will set you free, and films like the Vanisher developed through years of wicked mentalism.  They beckoned me with the beacon of Amnesty International to slay by the mailed fist of Operation Rescue.  Language is an important way to create barriers to understanding and perpetuate the power of assassins.  They don’t just rule by music.  Calling what was done to me a famous tragedy over the HAARPS brainwaves is just a manner of clogging by verbiage.  They are betrayers.  How would you like to see your embryo splattered all over school by an attack prostitute you took for your fiancé as I was in the lead up to convulsive arrest?