I grew up while RFK was still alive and although it may seem very quaint today, but in those days certain assurances were given to American post-war children about the power arrangements in western civilization.   Britain had faced down Germany; and America stepped in to create an empire that would assure no repeat of the terrible but long-defeated Nazi experiment that ended the day Hitler disappeared into the black smoke of his Berlin air raid bunker never to reappear.   No one ever led me to believe it was even possible that there would be recidivism by the power structure, much less that a Jewish 12 year old would write to me as a principle facet of a new thousand year plan. Failure to ascertain that on my own, according to the hidden transcript by the British, was a character flaw that he says killed Lennon.   In a situation of anonymous jurors someone agreeing with me would not face retribution, which is why the British made this hidden transcript a public and political affair, to make sure no one dares face the consequences of admitting the truth, so I have been alone a very long time. They would almost certainly start hearing voices, suffer deaths in the family, mouth infections, all of which are obviously very serious deterrents and the will of Obama.

      Extermination begins with one, so it is very scary to find a blackout on every angle except the attempt by Administration to make a case for legitimizing poison in a climate of holocaust denial.   The removable transcript creates a legacy of remote meaning in the background of the educational process and gang presence on campuses. The secret, illegal system that I am enslaved to requires unpaid slave labors beyond the breaking point or face injection by disease contamination control certified and elected to represent government by will of the people and powers of the British Intelligence Services.    It is an illegal homework assignment going on over 40 years in which I have been subject to vivisection and dismemberment crimes. Scapegoat theory is part of the plan (timely public warning never was) and the Reagans inflicted brain damage as insurance policy, because Crary as damaged goods cannot be considered worthy of personal injury claims in a politicized case of hidden transcripts, nor resist extortion by the sex and murder show run by City of Seattle.   Media control leverage destroyed law enforcement in that this is obviously domestic terrorism. Trump has made clear his willingness to use nuclear war to get the job done as far as finalizing the AIDS attack. Work or be injected makes the resolution cheap and easy to sell next to the alternative.

      The basis of public support has been pushed into final copy by Britain. The key concept to the parochial honor code is that sexual abstention is morality and that some consensual sex is worse than others, which allowed a roster of ethical prostitution to list the grievance arriving in finality as the epiphany and grand finale of Two Virgins Pussyball back when the U.N. slammed the Twin Towers in NYC, also so that it would be understood by all that laws which fail to regulate immoral behavior are by nature of religious duty up against a military subculture.   Stateways can’t change folkways, they insist, even if stateways wanted to, which they do not. The implacable psychology of the Hollywood Gestapo in the AIDS attack serves Congress perfectly in their performance of the ostrich effect, leaving to Yoko Ono tyrannical control of a secret operation of government motivated by irrational hostility. Yoko Ono, no more than Steve Langer, a scientist of this lifelong ordeal, felt I was ever anything but a convenience, any more than the men who attacked me blindside saying I called one a name were anyone I had ever even seen or heard of before.  The Bar Association are pulling all stops to solve a problem that they created by the usual methods of extreme and perverted brutality that is their normal.

     There’s a reason the coward Fripp gets his right wing sister and her Army to fight his battles for him that goes beyond his many prancing courtesies to Reagan promoting a blindside attack child molester slaughterhouse or the prominence of Capitol Records in Dallas 1963, both of which issues and their midi-quels show he doesn’t qualify as a man much less an intellectual.  The coward used Leslie Katz to push for ideological backlash by sexphobics since they had no behavioral case, but needed the narrative device. The criminal aspects include that it was obviously her instigation and that they were feeding on a sadistic injury while creating a stranger persona. You say you know what a nerve is? Imagine a toothache drill only big and in your facial cavity, constantly throbbing, invisible and unknown to you (but not your tormentors) as the cause of your anguishing agony and suffocation; now omoja a cowardly little British weasel constantly digging at it with slander and vile spite, episodically drooling and sputtering, “I love you, man,” while calling you his spiritual punishment of the West for abortion.

      Pitman and Dixon don’t just rhyme.