If I could read minds what I would speculate that what most people thought after walking away from a friendly exchange is I wish I wasn’t so afraid of what that boy really has to say, and I can sympathize in a way maybe you can relate to; I was pretty old when I got out West and I never really get used to the low flying warplanes.    I felt mortification hardest though learning that the British had lied to the AIDS Generation knowingly to wall off Britain from having to address the truth in time to save lives, allowing position to plunder the future by minimizing the drain on resources by those tutored as lemmings to live for the day by maniacs with the patience of a rock tumbler.   Let them keep saying what a masterpiece it is. Penis Gabriel cleverly protected his partner Gail Burstyn by a red herring about their triumvirat with Leslie Katz, sociologically endorsed by Hillary Clinton and her Johnny Rebs.

       The sociology of the Fripp fiasco lands us in the studio wrestling chamber of  lesbian malice. Foremost, in Yoko Ono, we have a woman indexed by Shiono and Meieren to Sean Strub who has been temporarily cheated by her own alibi about Mt. Desert Island of her most fierce objective:  Immolation of the little boy from the Navy fleet old breed. They can get evil people roiled by the old school scam of moralism but it amounts to nothing.

      Before making a single Jew who confessed openly to the highest crime answerable even in name we must first beseech the wind in the manner of African supplication prostrate before a tree spirit who has dropped a branch to use in a carving, tap twice upon our door knobs, sprinkle five holy waters on sabbath to the seventeenth tone of all Hail Marys, consecrate our tongue with death vows to Israel.   

      Then we must summon from every tribune that equal consideration for another minority is out and by no injust favoritism.  Then, we must accused ourselves of all sin, while announcing that to avoid direct confrontation with lookalikes of the same person working for the same regime for the same ends, we thereby recuse by reason of being forced to make an association and disqualify ourselves for noting an affinity announced by mere resemblance or be doubly accused for failure to engage in such confrontation showing us thereby soft on the attackers who must win either way, so speaks Britain and Hollywood.  Having consecrated ourselves thereby and testifying to the symbolic value of innocents to their sublime authority where no issue of mistaken identity need apply, protecting them in all matters by the sacred art of ambiguity, where destruction of evidence failed, subsumed into the Hutu farce of stage partnership of those with eyes beaming Hollywood radiance and greed, against unending abuses crying without relent, we surrender the symbolic pussyfoot of America demanded as prey who Ringo has seethed is a white termite.

       Having heard Michael Reagan’s favorite part again and again to pleasure the Seattle Gestapo, poor crying white boy all covered with slumber party slime in his sleep, we arrive at unforgiving Seattle for a poison to the duh lip, all befouling the gums, from those who the queerbait rendered good faith public relations while they obviously and conspicuously held a gun to his back, for the ripper blade of Seattle works the will of Warhol Museum who created a bounty whereby corruption in County Government they were allowed to elicit ransom and this ransom by bounty had fond endorsement by no less than Lewis Lapham.  It’s not nice to blame me for the cruel, cruel mind I’m dealing with. The concentrating way they destroyed something beautiful and wreaked endless pismires of hate and humiliation is all over the Jewish hoodlum crowd who had me framed. Linda Weiss described her mother for me, in fact, and said that the minute a non-Jew turned around, she hissed that they were goyim. Small wonder the fury and hatred from a land that time forgot like Auschwitz where living children were put in ovens, which was the reason I forgave so much, but there is a limit.

         Seattle doesn’t know it.  They live to do it again. God what you can get away with by DX’ing a deaf man from out-of-town.   

         The so-called study has neuro-hypnotic seduction at its core, brutal and mandatory sex slavery.  You can expect nothing but crime from the University of Pittsburgh and UW in the matter. Pathetically and lewdly it was sadistic envy that drove them all along.  I was castrated to an inversion of the order of operations, read my lips, what did I say, I said what? What did you just say?