As a child, I was taken to Storybook Forest, so both my parents probably knew about the plan to kill the Kennedys and tell the victims of AIDS Lewis Lapham’s cautionary tale.   Vaclav Havel’s silence and frame up of me as somehow equalizing the consideration given to Reagan (nevermind that Reagan framed me not the other way around) and demanding hunger strikes for free speech, punishing refusal with contamination, was long-planned.   

    The Havelian farce got a lot of support from so-called Pittsburgh Black Psychologists who were just an ideological scam over estate battles.  The NAACP wasn’t really interested in or in any way teaming up with human rights. The dogfight involved in getting food while homeless in trying to open matters for public discussion was extremely serious and ugly even if they had not covered for the AIDS attack, child vivisection, hideous mutilation, a nerve agent used on a grade school American child, and lurid sexual home invasion of the sort they authored at my school, while claiming that I had not been brutally molested, stating it was irrelevant that a poison was used to obliterate my formative personality, all of which is the truth of it.  They invented wrongs to cover my innocence and confusion. What instead was going on for the endless huckstering in the pseudo-cabinets of government responsible was a team-up indeed, but not with human rights, about which they clearly care nothing, but with the condition human rights has been left in by the military congress of the AIDS attack in its international quorum of address spearheaded by London, allowing them to leer pitilessly at a child they crucified and battered in a lifelong ordeal of the criminally insane, offering up chewn buddhist prayers from Insein Prison in Burma as the muse of a Pittsburgh Public School, re-imagining the 1st Amendment as illegal therapy, the British created a theory from Hollywood of The Word, promising not to use their Central Intelligence of fake news to tell the truth about Hitler’s revenge.

        Robert Fripp, the broker, is a psychopathic joker who used his influence to deal to the Reagan military the spoils of 60’s creativity as their just desserts, showing that once a brother has created something valuable to offer, like good music, it is the divine right of fascists to have it for the taking.   King Crimson humiliated a deaf poet who loved them like no tomorrow, lie after lie, for a new generation gloating in the desert wars where blitzkriegers haven’t had it so good since the fall of France, even the American women love to fly bombers.

       Where were the Kennedys when they weren’t being drilled by the moguls of how it’s going to go?  If there were a valid, orthodox framework for academic support, or an underground railroad, possibly it would not be so heartbreaking, but the murderers rode high, they got the women and the crown, the way they played the doublecross has me solicitous of them for my livelihood, totally abandoned.   Fair enough, say the villains, having shot their way to total victory by blindsiding a helpless child. White child, I should say.

     The NAACP never cared.   If you mourn the living hell brought on someone who isn’t them, they reach into historic grievance like it is the Federal Reserve Bank and use the ancestors as their promissory note on insouciance.   The statute of limitations is just there to make possible for some semblance of legal system and hope for justice to navigate the world’s shattered past, and they have abandoned that. Their mindset takes the living and says they won’t be given a chance because of the dead.

      In the 60’s there were a few clean men who if you had asked, Roberto Clemente, Martin Luther King, JFK, RFK, Jimi Hendrix, would you go along with something as horrible as a plague in the name of bringing about a new Christian ideal?  They would have said no and hell no, but by then those names had about themselves the odor of the dead, and as Bob Dylan took to singing as Reagan neared: you gotta follow somebody. Hitler got another chance by default. These are truly evil people I am dealing with, truly evil, Hitler evil.  It is no exaggeration. I had filed a grievance against that course of action and pointed out that there were charts to a future of ending hunger, they snickered, fine, you go do that anyway.

     The American power realize of course some people with paper do get their jollies helping the aw, poors, so they expanded the markets for survivalist charity in places like Yemen, giving the super-liberals new food fights for their favorite peace prizes, while Hollywood took out the frustration of the masses on a useful deaf white suck who just wanted them to stop tormenting an acid burned facial nerve injury, fat chance.

     The whole game all along was either let them pin it on me and play it never happened or die at once.  Killer queer mercenaries calculating for Trump don’t change that arrangement. It wasn’t left to chance, the idea it was is just the stabbing mirror they used for illusion hate.   You don’t hear the voices as I write, “The FBI laughed its ass off.”