On the anniversary of Hiroshima, Robert Fripp of King Crimson lured me into his Gurdjieff Cult, about a year after the death of my father Ryland Wesley Crary. Afterwards, I wrote a poem titled: Healing: an opus of light in seven cantos, which was totally misrepresented as it worked it's way down into the desk of Ringo Starr. George Bush, always acquainted with Patricia Fripp, began using my poems for defamation of character clocked to trigger phenomenon in war games. Strub, who was outside the Dakota for the Queen when Lennon pulled his diversionary theater plan, and Burst/yn, Strub's familiar in letters and plotters' symbology, worked with Peter J. Sinfield on a sickening deceit telling us that an Ayn Rand Euro-Queer from CMU's office of Alternative Conflict Resolution was avenging his LSD consciousness after AIDS infection as an Ego-Takes-All "Kasino" culture ultimatum to confederate with the assassins under the Union Jack letterhead KC for moral vice stigma in Eugenics. The Beatles sold the magic notion they were representing the victims of their own attack, a failsafe decoy that allowed 911 to proceed under the same logic that the rape of deaf Jeannie was allowed, that she wasn't given AIDS, so rape was mercy, 911 wasn't nuclear, so the same; and yet, as they fit together their profile in violation of the logic of King Crimson's civil liberties alibis for their own insanity, so-called "art", a sucker play in defense of Gail Burstyn, they relayed Strub and burSt/yn's profiles about me to North Korea, who chatter amiably about Celine Dion's brouhaha to the effect that I playfully jumped on Bruce Iby while nearly disocciating from injury at age 14-15, although it went badly, and therefore they claim I would have pounced on Leslie Katz. Such invention was never close to real justification for what they pulled. This was wrapped up in switchboard doggerel based on hideous dementia brought to my poem by Sinfield and Midori Goto. My poem Healing ended, "I want to be a photon when I die."

There is good reason to be concerned that Eno, in his syphilis, declared me the "walrus" with Dubya and wanted to use my writing for a knot of prophecy in AIDS rage. They have gotten everything they wanted so far.

Switching briefly from the psychosis of Peter Gabriel back to reality a moment. There was never any evidence of, nor psychological reason to go all out in a rape study of grossly illegal dimension. In returning the scrutiny, we find that Sinfield, a partner of Keith Emerson (who did the decent thing) is in the last throes of syphilitic feminine hysteria for being found out as the mastermind of a cruel libel designed to cover the premeditations of the AIDS war game, allowing the British to cultivate a persona of the USA as exterminationist, to blame (by identity transfer), and the enemy deserving of conquest. Strub, Burst/yn, North Korea and Scott Riback of the Federal Establishment under Obama all have teamed up under Queen Elizabeth in a weird world defense of Reagan. By scary twist of mentalism, Hitler conducted a shrewd experiment allowing him to torture and deceive me and then create a persona of me as the white totalitarian menace symbolizing why the USA must be destroyed. North Korea is part of the brinkmanship in a terrifying false flag flagellation by foreign England. Fripp in his derangement omojas the fetish glee that he can vibrate the idea that I stand with North Korea for refusing to stand with the AIDS attackers.

This is the stupid return on my trust in a rock star. They gave me diabetes, another of their mercies, causing me to begin losing sensation in hands, feet, emotional center, and groin, endangering me in all sorts of other ways. This was compound brutality upon disabling torture.

Victimhood should not be subject to politics. Victims should be brought to a safe place, given courtesy and help with their trauma. Provoking a feeding frenzy by racial slurs in order to terrorize them, sneering that they are after money that belongs to their ideological party, is the craft of intelligence these days we call the CIA, and one of the leaders, Lewis Lapham, whose cousin is attorney for the Agency, was long time editor of our nation's oldest periodical, one of the few names in the USA almost as old here as my own name: Crary. I realize I am not one of the First People's, but when you Imagine Community the USA it is a good idea to keep in mind that this bitterly crude scoundrel set up all the pre-arrangements whereby this horrible plot convened politicization of victimhood as a sounding board for the attackers to prevail by.

North Korea is not mistaken of course, in the manner that Russians mistook the Germans, for liberators. They are however in the loop constructed by Fripp, Lapham and Midori. The dialectics of poetry have been terribly abused by this syndicate. It never should have been allowed. Instead of regarding me, for my loyalty to JFK and King, as a traitor, you might want to try constructing a more accurate model of the world where North Korea are understood as the leaders of Pepperland and the Beatlemaniacs. Maybe some degree of good can come from facing the music.

Eno is obviously to blame.