The reason why the satellite of University of Washington, Tacoma Community College, is too chickenly to challenge me on the topic of my backbite lobby is that they would have to concede:

        1. That Gail Burstyn was never arrested and is protected by The White House.

        2. That I was purposefully deafened and driven insane by a military nerve agent.

        3. That their inner confederacy of faculty are in league with the plot to execute the plan.

        4. That I am right about the deadly peril they purposefully hold me in as a hostage to their organized and criminal war game.

        5.  Best of all that Reagan's attorneys for the whole thing are the ones who had me in D.C. when Hinckley was arrested and who set up the staged and phony discovery of the script that Yoko Ono's faction wrote all along.

        So, I am free to say what I want about what has been done to me for the record. As usual the chickenliness hold the power, which means they are in position to lash out, the usual tactics of pedophile blackmail and trauma-making by screen actress prior meditation and scripted slanders. That they have gone the road of ignoring me is in other words entirely to their credit and may come up roses for them in the end, since this story has to be told and despite their dishonesty and cruelty it can be argued they are covering for me, what Penis Gabriel calls hedging his bets.

        Despite the fact that his scandalous honors code or lack thereof, his drug varmintcy and Attilla like hostility for fair play and civility, Lennon arranged to turn up the volume of SYMPATHY for the assassins. His Spirit Foundation conferred PREFERENCE to a Clinton designed right wing token of what Herbert Agar called, “The Saving Remnant.” Having thrown the pie into America’s face, the Israeli allies of HitlerReagan announced, you try it, if love is still the way, pussyball. Myuh.  Sympathy and preference are more powerful than reason and evidence, especially when a ripper hatter like Penis Gabriel goes to work covering their tracks, but the exact same premeditation is clear in the work of DeNiro (Dibarno) as the statements of Will Zell. I will go further. Not only do both Taxi Driver and Network advertise by cross over references to films including Going Places, by both talking about oh wow what a scream to have the newspapers inside the hits to make entertainment, and newspapers doing the bombing, advertising a criminal conspiracy from the heart of California, but they overlap Lennon’s name with Jane Moore, the agents in my family where they Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh’d, Pittsburgh, the Kyra Schon, Yoko Ono script after Wild Palms door of perceptioning Lennon to the tune of Pentagon Disney attorneys working for Hitler Reagan AND John Hinckley. That’s right. Did you ever wonder about the mockery of the murder of JFK in the lyrics of those scum? Drafted to a narrative dia-rama by Pittsburgh Holocaust Survivors and the Quarrymen/Pitman they have announced that:

1. Because I obey the laws

2. Because I refuse to own firearms

        That therefore I must by LAW announce LOVE and slavery to them, and that if I do not, I am a warpo hiding from the street gangs of ripper franchise who cunningly encrypted the text of the kidnapping in which I was held, which was clear to anyone who supposedly found the script by Gail Burstyn, the adoption of which was BEYOND FELONY HATE CRIME. We now know by the Kennedy assassins. Go prance, children, aren’t you just about acceptance personified!