Symphonic arrangement and literature are not that far apart and it seems advisable to apply what you know about either to each.   I have been poisoned and am trying to understand what is happening to me as well as what I should be saying that led to Trump and his Israelis being licensed to give me the kissing off warnings, just as they shot a young, precocious and gorgeous Palestinian girl working emergency nurse volunteer dead in the chest last week.   Bleeders see me as the illustration of the disease they controlled by extermination. So I’m learning about how to explain by concepts like contextualization and shortcut ideas like indexicalities, both to see how the situation shapes up in terms of learning among the young as well as why I sometimes fail to comprehend why some things that seem self-evident to me need to be explained.

    Douglas Miller in his book from 1941 titled:  You Can’t Do Business With Hitler, talks about visualizing the world after a Nazi victory but I think our failure was in not successfully visualizing the world after a Nazi defeat, especially when Hitler’s body did not show up.

     Pittsburgh is a term of high definition in the Empire of Human Trafficking that has been built in the plan of the AIDS attack.  The indexicalities are very numerous, my being tortured by men named Pitman, after being seduced by the curator’s designated starlet called 12.   These and many other indexicalities are easily deduced from primary designations like Pit/Pitt. The signet in the film: Casablanca was left in our heritage (a doublecross ring) to manipulate a rendering that allows no challenge to the plan because it would require acknowledging a horrifying defeat, leading to failure of our values to represent the world’s beliefs about a bitter truce we called Victory.  The rhetoric about the situation arose from the Axis’ ashes as a moral that reads not that extermination warfare is wrong, but that it was being done wrong. King Edward proposed a better way and arranged its adoption by denial consecrated in script, just look the other way a moment style. Meanwhile, Seattle openly advertises their allegiance in symbolic disdain for the review that is due.

      One of the weirder stories of a rise to prominence under the Third Reich was the peculiar manner a Jesuit named DeGrell finally gained approval from the Fuhrer.  It is a story a little bit like the cartoon Fripp and Bowie created of a fan’s many excruciating labors in pursuit of attention. DeGrell was devoted to the Church and saw a realistic partnership at de grill of barbecue between Hitler and the Church.   Nevertheless Josef Goebbels turned him away. The victims of Hitler are presumably being sent to damnation in DeGrell’s vision of things.

     It is the processing of DeGrell’s appeals for acceptance by Goebbels that concerns the review here.  Goebbels laughed him off as a fraud, despite his power base in Belgium and their ruthless need for someone.  Perhaps his boyish appearances amused them. DeGrell straightforth to gain touring experiences by joining the circus.   His company on the Russian front lost half their men but DeGrell, winsome as ever, pulled through and at length, long last, Hitler smiled his way, shook hands and allowed cameras to flash.   The manner of Goebbels’ honors society routine is entirely on exhibition at UW Sociology in the pathological pact of true poison made with Aaron Dixon. Dixon cuts his role as the new Goebbels admirably enough to enjoy direct comparison.  Notice the UW faculty fall over each other parading admiration for the glam warrior film: The Black Panther, at best a worthless epitaph on the tears of Syria and Yemen, one more blow against the empire of our lost dignities.

      To chart the timeline from Goebbels to Dixon is not out of focus to such a degree as to require entire claims of blindness nor to activate justified non-description.  DeGrell’s crossroads before the Cross of Hitler arose to knight the Black warriors of King Edward’s grand web. Notice momentarily the counter-attack homework. It arrives from a small establishment coterie led by Pittsburgh’s notorious coroner Cyril Wecht who is a partner in representation of myth with Oliver Stone.  Wecht and Stone have poisoned the mood around review by positioning a claim of maniacal publication value.

      Syria, Yemen and Iraq, most the Middle East’s poor, laboring under the burden of providing a diversion from the AIDS attack have fallen to the doctrine that control of the United States’ foreign policy is a territorial imperative of Greater Israel, a platform the President who I prefer not to name again, having just eaten, has sold with little effort despite the pain he seems to enjoy inflicting on the conscience of America’s better half.  As a strategic item of longstanding special interest to Cyril Wecht I am also aware of his specialty which is medical violence. He knows how to argue the evidence against people who couldn’t care less, a major psychological factor in how his friends in the Holocaust Survivor Community settled on this course of action and controlled it, after contracting with my parents to give them a sacrifice they need in the form of one small child.

      The adversarial construct can be summed up in a very widespread notion:  belief in overpopulation. Church ideas adopt only very awkwardly to an act of extermination in the name of forestalling extinction, one example will suffice.  The Bible’s phrase, “be fruitful and multiply,” is considered a sacred injunction to bravely populate the earth. Further, the gringo priesthood announces a claim to Intelligent Design.  What act of rhetoric comes to defense in that construct of a killer virus? That God led us to the sacred weapon? It hardly seems worth adding that Zyklon B would qualify as well. Perhaps a real Christian might say the moral is to be fruitful but not multiply quite so much.   The crime was wrong. Those who supported it however enjoy the mania of the day.

         The collaboration in medicine and universities should immediately lose tenure and license to practice.  Their answer is to say that resistance to them should forfeit life. What an exciting and deliberate ruin of the USA by its own.  Goebbels and Dixon are in place to offer the at-risk *points* for confederacy. Simple enough until you learn that the representatives of the victims are the authors of the attack.  That is where faces fall and minds go blank. It is the Lie-Idea (Lydia) (Love You Idea) of Pit.

      In terms of military strategy the American fascists created with the help of slander, a battle play that uses a bridge dummy in Yojimbo tactics.  This allows targeting the dummy as though they were the ringmaster in a constrictor to the Alamo, clearly one of the more grueling proofs of crime originating among UW and Pitt taskmasters.  So address or should I say failure to address next the silence of peers.

       One of the more openly espoused positions of mania and mayhem comes down from Peter Gabriel in which it is possible to read the wishes of Pink Floyd.  All the same it takes context to understand. A book called The Strange Child describes young people in recessionary Japan being trained to replace a generation by a generation who lived in a world that no longer exists, and they have trouble understanding what is expected.  As a child I was younger than the Hair generation which meant that by the time I was old enough to try and understand what they expected their movement no longer existed, but their plot was laid and lying in wait, entrapment coached in neuroplastic trickery thugged to a hair trigger. It is hard to explain that to people who don’t know much about the 60’s or the 80’s,much less a society who take for granted that a book called All the King's Men is top sacredly about Huey Long.   It is a problem of context, not invisibility. Government cannot hide what they are doing but they can play a shell game with the context, making their action elusive.

     Ming Na Wen, voice over from Disney, is an interesting person to have championed the craft of authoritarianism behind the stage action of Lennon’s Spirit Foundation and commitment to the idea of forgiving Hitler as Casper the Friendly Ghost.   This is a partnership with Blacks trying to get ahead in a war game of Blacklas Shrugged. There is no greater insult to the black man than to treat him honorably and expect the same. He reads your pale white cunning and seethes at your hidden face.   When Kasper of Spirit attacked me blindside with the words: "I heard you called me an asshole", it no more matter that I had never seen him before than that virginity doesn't prove rape or that Alpana never mentioned she was married, he was acting for Black fascism who just by looking at me just knew I was hiding thinking of them derogatorially. It wasn’t anything I had done only that it had to be me, it was all set up by Edward Eisen’s section.   

     The twist of Lennon, as a book by his coterie about him was called, created by the slipknot plays out with evil syphilis in Chinatown.  The idea went around that if you don’t eat the union's food you insult them and they get to poison you. The section is likewise also in solidarity with Trump.  These loyalists of Wecht and Tive are the movement refusing to serve wedding cake to Gays. How do you reconcile this tanglewood from Elton on high?   Either as a one case execution of a symbol or as the duplicity it is: Double-O Fantasy. The strength of the lobby, who put Midori Goto on the cover of Texas Queer Magazine despite the Neva Corporation’s V + R Planning section which evidently stands for victory and revenge indexing directly to the Dec. 7th on Oswald’s I.D.  The assassins got the victims to cheer them. The contradiction is embodied in such twists of Lennon as that a woman named Dia called to tell me he was supposedly dead and then the rise of Dia came dressed as Gestapo to protect the scriptwriters at CMU in 1993. Lennon, in the 60’s, was supposedly adversarial to Nixon, but Ringo the Biker announced that they had been mutually victimized by people who wanted charity from the wrong agency, the preference agency, and he would teach them a thing or two, without ever explaining how these two supposedly real wrongs, which mysteriously both had me there, made the AIDS attack right.