Not everyone in America 2018 sees our society as relevant.  They don’t really bear witness to their own souls in the matter.  Seattle is like a wall of bloodlessness that made the AIDS attack successful, even here where the losses were heavy.  As a man I have lived a lifespan bearing witness to the change from John Kennedy to Donald Trump. My own experience provides the occult formula for understanding the hidden price tag.  In terms of location most of the action (although I lived in Montana, North Carolina and California as well) took place in Pittsburgh, Seattle and Maine.

      Although I think of myself for a Kennedy kid as we were called, in terms of family I belonged to the Bush klan.  My dead pap Ry was his radio lieutenant in WW2. This is one reason Yoko Ono got away with so much. By making her grab on the plans her minions had planted in my house she proceeded as to be expected when the issues are record of a war that was in the end a nuclear war.   Although we live in an era of digital disconnect, nobody missed the fantasm of hate that Oliver Stone and his friend Putin put on in the name of North Korea during the anointing of Pope Trump.

       It’s shocking to use the parasitic little name of King Crimson at such an ungodly hour but as agent weasels of the British Crown they made themselves at home tyrannically controlling the slave traffic of children in the doublecross arrangements.  Still, it was their popularity in Seattle, the wall of bloodlessness, by which they managed to pull it off.

        Understanding and sourcing the thinking behind the practical and dirt cheap political crime that accomplished the blackout concerning the existence of the Texas Schoolbook takes us to Pittsburgh.  To have been so simple and worked so well the thinking had to be complex enough to make its simplicity huge in terms of usefulness, primarily an argument of political history. Pitt’s Chancellor had written the Federal Emergency Management Agency program that Reagan sent Oliver North into the Federal Courts with in a bid to suspend the U.S. Constitution.   Meanwhile, also at Pitt, Her Majesty’s Prosecuting Service staged the phony intercept of their Burstyn letters in a shell game that found the Zappa farm running in on cue shouting, “Reagan Didn’t Know!”. In this play by Vaclav Havel the truth about the AIDS attack conveniently disappeared behind the Ironic Curtain, a triumph of Donald Trump in a Carnegie Mellon masquerade to which Seattle played second fiddle with a vengeance.

        To see what we have come to in Seattle means first understanding public education because even though private corporations in their foe-ridden entertainment media complex have left very few isolated pockets of American cultural trust, welfare, good judgement and hometown witness intact, or above the influence of digital disconnect, it is there, in public education, where we find some badge of family refuge in that normal discourse about quiet and secure issues of pride and place that are common ground, such as discussions about the Civil Rights Movement, the sit-ins and voter registration drives.

      Where this is under attack the attack hides under the mask of friendliness and well-meaning, but strident with what they claim is superior insight, much as Jesse Owens who ran the race of man at the 1936 Olympics in Germany opened his book with a chagrined comment about the Black Militants who called him an Uncle Tom.   Seattle like to play fireboys about ethnic grievance, they like to put a match to the gas can of insufferable Black warmongering.

      The first victim is always JFK.  If Dr. Ralph Proctor, formerly of Black Horizons, is to be believed (which he seldom is) JFK was as hypocritical as Abraham Lincoln who he called Abie Baby.   Yet JFK, who authored a sensitive preface to a history about Native Americans, in fact was one of the children raised under the myth of Lincoln as a great emancipator and fashioned his ideals accordingly.  The misgivings one feels about Lincoln’s prevaricating are not transferable. Therefore, much needs to be done to protect JFK from Black warmongers and rescue him from the myth of Neoliberal bogeymonster.

      Of course, the warmongers lay in wait with a net to catch the deaf white suck who they jeer at as The Man Who Would Be Trump for just such commentary.   The Black warmongers are everywhere. They wear their hostility on their sleeves like radar. They hate freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of action, anything free they tag as racist which requires them to do domination.  Their fury comes from sidelong looks in eyes pitched to the refrain of no one is innocent.

      Of course, certain things are un-civil about freedom of speech and that fact was used expertly by Black Psychological Warfare experts promoting the AIDS attack combine about which they knew all along and well in advance.  This part of the story was difficult to hide and became a grindstone for the most conspicuous part of the deception campaign, before Obama was identified, when Fripp, Bush and Salmun Rushdie put on their show, all cued up to a ghostly mission calling an impacted neuroplasm the enemy within while orchestrating contagion brinkmanship as a special interest of the attacked.  This destructiveness was pro-Reagan acid rock from the Warhol Museum in service of human trafficking.

      To understand how creepy garage rock backbites like Andrea Swimmer and Vince Eirene of Pittsburgh’s Friends Meeting and Catholic Worker could control America’s global politics by eely slanders and attacks on deaf children you need to understand that propertizing the royalties of the Civil Rights Movement was a business plan by those rolling their eyes at Dr. King’s celebrity when he was alive.  They couldn’t wait to make a monkey out of the whole show.

       In this show you find Jimmy Crary and acid asides about his whereabouts taking for granted that what he thought while a lot was hidden from him is somehow graven in stone as a legitimate social profile.  This double gang up involved recovery in a climate of ongoing utility to a trafficking cartel engineering a mass poison adjustment. Hillary Clinton put herself forward in an agency named Leslie Katz.

         The first casualty of this was the truth and timing by those who knew what was going on paid off.  Local union authoritarians and open mic bullies did the rest. All it took was Penis Gabriel’s loud and clear whisper campaign.

      The conduct of Jimmy Crary isn’t hard to understand, but let’s start with what they say is hard to understand about it, before showing that they understood perfectly well.   Part of what has made the 60’s a sellout is how easily the intellectuals can be bought, how willfully they tailor their arguments to the service of power, how they hurt others in their own stead by demanding adherence to misleadership, they love to lie while accusing of the same and by their tiresome excuses for being bribed.

     Sheltered people who have only heard of Hoffa styled underworlds in places like Pittsburgh presume to say what Jimmy Crary shudda done and they give street cred to verdicts premeditated by Infra-High Society by using Warhol groupies.  This line of ticket goes that queerbait shudda said I need help and recovery at once in childhood or else I will not grow up into a propertized man fit to father children. But the agency behind the attacks made clear to follow the program or die.  Evaluating the invisible but clear dictated flowchart it seemed possible I might secure evidence and be able to warn. Following the logic of the gig, as father would say, I saw they were trying to justify atrocity and Judge Dauer made clear he saw the trajectory too in saying, “what if I just write right here,” then sending me to a tour of psychology.

       Ultimately the arts claim is a cover story for a Draft by murderers demanding I die by infection.  Nothing can hide the vicious nazism. All the poisonous songs of love are bait to prove yourself by catching death and the murderers in Seattle aren’t about to let a black market cash cow go free.  To say you can’t believe the agenda was planned is to ignore the same tactics in Seattle. Everyone knows how effective they are. How the killers made a joke of the attack by a lewd British conjob is the hot tamales, tongue in cheek they say.  

      The dirty fucking hippies covered for the CIA and called the jaded children who had been abused for years veterans of personal liberation and those who ran away from brutal pimps seeking help and safety they called fugitives and those who were protected from evil they called slaves.  Orwell never had it so good. Allowing the rabid poachers to be called what they are as though they aren’t because the brilliants who knew how the program was scheduled to unfold and did all the talking, was a heist of inflection. They wrote the alibi in just the right way to keep the victims cheering, allowing them to escalate beyond the unspeakable for a laugh.

      As the warmongering Seattle cult who are very touchy about detection and snide with the glee of practical deception, smelled crude, that was where the double cross about empathy comes from in a private prison calling diabetes a Draft Exemption from AIDS contamination.  Call it gutteral, schadenfreude, nazification, it is the final polish on the American character, put on by deviants playing all offended and stricken with illness while yammering, “Kiss me you fool.”

      It’s the Beatles I hate for this.  I’m glad the victims are angry. I’m just sorry it is with me.