The Beatles are an International Slander Machine.  The stood between the 60’s and the dignity of the Era, filling the wound of Martin Luther King’s death with the egotistical gyrations of the drug warlord Lennon, and his hissings of peace deception, a primal and sarcastic stunt of the right wing church plotting the AIDS attack, but setting us up first with seductions to recklessness like the MK-Ultra Broadway Musical HAIR.    We found their script in Pittsburgh and the termites in the Beatles made sure the authors went free claiming fulfillment was a chauvinist lampoon as though victory for X-terminators was the very King of syphiltic glee.   The Kennedy assassination was an important humiliation.  They blew his mind out in a car, zapped him right between the eyes, and then made one of his understudies into trancelike subhuman by traumatic brain damage for infinite spectacle.

       The Beatles are an international slander machine set to go off with the AIDS attack which is why they Star Trekked John Lennon off center stage for Clean Up Time in the Fantasy war, using doubles.   The fascist prick had in mind selling AIDS as an empathy disease that should be an orgy of selfhood in a destructive play.   They wanted to create the most vicious and impregnable slander ever heard, and hiss it from below.   They worked with the most child-raping church Nazis Crown money could buy, sending in John Stockwell of the CIA with Paul McCartney’s missionaries Penny Penny for the money in announcement of the therapeutic Wall Street temporary crash of 1987.   They molested me in bondage as a child to titillate the Japanese child pornography corporations whose starlets De De and Swimmer could recite in detail all the rules and regulations of the Welfare State pertaining to breeding opportunities, and while calling their sex crimes:  “Edumacation” they illustrated with the moron’s dinner why the Public Schools disallow sex education:  because of the control measures in making sex slaves of children, the church rules governing human trafficking.

      This syndicate comes down from United Fruit Corporation who with the help of Ringo Starr during the Vichy French follow up war in Vietnam because the United Drug Corporation that remains the enemy within, but also on high.   It was created by Cecil Rhodes strategically and Kennedy assassination kingpin Allen Dulles in a dream campaign to overthrow the United States of America on behalf of felonious rock and roll teamsters in the drug empire like The Rolling Stones and their pal Marlon Brando, pouting his Injun truths for the AIDS cornering.