I am writing today regarding my productive investigation into a gang responsible for multiple homicides.   Their ringleader, Robert Fripp, a exquisitist soothsayer and guitar impresario, enjoys the protection of Her Majesty’s Secret Service as well as a Military Religious partnership with Colin Powell.   My father Ryland was their special target as a Naval leader from the San Jacinto with Bush, Peace Corps leader and Chair of Philosophy for Education at the University of Pittsburgh. While visiting Claymont Society for Continuous Education in Charles Town, W. Virginia, one of his assassins gave me the name David Ray who later was arrested for multiple homicides all his own.  This was the tip of the iceberg.

       The Secret Society that Robert Fripp leads are crazy but they are also brilliant and operating from Warhol Museum in the name of John Lennon, which gives an iron curtain to their long-standing habit of violent felonies.   Let me take a quick case in point for certain illustration of the key concept, deadly assassination, being commissioned in John Lennon’s name. The crime is all twisted up in a script written by King Crimson’s executor from Bryn Mawr Gail Carolyn Burstyn in 1974 and sent to me in Highland Park of Pittsburgh, PA.   I was set upon with extreme viciousness by armed men, kidnapped and tortured. I was taken to a place called Kings Estate and brutally gassed. My ear doctor had a tattoo from Auschwitz. The letters came from Israel. Despite this, and hitchhiking in deafness and severe trauma from Pittsburgh to St. Louis trying to get help from King Crimson, whose names were repeatedly evoked by the men who held me hostage in this insane, holocaust simulation experiment, the murderers in King Crimson sneered at me that the poor man’s ether used to knock me unconscious and hold me prisoner was the sort of thing Lennon would do for fun.    Already then, even before studying further and more closely, in 1974, when he was still a public figure, we see John Lennon’s name being used and evoked to justify and applaud a deranged, criminally insane, paramilitary operation in which a child was brutally held hostage and murderously gassed by violent pedophiles. Unfortunately for the history of County of Allegheny of Pennsylvania where my father Chaired the most important department of their largest employer, the deranged mayhem of these evil sadists was only beginning, and the Police sanction allowing them serial murders has never abated.

         Due to the larger than life sociological episodes that Robert Fripp’s power structure in London and New York have authored in the strange case of James MacRyland Crary, there are numerous chapters and episodes.   The murderer easily and without any concern for the dignity of the Community College of Allegheny County, summoned a woman named Rosa to my side to become engaged to me that his sniveling sidekicks from Geffen Corporation later referred to as a “stolen sock.”  Clearly, the woman I fell in love with and asked to marry me was a snap finger obedience service animal from Hugh Hefner and Elizabeth Taylor summoned by Paul McCartney to help them cover for crimes of unspeakable savagery that I had mistakenly turned to them for help regarding with accurate and fairly well written, if traumatized information in circumstances of fear for my life.   These murderers answered by contacting adult pedophiles, who used me in trauma as a child, intoxicating me in a state of deep, comatose, battered terror, prelingual and prepubescent, for sexual gratification and announced that I was lying and these commissioners of atrocity were their friends at Warhol and heroes.

        When I fled to Seattle, their Green Party syndicate in UW Sociology were waiting for me.  Under their terms of sociology there is no such thing as the rights for the innocent because the accused is white and that is a compensatory code under terms of logo visionary franchise.   The entertainment lobby working with Fripp need to hustle a white hate object for profiteer. The assassin cult of King Crimson surrounded the recovery house in which I had taken asylum, and ripper murdered Shannon Harps to death outside, while sending me direct and tangible warnings that Robert Fripp and Colin Powell insisted the Police Department ignore, which they did in compliance and obedience to authority.   This is the full story of one chapter, but nowhere near the narrative of the lifelong ordeal for which I was earmarked as a special target by the cult of King Crimson.

       The murderers think all this is funny.  To illustrate how disgusting and unfunny it is, they had impacted, and kept documentation regarding, a nerve agent forced upon me in hostage and crying trauma as a child which not only deafened me, but was strong enough that an entire area of my brain was in semi-permanent coma.  They hired Rosa to target this neuroplasm, to humiliate me by defeating my honor as a rejected lover, full knowing that I didn’t know it was in there. It is now visible in my facial nerve, but they recently poisoned my mouth for talking.

        The United States of America has made it difficult to dissent.  We no longer have responsive community newspapers, and have sunk into the decadence of the Romans in so far as mistreatment of liberals and non-conformist views.  Further, stamps are expense for a person forced to live below the poverty line whose warnings in advance of the murder of Ms. Harps even came from a member of the Postal Union working with Black Panthers in Seattle and Pittsburgh NAACP.   Accordingly, with class scheduled to begin in a few minutes, I cannot tell you everything in short that I would like to.

      It would however be a mistake to regard the rabid and viperous eccentric as better than a corporal in a secret, illegal Imperial Army conducting takeover operations through the corporation power consortium arrayed by the Trump Administration as special executioners.    We can check the results of investigation by applying what we’ve learned to signifiers in the parameter structure at large representing the icon of the swastika used for Holy War by the National Review in signifiers like Starburst candy. Is Starburst from the same index as University of Washington’s 1000 Cranes statue and the design of CCAC’s Milton Hall.  Parameter analysis shows they subscribe to the same Holy War Index. I will demonstrate how, which allows inclusion of the FEMA from Westmoreland County and archives of the 1960 World’s Fair in Seattle. In short, the admirers of Adolf Hitler, who chose him with the inspiration of Walt Disney and Allen Dulles, for world war recreation simply transplanted behind the scenes to the United States with the leverage of Her Majesty’s Empire, fulfilling Cecil Rhodes’ claim that England could easily reconquer the USA with the help of King Edward’s dear friend Adolf Hitler and his stalwart Emperor Hirohito.   The AIDS attack was the crimson carpet laid out for a New Kingdom to Come, naturally, for confiscation privilege, they transferred blame.

        Milton Hall isn’t an exclusive parameter edifice, but it is a primary indicator in Pittsburgh, chosen for the indexed root of Pit.   Milton Hall is notorious for having a huge series of decapitated peace signs. The architect, whose faction behind the Kelly School incident who arranged Cra-Crim for the David Rays of Iowa, in Wilkinsburg Library card catalog index, now primary advisers to University of Washington and Barack Obama, also built Bidwell Presbyterian Church on the Northside at 1025 Liverpool Street.  The address in other words was correspondent to the decapitated peace signs. 1025 is a duality between the birthdates of the target in the exercise, Midori Goto, and the signifier for Mother’s Day, my mother’s birthday, who decorated our home with the painting of Hitler Nuns on exhibit in the crime casework. Midori Goto was signified in the script as “Go/to” her name meaning Green.   Go/to Pit is a clear indicator of the union’s devices in the AIDS attack, a primary strong force behind the promotion of the Obama Administration whose legacy is Donald Trump.

         This throws a long shadow to the space needle and the repetition of Hitler’s Liebensraum Program which meant more land, as in West More Land, the signifier used in defense of Vichy forces loyal to the Japanese in WW2 when we backed them up in Vietnam after King was murdered, a fact explained in the Pitt script located at http://texasschoolbook.weebly.com   Obama was an offer to the Black Community to accept those who killed King.   AIDS was a secret weapon of Vichy. In addition to the multiple parameter signifiers, Broadway enjoyed staging serial adaptations to demonstrate their ingenuity and the science, for example The Challenger of NASA and the VW Beetle stolen by the stage hands in Pittsburgh.  The syphilis in the Crown of England has a good many very interesting scribbles on hand, like Starburst, which signifies the East West meeting of mind behind AIDS by the contraction of Ringo Starr with Gail Burstyn into a flavor of Tang, an agent of orange always promoted by NASA.   We find this turnaround glee in the mirth of British fascists in the corresponding name of Gister (Starkey, Keystar) Carrie Gister, to signify Crary kissed her, Crary gassed her.

        The 1000 cranes element was the transfer of enduring the unendurable from the little boy bomb victory to the little girl turnaround crime for which King was killed in DD’s name.   The objective of Axis mirth through domination by power of mega-slanders in which Jesus+Hitler/divided by Lennon equals The Holy Ghost (Kasper) is found throughout the dark web of Ringo’s snickering in groups like Black Light Discipline of Pittsburgh who were proven to be working with Zell on Mt. Desert Island in a blacklisting campaign to cover it up.   1000 Cranes is a specialty of Seattle, whose recent Mayor was dismissed for being a child molester, which for Seattle is only unforgivable for having been caught. The idea is to watch the white puppet selected or chosen as they put it writhe under the serial plan of slow extermination to the delight of privileged women enjoying the inside status of beatlezaniacs in league with the Friendly Ghost.