If something is hard to understand it is best to make sure that you do.  What was illegally impositioned on me is called a supercontrol narrative.  As a writer I have been taught by experience that you are in a double bind when describing this situation.  Cutting to the chase risks being dismissed pre-emptively.  Taking too much time to get to the point can improve comprehension but in the end it is not me being allowed to explain what happened, but you allowing yourselves to hear what I think is obvious.  Getting quickly to the point in other words absolves you of failure to understand.  When you do understand, it becomes obvious that many people are just pretending they don't, and that can be potentially deadly to me.  It is the ruse of tolerance, mirth about a person following a delusional muse that grants the stay of execution for violating the demand for secrecy.  If you legitimately give police the benefit of the doubt, then a police illusion about me holds sway that is macabre for its cunning.  They think that I was some sort of flower child who was maliciously disabused of naïve beliefs who no one should take seriously because it was a brutal, but well-deserved joke.

       Religion is supposed to be a choice in America.  My class titled Black Psychology is another word for mandatory.  I was asked what I would ask for in terms of money if I could get any amount I wanted.  It was a loaded question.  The AIDS combine has already made clear they will murder the children in my family if I announce personal injury which they contrive as stealing their game.  At Mercy I get a lot of reinforcement from the ground control who knifed Shannon Harps.  The V.A. power structure communicated to me in Seattle that my being innocent means nothing.  They demanded compliance when they poisoned my heart.  Shannon was a demonstration project.  No amount of money is worth it, they sneer.  If we want something of yours just hand it over, they advise.

         To fathom the progression of the AIDS attack try conceptualizing the disappearance of Lennon as an incident analogous to the Reichstag Fire.  The details surrounding the Reichstag Fire are subject to the sort of debate that attends the Kennedy assassination.  The Germans blamed Marinus Van Der Lubbe who they called an imbecile. 

        An interesting police illusion attends the insane criminality of Peter Gabriel.  Despite the overpowering fact of illegality and fierce misrepresentation regarding his obscene war crimes he insists that he holds a trump card in the writing known as, "Night of the Lebo," which Deanna Mancine gave to Mercy detectives after a number of other hired actresses played like they were heartbroken by my two-timing.  Now, the stage managers are trophying these items having had their supercontrol narrative validated by foreign English eccentrics who claim they didn't author something that has their fingerprints all over it.  This final function is the police illusion of Reagan didn't know (but Jimmuh queebait cudda).  By contrast with this police illusion is the terrifying evidence of trauma, the simple truth that I called a missive to the Fripps, "G.I.F.T. ~ ghost in from Treblinka."  Rather than warning us all that a Godlaw syndicate had been discovered behind AIDS, they uploaded the deadly demand for suicide services at the crooked finger call of HitlerReagan.  They returned me to the concentration camp environment.  Even that has not stopped them.

        Reagan debated Bobby Kennedy once, I knew that, I saw part of it today and despite being almost used to the pitt in my stomach, I felt I was going to throw up and had to stop watching.  The closed caption system was audio captions and might have been wrong, but it appeared to show a foreign English yammering that HitlerReagan supported President Diem in Vietnam who had built concentration camps for six million people.  Reagan appeared to say that there weren't that many people in such camps because Diem only had nineteen.  This means that Reagan was defending a leader with nineteen concentration camps.  Worse was yet to come.  The yammerers switched to a Yiddish Senegalese in turning now in partnership with Reagan on little Jimmy Creary.

       Beatles absolutism and easy living is quite clearly savored by the arrangement. 

       Although City of Pittsburgh Police have been known to laugh at me regarding the informal execution of surreal brutality with the complicity of those I had thought to advise and from whom I had thought to request help, it's not clear why they would flaunt such defect of their character.  The brass of acid rock were acting out of a peculiar fetish of deranged sex rivalry, in which I was castrated to fulfill their slanders built by withholding exculpatory evidence.  To have the almighty so ripper about a street poet means that something more was involved than police sneering at a child brutally tortured by the deranged Pitman gang.  It also spoke of their awareness of a revenge porn syndicate blackmailing a neurotraumatized hostage of child mutilationists.  In fact, Rosa was apparently hired by police to blow me in the parking lot in order to crush the idea that I was investigating human trafficking on Mt. Desert Island, when I had reason to believe that King Crimson were friends.

        King Crimson are control freaks of ravenous invasion.  They claimed that I was giving them a bad name, and in being convinced of this had set upon me in a mind control operation to humiliate me for Yoko Ono who is part of Clinton's team in defense of Reagan.  They called me a Manchurian Candidate and refused to let me come home until I threatened someone.  It took them 20 years of horrific sadism and a ripper knife attack to get me to go through the screwy motions of saying I would pulpify them (admittedly while sitting at home, going back to bed and still in my pajamas).

        Since facelying is statecraft and all my so-called friends were long ago found out for law firm listeners even if someone admitted the truth I couldn't be sure they meant it, a fact that is psychologically the signifier of British intrigue.  The British have plenty of money to throw at social problems, but they want an example of raped rights threatened with AIDS infection as a caprice of Churchly loyalty oaths.  The British are con sharks.  What you don't know is forbidden to be asked, which brings us by pretzel twist back to the fact that it is the audience allowing themselves to hear the truth, not just me being allowed to report it.

       The Pittsburgh Police in other words are probably over-awed and taken in by the idea that weird behavior by a battered white street urchin growing up deaf but identified as an intellectual, proves the sort of defect of character that invites a good horse-whipping, lie after lie concerning my orientation and conduct.  The idea that this never should have happened to me is answered by the presentation of hard evidence they say proves me a warped and stupid happy clown of a juvenile delinquent deserving every last scalding mutilation and defacement, not a brilliant masquerader looking for a way to deceive kidnappers and escape with my life.  They feel the assassins hold the trump.  However, since they cannot deny the entire game is built on New York City's claim that the fact (undisputed) that I had no idea what was being planned exonerates them in fulfilling the plan because they have convicted me as cudda unnerstood.  They need to render the comatose condition I was put in by those who brutally demanded it of me, as proof of negligence.  It was chloroform genre child abduction.  I had no idea anyone else was being targeted and when I found out on Mt. Desert Island my fury was drowned out by Peter Gabriel's lying, Hitlerian false assurances to everyone implicated by their leers.

       Accepting all this was called by them having a ghost of a chance.  In other words, Hitler's friendly ghost was Lennon, just as I suspected.  That's what made premeditated atrocity a joke.  Get it?  Be glad you didn't!  Hahahahaha.  We may yet!  And so on.  Puncraepft, in a word.

       The purpose of this essay then is threefold: 1.  To show that the language structure being paraded as creative accomplice to underwrite the twin deceits that a: FEMA found their own script and that b: Mt. Desert Island was ER, are both impossible thus proving it a shenanigan presented as ultimatum in a nuclear escalation Katz game, all prior meditated.  2.  To show the evidence that the horror ordeal I am being put through should never have happened and that the aggressor lobby is creating a forcing house of a fait accompli after megamurder (Isis may just be the fifth column of the CIA's religious fascism) and 3.   To demonstrate the loathsome character of foreign English in their two-tonguery advocating for child molesters and atrocitarians.

        Their barfbag lies are nevertheless violently conscriptive in Allegheny County.