How is it that we overlooked for so long that JFK’s murder was the deed of Axis supporters in revenge and a harbinger of the AIDS attack when all the evidence was right on the table?   Was acceptance of this as the misdeed of a nanny state at the root of our silence and complicity? One face of the card depicts this crime and situation as a hollow joke on the United States, one in which we should take particular gratification as the beneficiaries of the ruse.   Ian Wattenmaker used to say, “Idea has struck the mind!” He showed me a Venus Fly Trap and together we unearthed old World War One magazines from the rafters in his garage. He also had me shoot a bird with his bb gun. Now we have the Story of the Bird, the testimony of Wade Beebe and of course the tie to Henry Wade of Roe (Monroe) vs. Wade.

      The end game is clear:  promotion of sexual intrigue.   The Shadow knows. JFK is said to have fallen victim to America’s moral hypocrisy.  We have a balanced code of order which is moral hypocrisy. Pornography is fair game but we detest abortion.  In the old South, women had nowhere to run. If their rapist impregnated them they were owned. Strippers at Jack Ruby’s club knew that they couldn’t call the Police.   The NEVA Corporation, pornographers in the assassination system, have as their ringleader Ringo Starr. We turned over the keys of our Empire to so-called friends who were lying to our faces:  The British.

      Most of us are okay with people having a little marijuana where it is legal.  We turn our eyes from drug trafficking because we know the gangs have enough power to make our lives miserable or end them if we are fingered as a snitch.  We know now that Black Lives Matters and Obama were volume control mechanisms turned up full blast on the race issue during the AIDS attack to drown out the issue because so many Blacks were involved in the hijacking of our war machine.

     The story was really in plain view. National Police Gazette advertised their collusion between Adolf Hitler in South America and the Dallas Police Department all through the 50's. It wasn't just the Hitler Nuns painting that Nancy Jane Moore had over my crib in our living room, but the parochial Honor Code of the Fuhrer that King Edward transplanted to Reagan's America is not a moral affair in its hypocrisy, it is the misleading laughter of the pyromaniac.