My sociology professor assigned Milgram, Frank and Venkatesh, whose investigations were into authority, sex and gangs.

      Kathy Frank worked as a topless dancer in strip clubs in the Midwest for 6 years.   During this time she met with men who were willing to talk to her between the ages of 28 and 57 for two to four hours.  Although some of her information was gleaned informally and almost all of it from men who were attracted enough to her to request her dances, most of the men were told she was doing research, which she admits might have caused some residual Hawthorne effect.  This fieldwork was not entirely, in other words, undercover.

       In the video presentation concerning the book published by Venkatesh, the sociologist engaged in Fieldwork after attempting to conduct a survey.   What I found weakest in the exploration was that he did not seem to inquire whether there were other outside persons of responsibility with whom they were in contact, for example churchpersons, parents or adult gang mentors of the dark side in Chicago.   I also would have wanted to know if money exchanged hands between him and the other people in the study. Did he come away considering himself a gang member.

        It can be a tall order to legitimize the legitimate when you know something isn’t right.   The issues raised by these studies go into a dark web involving Society for Human Ecology in Bar Harbor, Me where Kathy Frank graduated.   This material may in fact have involved an unidentified Indian sociologist in Chicago because the Chicago Chapter of United Bible Fellowship was active at the University of Pittsburgh in this unethical so-called research, where the uninformed subject, going undercover to investigate, was when sounded out by lure.

        In this war crime/war game:

  1. A white high-value liberal was targeted.  Denial has been refuted by Dr. Gregory Chin’s physical examinations.

  2. India representatives posed as advocates for black power in manufacture of a black power grievance.

  3. A Japanese minority figure, who co-designed the war crime/war game, cooperating as though found art, a super-talent, was promoted through black ideology for cooperating and appeared on the cover of Texas Queer.  The sportsman trophy were her sexual attentions, supposedly her virginity, as a coveted symbol.

  4. The war crime/war game masqueraded as Parents Against Rape.

  5. The purported complaint behind the arrangement was made by Jewish virgin.

  6. The war crime/war game was scripted in advance and leaked to those pretending discovery.

  7. It was clocked premeditatively to the AIDS attack.

  8. The perpetrators hold the reins.

       According to Sgt. Secilia of Pittsburgh Police, a survey of Police Chiefs found that they recommended that ethics training should focus on shared values and problem-solving rather than rules.  This cannot discount rules, but makes clear there are discretionary considerations in public safety and acquisition of academic knowledge which may place a lower premium on proximity than newspapers or County jurisdiction investigations would allow.  I believe the sleuths in sociology are just as bound by shared values, but also may be granted prerogative and shielded when violating their trust, particularly when a powerful argument for findings of great value are at stake, as they were in Milgram’s experimental method research which found that people had such strong belief in authority they would violate their own conscience in its pursuit.

     Accordingly it is important for one of the shared values in sociology to be transparency and openness to review as well as problem-solving when dealing with the criminally insane.

       The experiment in question never should have been tolerated in the first place.   The criminals at work cannot defend allegations of a lascivious motive. Having worked with such foundations as the Board of Trustees at Southern Illinois University, publishing books about feminism called, “The Bitch is Back,” and hiring me to sleep with the cover girl of Hypatia Feminist Philosophy Journal, the masquerade further that they were responding to a complaint should have been obviously a ruse given their textual demonstration of organization through NEVA pornography corporation a fact long predating the AIDS attack they claimed to be responding to.   The vicarious pleasure of licky chops research in the midst of catastrophe was further found out for extravagant bloodthirst when they made a mockery of their own pretense of protecting a virgin at risk by hiring a virgin to deliver herself to me while pretending a desire to be married in order to target an impacted nerve injury, much of to titillate black onlookers, co-workers at school, claiming to be studying me in secret for a black market museum mafia.

       The theme of the enterprise was always the same, to create an alibi so they could, in their words, “wear their horns proudly,” by establishing a collection unit, such as malicious and unfair rape allegations, to produce a demand for karma under which they raped my deaf advocate, a Korean orphan.   Although the themes are exactly the same both before and after the claim that John Lennon died, a theme that may be fake news by the inside group, it was all airbrushed away in a final smirk from Carnegie Mellon announcing that a super-beautiful man died because of a super-messed up man, ah, wouldn’t it be better for the super messed up man to die for the super-beautiful, ah.   Sean Lennon was among those who is to be considered of the learning generation who see the failure of free love by demonstration of divine law pussyball ledger final accounting on Judgement Day.

       Two Virgins Pussyball, clocked to the AIDS attack was eugenic and based on sociology tracing back to the assassination of JFK.  There is a Sociology behind the Kennedy Assassination. Whether you call it a Military Sociology or a Conservative Economic Sociology, the violence was underwritten by a description ideology that was expansive and categorically inclusive of attempts to mobilize many broad sectors of American society.   Interestingly the first men to attack me as a child were both named Donald (Donald Finnegan, ie. DF) and Donald Gruber, which is 50 percent of Adolf Hitler’s real name: Schlickgruber.