How Did We Get So Confused?

a Mac Crary Editorial June 18, 2017


The elements of Absurd Theater made lethal seriousness by persons allowing the Japanese to severely injure an American poet in the name of Reagan and Israel, by screaming manipulation of foreign English profiteers are a set of what conspirator Greg Karl called, “forces impinging on the persona’s experience,” that Pitt called, “neurohypnosis.” It involved group orchestration and misattribution, while misreading trauma response. The guilty posed as investigators and victims, lie after cowardly lie. It was said that the queerbait was like the consumptive son of Czarina Alexander, perfect as a “convenient thing to hate,” (Thos. Gordon) to enrage true blood Americans towards the sickliness of their social inferior. It was a war game, clocked to the AIDS onslaught. Had the British helped me immediately when they said we knew we might today live in a more enlightened, safe, peaceful and creative way, instead they went the road of syphilitic and obscurantist sybils, derisive and sadistic with fetish and super-prime aspirations.


A creep open mic bully of Seattle attacked me as Adolf Hitler for not voting Bernie Sanders. His justification was that I spoke when he drove and that my flashy tongue would be no match for his retorts if I were able to hear, which I cannot, due to his favorites, the Israelis, for whom he gladly whores his poetry. What this shows is that false allegations of anti-semitism against American dissent is a shrewd and malicious Loyalty Oath demanded by Israel of all American citizens. Our country has been murder-zoning areas to allow foreign allies to come hunting innocent people as a form of recreation. They claim it is necessary to satisfy the spirit world occupied they say by the ghosts of Hitler and Lennon, a duality most yin and yang.


They beep the interior they contaminated for impulses by which to let fly their military readings of the soul, and yet despite this spiritual cleansing of clean up time, the bellowing yammer of South African Isis Black Muslims, that only a purified hippy dare dream of Midori Goto, the soul purification ultrahigh experiment of the CIA is predicated on the decadent laugh and snarl of English rock stars and the preference system designed by Hancor Institute to protect their super-prime whore houses. Preference systematics have very little to do with soul purification.


We, the Americans, noticed, partly subconsciously, how easy it was to wipe the slate of Kennedy and King. The problem of course goes farther back, but to address such questions as the real cause and meaning of the death of James Garfield, blood poisoning by those who accused him of being a half-breed, comes up against the slavish ennui and denial of no less a lobby than the New York Times, proven in this case to have authored a ripper murder in Seattle as part of the farce theater at work.


The issue of First Amendment subordination to the Second Amendment (21) was illustrated in the Philadelphia Inquirer on the day after Sean Strub and Mark Chapman took their ringside place next to John Lennon in the Sumo Circle of Double Fantasy. It had a bullet outweighing a thousand musical notes. This was a moralism cartoon that began to circulate at Pitt as N.O.R. or the nature of reality. John Lennon’s public life often exhibited a strange magnetic affinity for this bizarre, anti-civilzed dialogue. He equated freedom with violating the wishes of Law Enforcement concerning drugs and severely weakened the peace movement, setting up the sad and scary situation of stigma boom during the AIDS attack, which the preference magicians pronounced infallible; a propensity my father would have questioned, or did, to his own demise.


The exhibitionism of gutteral charm in Mick Jagger’s songs and dances, with Bowie chiming in the idea that Hitler was the world first rock star, had about it the play on the mind of an English convincing a German to shoot someone else in sour grapes. Outwitting the Second Amendment in Nazi Germany was extremely hard to do. One fellow told a concentration camp guard who wasn’t feeling particularly generous that day that a bullet was worth more than a Jew. This bemused him enough to re-consider his execution of an innocent man, but to argue that it was wrong to kill an innocent person would tilt the scales quickly back in the direction of those seething about N.O.R.


What we have is a situation where we turn our paranoid delusions about for example Islamic Society on ourselves. A billion muslims are peaceful everyday. Only a few Hollywood crookeds, given the microphone by British plotting, go the road of wasteland belief in epic savagery, and they are subconsciously given the green light by hypocritical Americans who live by the same exact code of expectation towards the dreams of peace we scorn as idealism, despite being surrounded, most of the time, thankfully, by people as nice as we are.