I spend a lot of time crying from the gum infection lately.   If someone did fire it into the Crary gizmo it was a turkey shoot by Dr. You Can’t Do Nothing Bout It, again.    The City of Tacoma, United States of America is not different when it comes to refusal to address the information showing AIDS was an attack and thereby giving it their endorsement.   Evidence is not something to be taken lightly, until you realize you can get away with ignoring it and being in the majority. The vast majority of people are more interesting in laughing at the victim of torture concerned than owning up to any sort of responsibility.  A dozen people watch my educational videos, thousands looks at the video of me being humiliated by sex traffickers getting even for telling on them. What really happened isn’t even difficult to formulate. The pornography control tower who released the AIDS attack are atoning by joining the fight to abolish human trafficking.  This looks like a good thing to everyone concerned, but makes telling the history of the crime a little bit unbearable.

        The adage:  “Stateways can’t change folkways,” was once understood by journals as the power system underwriting segregation and the resistance to progress.  It was evoked when white rioters demolished school buses and battered integrationists. However, the adage stateways can’t change folkways has a new George Wallace using it for his ends, ugly, foreign Ringo Starr.   It’s use by British acid rock has exposed Great Britain as the architects behind the advance planning and administration of the AIDS attack. Their premeditation put on a costume of camouflage behind satire. In spoof khakis they operating a Truman Show control tower and Hidden Imam ledger as Hollywood brokers promoting internal African American confederates, shifting a once apartheid mentality that was simple and racial, white against black, to a more complex and easier to misrepresent paradigm:   an inclusive good kind dialectic, an Ark of Colors idea of the morally correct. The South Africans knew how this operated and how to manipulate media, openly historicizing it with the novel: Moxyland (pronounced mock C land and spelled like MacRyland in the way that Crary is like crazy only there’s an R instead of a Z), a novel I will return to when it is more appropriate to explain the theme. The metalinguistic formulary in illustration by the assassin ghouls proves, for example, that Jesse Jackson (JJ) confederated with the scriptwriters behind Martin Luther King’s killers, because they assured him their rock solid alibi is impregnable.  If you can’t beat them (which you can’t) join them and you will get a booby prize in The White House.

        It’s not like they are hiding it.   Just as the JFK file dump by Donald Trump holds a key card in a phrase the FBI used quoting a man testifying to Jack Ruby’s doing, “it looks just like Rubin,” is telltale in the lookalike of Jennifer Rubin in Neva pink film Ichiro’s team brought to Seattle for me to unearth, playing all friendly like for the ghouls to visit horror on me with mirth.   Rubin not only rubs it in our faces in the manner of her partner Leslie Katz, but shows the Israeli holocaust survivor team didn’t just write the Burstyn script with Ringo Starr and gas me in Kings’ Estate, but deeply encrypted the crime in plain view. Rubin was friends with Elizabeth Blumenfeld whose aunt Judge Friedman introduced me to Burstyn, and whose mother’s museum partner Braunstein had a son working with Ostro and Finkelstein who gave Fox Studios the signal to grab the Burstyn letters for Yoko Ono when Fox, my stepbrother David, teamed up with Rusted Root constructing a persona placing me places I had never been doing things I hadn’t done, so that Ringo could make a public mockery of me by the nerve trauma they inflicted when they kidnapped and brutally, brutally tortured me.

        The team affiliates have name pattern signifiers like Van Sickle, for the sickle on the seduction agent used by the Society of Human Ecology in the 1988 war game on Mt. Desert Island pointing at her vagina, for the knocked out golem to come to about what was up, Rip Van Winkle style.   The Van Sickle social system is a cluster bomb of such maniacal machine intelligence name game patterns, like Ken Kutofsky, for how they turned the CUnton and then Cut it off sky to watch the golem with a neuroplasm run around like a chicken with its head cut off sky. The metalinguistic anthropology goes very deeply, and we find the voice of Mulan, doing voice overs on the neuroplasm with an agent of Neva named Andrea Swimmer, who violently merged with my name in hostage trauma like Salamacis tales, during the era of Andre Previn, and the voice of Mulan, doing her ventriloquism under Rehnquist about the secret inquest into story of the bird, had me reckless driving at Kelly School when I was actually a horrified passenger, and being seduced into the black confederate war game over Midori while claiming they were whooping the white at its own game, sort of like calling a back stab by the name of a sword fight.