My first quarter at Tacoma Community College passed and found me in good standing, with grades matching my achievement in Pittsburgh, pulling a 4.0 in five classes amounting to 19 units towards graduation.   More importantly, I was able to surrender a number of independent studies to offices who received them with expressions of interest, which doesn’t indicate that anything has changed, only that assassins in our culture have still not successfully silenced my testimony, despite their bloodthirsty attacks.   Everyone has been advised that the school massacres have included tag teams incited by Barking Pumpkin, Real Worlds and other factions in New York City chaptering over the fanatic approach to the material world that they hold to be the right of Lennon’s legacy bearers over a vicious doublecross in the once very important, now forgotten, seldom named:  AIDS attack, which brings me to the first and most critical understanding brought about from years of social research into the great silence about the X-termination.

      Our society is set to Default position in the AIDS attack.   This Default position is an adjustment to the great silence, refusal to warn, refusal to acknowledge, refusal to document, refusal to index history and summarizing in refusal to tell the truth about this death sentence on our civil rights.  Refusing to admit the truth, as all the evidence shows, that the British and the far right wing of their music industry, led by Pink Floyd, the Beatles, Peter Gabriel and King Crimson’s spy team, started the AIDS attack with premeditation, and processed the crime through the media and museum mafia, with me as their crucifixion for charity program, sets the truth about this far out right wing to a Default position:  because we detest that truth, we turn all of our social values over to them by Default and trust in them our whole heart that the school massacres are top sacredly therapy, so there, and here comes their back-up misusing our school honor code.

        Now, why has this been working so well for them?    For one thing they developed their persona.   David Meieren characterized me as the man who couldn’t say no.   The science of their social strategy strung me along academically towards open-mindedness in such areas of study as Marxism, allowing them to call brutal child assassination pre-emptive logic.   They disallowed me property from the moment I went to school.   The have an AIDS injection knot over my art if I don’t turn it over to the museum and collectors.  They have repeatedly invaded my home.   Civil rights have been given a death sentence over this issue in the name of the AIDS management group who released the virus and then compelled us to set the Default view to trust in them our whole heart.

         Legal theory has been allowed to cruiser the joint where they raped a deaf girl, drove recklessly at an Elementary School, lied about Gail Burstyn, committed school massacres, slasher homicides and developed Union and Postal Worker tag teams promoting the slick agreement of the FBI with the Black Panther Party for more, rather than less, of the same.   This legal theory revolves around marital fidelity and the rights of property.  Since AIDS was articulated in the Texas Schoolbook as a marital law and martial law code, anyone can access this material due to my efforts against the Crowns Prosecuting Office, who have sought to make it a crime even to articulate against the Default position, this misuse of our school honor code is no surprise.   

        Martha Gellhorn was once married to Ernest Hemingway.  She had several lovers on the battlefields because she said, they were going to die and it meant so much to them and so little to me.   Granted love and fidelity can mean a lot to someone.  With characteristic evil the Beatles mocked that it meant anything to me, since they were selling both its betrayal, when done by them, and the iron fist of its enforcement, in their actual position behind the mask of the Default code, in the name of Queer Seattle, if that one can be believed, but when you start lying about crime after crime after crime and get away with it over and over and over, eventually nothing matters less than consistency.  Most politicians realize this at some point.

         Then we get to pornography.   If you succeed in making a bogeyman of auto-erotic therapy for having been poisoned you also succeed in shutting down access to a very violent point of intense importance about the attack, and that is the Japanese corporation who work with SONY, Reagan and Yoko Ono in processing the AIDS plan:  NEVA Corporation whose name is on the script of the Texas Schoolbook, and whose money house at Mellon Bank convinced the King Family to play ball, pussyball, in return for a piece of the action.   Obama in other words IS, literally IS the King Family name being used in X-termination, again old news, never reported.

          The culture of the Gurdjieff Society who brokered 911 with Muslim freak house bizarros who were avengering Dodi and Diana, killed by the Secret Service to concede pussyball dominance over Midori Goto to Sir Starkey, whose support group also eliminated JFK, Jr. to cheers from Beatlemania, a barrier of blood beginning with John Heinz back in the days when Rev. Harold T. Lewis, the host of the  King Family, was helping  Branch Davidians find Timothy McVey with tapes from Hustler Magazine made by Thos. Merton Center for the NEVA Corporation, Reagan’s famous Oswald the Carrot guffaw, much of interest to Nation of Islam, continue with their deviant personal profile for catastrophic violation of trust by sneering that the truth is a blood oath to Midori Goto, lead player of the NEVA Corporation’s Battle Royal, and that Toyah Wilcox personally will ripper the eyes out of any woman who tries to date me.