The people of God wanted you to believe that there was a looking glass.   They say you lie you die and lie back.   They even used an agent named Riback for getting Ry back (the humanist of PITT).  The stigma boom of the mid-80s was answered by foreign English that they was unconcerned and unaffected except when attempts to disrupt deliberate spread arose then they weaponized AIDS using their Seattle Queer delusion mission assets.   Tony Levin’s actions were sickening and brutal and bore no relation with the moral courage he is preaching to gloat over mandatory suicide and castration of the resistance.   Non-coincidentally, he premeditation agent was named Cheryl (homophone:  share ill) Levin with “Nava” Edelstein (Skeeter’s hilltop bud).  Johnson and Johnson wanted that old wifey of theirs Adolf Hitler inside the tent pissing out rather than outside the tent pissing in.   Kennedy had a choir boy hot seat to die for.  The parochial slurmeister cooed that it was “observing” a “performance”.   

    I grew up a child in the shadow of the 60’s being only 8 years old when they took me to HAIR, under Johnson, at the Nixon Theater, just as it rolled off Broadway to Pittsburgh.  The Nam War crush was in the air.  They had been very outspoken until then suddenly they were saying nothing.  It was hard work to sit in the 1984 Medical Library watching the developments in San Francisco and hear the guttersniping in the atmosphere, but no trace of the old rah rah.   The next thing I had to face was the Broadway cast itself writing a mean, slanderous, lying alibi for the AIDS attack program.  Man did that ever about face me concerning King Crimson.  America’s genocidal tendencies came out in living color.   It leaves a lot to understand.  The trick for them was to remain heroes.

       It’s the worst psychological operation that ever took place in human history.   A program of custody that found the people voting retroactively for Adolf Hitler.   The attack and assassination program that took out JFK and King and put in Bush and Obama is a permanent act of success.   Now who qualifies for understanding.  The idea of it, allowing the usurpers to play victim and declare themselves tribunal while soliciting old money queers for their anthem of control tower denial.   I personally lost due to the fact that the AIDS attackers have a top secret media weapon aimed directly at my head.   I proved all this, but the psychology of counter-weapon is under the loudspeakers of a mentalistically inclined super-deceiver who loves to rub it in your face.   

     They say that living deaf with terrible torment from impacted nerve damage isn’t losing next to their comparison buddy, and that blood panel Taliban is central to their collective consciousness cult.  Castration they claim was justified as answer to their slanders.  They accused therefore I am guilty.   Flat effect atrophied into being dead inside.  The bowel troubles I don’t even know if they are audible, embarrass, agitate and restrict, and all of it was to punish attempts to warn.  The punishment had nothing to do with negligence.   This is how they pretended to care.  The fact that they pulled off something so peculiar is supposed to be the rubber stamp of their genius craze.  They isolated me as advocates for quarantine.   They used attorney theater beamed down from Star Trek with Melvin Belli, terrorizing me with blackmail from prior trauma.   

      You look at people you never will know and you can sometimes be glad.  Trayvon Martin illustrates that fact.  He was a great, courageous kid some punk took down, and the world learned of him, learned of someone you wish you knew, someone you could trust with your back, and you wish you never heard of him because of what hearing of him means.   Now black kids say they don’t owe you anything.  They owe you the dignity of the truth.  If they don’t have time for Elijah Lovejoy because they are reading Hip Hop that’s fine, but to read Elijah Lovejoy and claim his didn’t die to protect them is irrational, it’s ugly untruth.  I wish they’d never heard of Elijah Lovejoy and he had lived to protect them, but he’s in the books because the nutters killed him and that’s sad.  If they are too detached to know how sad that is they have flat effect, and are victims of something they don’t understand.  They can’t snap out of it.

      When we see Dia Galas, we are supposed to think, oh that’s John Brown of the AIDS situation, the raid on New York City being the Harpers Ferry of 911, but that fails to comprehend that Dia was the very name the military used to call me about Lennon’s double fantasy tour.     The Beatles are in the control tower of denial wormtonguing with two tongues.  They say that Mt. Desert Island was an Experience Park and allow those who released the AIDS attack to stay heroes after hitting us again on 911.  What gives?

     Rating JFK researchers begins to get easier once you understand that Mark Lane was playing a game of warmer-colder and that the conspiracy is much more sophisticated than it once looked.   America’s invisible pro-Hitler plebiscite was what those who asked before Rice “where’s the beef,” and why is silver so meager?  It’s a constant banging in the semiotics of East meets West found in LIFE 1964, and political semiotics of the era.   Operation:  Chaos was obviously a lot more than just eavesdropping.  They had me brutalized under the gang thuggery of Paul Run-co and Paul Tierni (tyranny) of the Guttersnipe Gang from Kings Estate.

     When you look at how Allen Dulles crossed the Rubicon you have to wonder how far it goes.