As many people know who have bothered back in the 60's when terrorism was going on all over the United States, a hoary and evil, bloodless gang of Isis-types with guitars as their leisure sought from Nixon and received permission to kidnap, torture me, insert a nerve agent and hold me in neurohypnosis for a pornographic institution to sell for Congress an insidious justification for the AIDS attack, two virgins, race war pussyball, which Barack Obama championed,

      Not everyone knows that The White Album by the Beatles was released on Nov. 22, 1968, a few months after the murders of RFK and Dr. King, and the rumor went around it was Japanese white for mourning, but these murders, as anyone listening, had given the rabid of King Edward and Yoko Ono, a chief officer for NEVA Corporation whose script was used in the murder of JFK, was gloating, not mourning, and further, acid rock was setting its sights on control of Seattle in the AIDS attack.

      The gall of the criminally insane is widely admired.   My presence in D.C. when Reagan claims he was shot with the Pentagon Disney producers of the Texas Schoolbook and AIDS attack, working with Ono framing me, who was in a traumatic state when I hitchhiked to St. Louis still full of misleadership, believing that the sickos in music had something to say, just to hear that cowardly ripper Robert Fripp meow from his barking mad tape machines, falling into the private prison of HitlerReagan's hallucination world, disproves their claim that the madness in Maine was just movie magic.  So was the Double Cash alibi of Lennon's Houdini trick called, "Clean Up Time".   This is how he won the war and I would make a note of it if I were you.

       Psychiatric authorities were given my claim that Toilet Wilcox was behind the rape of Jeannie Tamburro, and they think they have an open and shut case.  I have a witness, a spy who reported from their disgusto land counter-tea party of conquest, just as I can prove their involvement in 911.  The Mazza kid told me about Toilet at dinner.  She picked off a kid named James and spent the entire dinner mortifying everyone saying, Fuck You James, Fuck You, and Mazza looked at me for in those days by James is how I was known.  The murderers had implanted their virginity unrequited complex into the nerve agent and Ringo wanted the Gurdjieff military to sell it and issue settlances.  In the days before the crime the murderers had a film maker from the Carnegie, where Yoko Ono's dastardly, queasy film, "RAPE" had just played, follow deaf Jeannie, annoying her, asking her to let him film her.  That is how we know that when she was raped they even filmed it.  A man was laughing about it, "I heard it, ya!"  Like it was his fame.  Pittsburgh sucks.

           Toilet had a deaf girl brutally raped because she is a vulgar pig.  Such taste these horrors.