AIDS is American Holocaust denial.  This truth is not trivial.  Exactly what happened is absolutely known.  One of Reagan’s most important strategic allies was David Bowie.  Not only was he a Bohemian Grove style hustler deeply engaged in advocating for child sexuality among bullies and pimps as well as normalizing pedophilia, but he also intercepted my attempts to get help from vivisection and mutilation hostage and kidnapping torture, leading to a prolonged ordeal at the mercy of domestic terrorism commissioned by Clinton and acid rock gaslighter Robert Fripp of King Crimson.  Bowie publicly preached the doctrine of plastic reality, while putting up celebrities like Freddie Mercury for obstruction ends against public warning to promote the machine of the AIDS attack group.  Plastic reality just means that these singularly vicious authoritarians at places like Pentagon-Disney, Peter Gabriel’s Real Worlds and Yoko Ono’s stronghold at Geffen Corporation use dishonesty AS their art form and political agenda.  Their tactical and financial power underwrite a terribly brutal cut-and-paste alibi structure.   Despite Ono’s frightful and violent self-promotion in the most grandiose terms there is nothing iconoclastic about cold-blooded lying elevated to a science.  We have not seen such viciousness on earth since the Third Reich and we are sliding into a path beyond ignoring it where we will be promoting is as a new norm.

     The Beatles and their lies about Love after their machine executed Martin Luther King in promotion for the White Album (which signifies mourning) follows a disingenuous pattern intended only to promote suppression.  Understanding what they did only can make you angry.  Since, in their brainwash mode anger is the enemy, therefore so is knowledge.  This leaves little manuveuring room for warning anybody about what went on.

      My mother it turns out was a donor mother playing the double role of authoritarian blackmailer and maternal loyalty to an abandoned child.  A very perceptive person she ignored my disappearances, even when it resulted in my cowering in the towel closet crying, she screamed at me instead of insisting on knowing what had happened.  My shattered mind had no respite.  The circumstances surrounding how I was trafficked were hushed up and the traffickers converted their actions into police research while union blacks heckled me that by obeying their demands for slavery I would gain the special status of an exception to the label of white liberal hypocrite.   It is absolutely pointless to form rhetorical questions like if that is wrong how come it all works that way by route of every single military signifier in the crime from the black race support provided as an alibi for neo-Nazi Will Zell Broome by Abira Ali, to the original attacks by Casper and Ronnie Z-sin, because they already know it works that way; all the evidence shows they are perfectly happy to win and rub our faces in it.

     All of the American smokescreen of political issues like Obama’s racial healing just have to be thrown out the window on this because there is no mitigating or intercepting issue.  AIDS was a Hitlerian doublecross.  Nothing else matters.  The British and Mellon Bank did not conflict manage as they pretend, they attacked us in cold blood.  It was a bi-racial planning syndicate and their calling card was a Battle Royal Liar’s Club production called:  Two Virgins (Eugenic) Pussyball.

     Ringo knew.