This is the beginning of the epoch of knowing what was done to JFK.   Solving the Kennedy assassination suffers in some ways from being too simple.   It is a callow jigsaw puzzle strutting its stuff in all arrogance, petty and heavily deranged.   It was won for so long because we avert our eyes, it’s that sort of showdown with abomination. God forbid I scare you off by saying too much too soon.   The reality of the lightning bolt makes it harder to focus on or streamline to in the way that crowds flock to gory Satan:King of the Zombies films, but it’s real simple.  It’s sad, and it’s a war game justifying itself as forbidden fun, ecstasy apparently for the perpetrators.  If it is so simple how is it so easy to overlook? Is it paradoxical? Counter-intuitive? Yes and no. First, the no:  there is a simple part, then it divides, then it multiplies.

     The root is a constant:  Loyalty fixxe. Belonging in the United States is a privilege in which achievement brings honor.   This is a traditional arrangement, asking loyalty. Then, in the first complication to arrive, there is a crossroads, a choice between worldviews:  a fork in the road in Death Valley Plaza.

      The character assassination that attended the grisly day of the plan should not and must not be separated from the act itself because is was never meant to be separated.  Kennedy was brought low by those saying he was himself too low to be President, that was loud and clear in the spite of the gentry (men like Agnew, Karl and Buchanan); Major General Thos. Lane said it was his pursuit of the peace of the flesh instead of war of the spirit that marked him.

      The dials of moral ideas swapped but not the loyalty fixxe.  At this point the absolute root then (the crossroads division) appears to splinter into many pieces.  This is where you learn the technique they use to keep things complicated which in reality is actually simple, too.  They know the secret of their kaleidoscope magic trick, you don’t, so I will explain it to you. It is the intersection of Hollywood and religion.

    One of the pieces of this callow jigsaw puzzle is shockingly clear.  They hated Kennedy for being a new age Playboy President, the bunny of which came out in the game name Oswald the Rabbit, a plagiaristic lookalike of Mickey Mouse.   For them the whole idea of sexual liberation was dependent on the Satanic ritual of abortion. Henry Wade was in on all this. Because Kennedy had prominence and wealth, his veering from the hard-working honor code of the church-minded gave bitterness to those who didn’t like being reminded of things they could never have.

       In the Warren Report, but which I mean Robert Penn Warren’s book, “All the King’s Men,” Huey Long was framed of having been killed by the prominent brother of one of his lovers, the problem is, it never happened.  After the loss of Huey, Hollywood took over. The stain was made part of his legend as he was reborn as a historical fiction.

       Return to the two dials of morality that form a crossroads at the permanent fixture of loyalty.  One of us believes that global welfarism is a viable worldview, the other believes that reality mandates a theory of justified aggressive conflict; none of this defense stuff because shooting JFK was not self-defense.

       With the violent transfer of power to conflict theory particularly with respect to control of the Draft Board the new dial was easily uploaded and the loyalty framework was still in place.  The new President had power to Pardon the deed with a secret wink and so business went on as usual. Here is where they played a trick which brings you to where we are today. They played the old game of the television show The Outer Limits (the first generation of the show that appeared on black and white television with UHF antennas) which began with static and a voice-over that control was being taken of your television set and ended with, “we now return control of your television set,” an episode system consisting of three main features:  1. Taking control. 2. Establishing the new narrative, in this case their honor code feature. 3. Returning to a re-defined idea of Kennedy’s mission after some essential changes had been done. Last, but not least, there is an epilogue in which the whole thing is dismissed as a practical joke.

      Therefore you need to study 1) the taking of control   2) the system of Honor and what plan it served 3) The plan to re-define the ideals of hope for the future and lastly why they think it is so funny.  I will help you.

     Kennedy and Martin Luther King loved each other dearly and they had a very special moral compass based on global welfare.  This dial was replaced with the new compass, a dial of conflict theory based on a traditional honor code that excludes the weak whenever desirable to exclude them.  It is a zero-sum game. The creation of Martin Luther King into a great statue as a useful iconoclast about Black Wall Street in the 21st century has ghettoized his spiritual values to a hostile consensus about scarcity and tribute.  Military wasters have created more than necessary landscapes of grinding poverty while attaching their own competence codes to performance of scholarly, charitable duties. The desperation is real enough, but it is a disservice to the truth to ignore the way it operated and who colluded.

      There is also the question of cultural power in poverty where education is available.  I’ve met the Rockefellers and slept on sidewalks in Chinatown. I know a boy who discovered he could paint at school and embarked on one of the most thrilling careers I could name.  Poverty isn’t always bad. In Chinatown it’s gorgeous. So much of the instigation, the arguments for riches and weapons have to be enforced by thugs because they are false, and this is one of the main reasons our streets are sometimes unsafe.

      The killers were absolutely shocking when it came to me and here is where it becomes absolutely shameless as well.  Unfortunate though it certainly is there are many individuals in every minority who would far rather earn the glory of the Iron Cross than settle down into the various opportunities available to the lower classes in self-help and community development partnerships.  In order to make this saleable as a desirable function of the Kennedy assassination a magic trick, rabbit in the hat, had to be performed. The replacement dial had to be reconfigured to look like the old moral compass in new hands that justify the loyalty fixxe. Primarily this meant hiding that AIDS was planned in much the way people secretly cheered the National Guard at Kent State.

      Even though this was brutal and brazen, the magic trick cancelled the evidence out.  The interesting thing is that they forgot not to make sense. Human culpability hasn’t been entirely strong enough on all fronts to cover-up the obvious questions:  If they were framing Reagan, why did they shoot him? If they tried to shoot him why did he take them on as his attorneys when it came to me? It allows me to report them because the plot arrives to a turnaround jest.  All of the evidence is in my favor as well as the rules of procedure, but all of the evidence and rules fail on the bonehead slipknot of the lynch game that drown out the brutal reality of British authorship and refusal to warn by calling me a laughingstock.

     From there the counter-attack is just uploaded as a machine intelligence utopia, full of details, then, ever so ironically, redemption is allowed by Apology to Kennedy’s killers.  In other words, they are just manipulating how people think. After the ordeal, anything goes for organized crime.

        Critically important to their slur campaign is the use of recognizable grassroots symbols (tokens from Hollywood) to represent the exact opposite of what people take for the intent of the men used for symbols.  One example is how the name of Roberto Clemente was used in race pussyball to justify the rape of a deaf girl in Pittsburgh. Obama is to Dr. King what the National Guard at Kent State were to Alison Krause, understood for the third act of The Outer Limits in the replacement dial he was just a mean trick from David Geffen and Pentagon Disney, a fashion statement from Yoko Ono’s cargo cult.

      How do I know this?  There’s proof. This is where their delivery comes unhinged in ways that show how funny they think it is.   In search of the minds demons, Phyllis Schafly teamed up with Patricia Fripp announcing that the old moral compass of King and Kennedy was the androgynous work of eunuchs.  This played a ferocious game of paradox by women controlling other women, to arrive at the peculiar sophistry of their final laugh. Anyone who has seen the wives of the men who killed Emmett Till after their exoneration understand the soul of Midori Goto in her advocacy for Cindy Rudy.   The women who helped kill Kennedy think that violence is sexy, the rest is just interesting theater.