The murderers from Britain have blocked the road of American escape from Hitler’s revenge fangs in the 21st century.   They brought in a Crown buccaneer, a Somalian pirate of the lowest order from Boko Harem in Senegal, told him to yammer in hate plainer than English so it couldn’t be traced for race war instigation against innocent whites, promoting the AIDS attackers in the name of Black revenge and Israeli purity.  How droll, all blazing trailed by Penis Keith Richards as a crooked foreign English table talk promoting Oswald Mosley. Penis Richards play all wise owl and shit when he is nothing but a goblin. AIDS was a pathetically dirty backstab as the Beatles always are, named for the Beetle of Hitler and Ford’s partnership, the Love Buggers came as the Silver Beatles, for the trophy colorz of Midwest fascism, the silver shirts, and plugged into Pittsburgh to hotwire America by the sleight of a seemingly counterfeit gold piece that turned out to be real as Confederacy, whose secret service in the Civil War met in Liverpool.  The British are bottomless scumbags, operating ripper homicide from Warhol Museum and Mellon Bank with the “HA” of Yoko Ono, kiddie sexer sociologist warthog.

       Failure to warn was a universal cultural deployment led by Ringo Starr whose foreign rabid attache Amanda Harcourt ADMITTED, as did Martha Gellhorn, that the AIDS victims were just being scammed by them for dough.   The British pirate division drummed up by Lennon’s evil scam had inside cred for loafing with the afflicted as they keeled. This instant cred, promoting Gail Burstyn, served to support the pirate division who kept their lips sealed.  In this manner the generation was betrayed by their own scavengers in places like New Zealand. For the Union, it was just clowniac. Some stupid bozo sat on the bus with a plastic bag at his dick.

       Pitt has always been a school of criminal direction, learning the fratheads to endorse the Kennedy assassination by table talk from Adolf Grunbaum of Cologne, 1920’s, and Paul Cola/izzo.   Power has shifted, Adolf Hitler laughed in South America, but the world hasn’t changed. Ask Penis Wise Owl.  They bombed us on 911 telling their deranged, infected trolls it was to get ya HIV ya ya's out.