I see a lot of fear of black people among other black people so it is peculiar to be told to get over my fear of them when my experience in fact is having been rescued from a beating by the Ku Klux Klan by two young black men who were total strangers.   They risked their lives in indignation when the saw a frail blond child being stomped on by a mob of full grown men. Don’t preach to me about bravura. All the same Black Lives Matters is conspicuous for being a slave mentality.

     The expression:  The Pursuit of Happiness is poorly understood as a credo of the free people of the United States of America.  It was a deeply meditative, sober and reflective idea in those heady days of liberty referring to the dream of the brotherhood of man.   The Obama generation missed a chance to give our planet a chance when his first act in office was to exonerate the banking finance system created by Hoover to suck up the property left behind by dead on the battlefield when they created wars.   God, by which they mean Hollywood, is always on both sides, speaking in two tongues, whispering and backbiting, writing lines of drama for double identities and twisting the truth nine ways from Sunday. The Hoover machine was created to pour out the first war loans and car loans in an anthem of endlessly repeating, uncreative, repititious, imitative, I me mine, and beyond anything else it created a slave mentality, not the pursuit of happiness.

      Result:  Instead of bringing in mass transit, hardball protecting us from the AIDS assassins, and demanding reform in Pentagon Disney, the Obamas created a rallying of business as usual behind the Bush wars, a caustic slander campaign to silence dissent, normalized torture, and gave us this Israeli Defense Forces routine called Black Lives Matters, a mindset programmed by grudge that poisons their minds rather than liberates Our Commonwealth.   How can saying my life matters be a slave mentality? Because you don’t think it does enough to be better than those you blame are.

        A short circuit was set in the neuroplasm in my head directed by klan society science against the deaf white suck who Blacks don’t like to see.   The rabid from Britain alleged that this short circuit put into my psyche was a legit hotwire to short circuit the love section of the lobes, then, to prove it wasn’t they demanded I repeal all anger and forgive those who did it to me.   Last but not least they demanded that I do this as an example to the brutalized Black community as the price of their conspiracy to work with the KKK on this game. The NAACP in other words has wholesale repudiated the two fine men who rescued me.

       While doing this, Reagan’s minute men in Japanese pornography have been sneaking through things LIKE what was done to me as a hostage child, while conspiring to isolate me in a bubble boy death row.  Meanwhile, the snickering rabid of Britain sneer. This is turn rounds up the holler for clean-up time in the hoods of makeshift dungeons where the victims of yesteryear’s new aggression continue to suffer and cry, to the tunes written by the two-tongued men.