I am going to explain a little of the copious evidence concerning the truth about the AIDS attack and the manner in which British violence was designed to mislead, deceive and ensnare the United States into confederacy in the attack. JK for example, were the initials of the man who ferociously attacked me blindside when I was a child in the Scholar’s Program of an Elementary School on Hampton Street in the East District of Pittsburgh, PA. He was working with a Japanese child trafficking syndicate, as case records prove, called Neva Corporation. Despite the kidnapping and torture of the child of a prominent Naval veteran leading the University of Pittsburgh and Peace Corps, the Police and Reagan Administration prolonged the ferocity of the sadism, and tried to murder me as part of a government cover up. This is also easily proven. Harassment is not petty to this very day. The symbolism not only shows the truth of the crime, but is grounds for war. What has prevented this from erupting into legal action is half the cover-up powers of the New York Times, and half that the Pittsburgh NAACP worked hand in glove with senior administrators involved, in a partnership with regional KKK forces, in a one-two punch operation of passing around the white liberal hostage. Ralph Proctor and his nephew Dr. Nelson Harrison, who calls his quisling mentalism “black psychology” worked with National Security elements (Riback and Child) to depict their trafficking actions as psychiatric monitoring (of an injury their allies impacted by torture they laugh away with gloat). They argued a notion of Pittsburgh as an eccentric region dominated by provincialism that is arcana in the Jewish intelligensia, hating on outsiders, white liberals and demanding satisfaction for how they claim Black pain is used to entertain whites. The plan offered remedy and satisfaction to this racial insult by unnamed others.


In order to understand how this rabid insanity unfolded, support for a gang mutilating a child, you need to understand many details and principles, but the first principle is shockingly brazen, they used a huge industrial concept of the Venus Fly Trap in a deranged super-Gospel pamphleteer built on the idea of moralism to prove the justice of black advancement against the deteriorating white liberal European. This language may seem a little alien, but was theirs and not difficult to source. They left a script, my own mother Nancy Jane Moore apparently knew all about how I was being used and birthed me for the affair as a government functionary agreement from the 1950’s when I was being conceptualized for conception by National Security. The Venus fly trap mode came to fruition at Community College of Allegheny County in a cover-up operation put together by Proctor in partnership with Wilma Coon and Rosine Monteleone. Meanwhile, a white racist named Douglas, who had their backs, sneered at me, “If you try to help Blacks they will only turn on you.” Guided by his son David Douglas and Matt Marcus, working with Proctor, as well as JK, an agent of WQED as well, Proctor laughed that Wilma Coon had secured my trust about my assumed fiance through insinuations that required me to write notes due to deafness, an illegal exploitation that the school made clear would be punished bitterly for attempting to report. The evidence that the NAACP was knowingly working with the area KKK and South African government in a post-Apartheid deal for Black power was long premeditated and exists in the very defense papers of attorney for the Beatles, Amanda Harcourt, about Mt. Desert Island, conceived as a mis-spell in my anti-Apartheid article in the Post-Gazette encrypted as “Mt. Beatty.” In fact, the Liars Club that ruled from Sir McCartney’s switchboard used the same technique in the same newspaper to claim responsibility for the murder of my father, telling me privately they “would do it again.” Mt. Beatty signified a tryst between Proctor and Zell. Zell is proven by case records and his own virtual admission to have set up an AIDS testing war game with the British from a time pre-dating the AIDS attack. Machiavellians in acid rock called it Operation: Discipline. Mt. Beatty was a mis-spell for Mr. Beatty, called out in my letter promoting divestment from Apartheid, signifying the plan to lure me to Mt. Desert Island with the alibi being provided by Bea/tles Atty. (Be/atty), while they started a rumor in Pittsburgh that I was negligent in what they claim was the death of John Lennon. Proctor led a campaign to this hour stating that I am “not special”. He clearly cooperated in the attack and treated me sacrificially in line with the alibi program. They had a switchboard of child molesters in play throughout, leering and making fun of my weakness, taunting me by attack prostitutes, and otherwise making an issue of sexual liberty as part of a spectator sport, inhuman in nature. They filmed the rape of my deaf advocate for Yoko Ono’s private collection of films, with the help of the Warhol Museum. It was dubbed: Evangelia Karmas.


What then is the alibi program all about? How do they subvert the obvious truth about the whole evil campaign, signaling on the day I booked out of the Honors Department of their willingness to punish me with blindness as fulfillment of the Black confederate curse, this signal came from the same Administration who recruited Rosa Monteleone and paid Wilma Coon. So how do they justify cold-blooded mutilation and serial perversion towards a Scholar’s student? What are the assassins selling and how are they selling it? What proves it the U.S. Government? What does this clear evidence (and its suppression) mean about what we have to face about our people? About Obama and Pittsburgh?


The British claim that the AIDS war game on Mt. Desert Island clocked to the evil rumor they started about me over Lennon, hand in glove with the people who they say really killed him, is that it was a Black Like Me routine, taking people with AIDS to a sacrifice of a person who they blamed in a utility function, forcing me to surrender to their sexual vilification to the brink of contagion which they called the “hurdle” for the victims, the idea of a magnanimous victim in torment of mind was all plotted as a research outcome by the Lions Club of the Liars Club. They sneered that the coward didn’t want infection so it should be contaminated in other ways and murdered while extruding his/my “its” screams. Proctor’s nephew carries on in his classes that the Black Man is cheated of sex in society circles. No argument to the effect that people have a right to choose their sex partners is heard or viable in a climate of human trafficking and indeed, the genius of the Black “warriors” behind the AIDS attack was to stage the AIDS attack as part of a justified Whorehouse Sit-In demanding dibs on the spoil of the Two Virgins War Game Midori Goto set up over herself with the Neva Corporation and its proxy WQED, violently promoting the assassin JK in Pittsburgh while assuring Proctor of her soothsay and his sway over her fetish. In return for his service over the deaf white suck, the Black Man would win the Whorehouse Sit-in.


To make this possible King Crimson declared that Uncle Tom’s old adage, “you may own my body by you don’t own my soul” was null and void. They not only humiliated me by neurological invasion of my body in a ghastly neuroplastic head wound, but brutally raped the deaf woman who tried to help me. Because they are criminally deranged filth and sadists of the most insane dimension, the mind is shattered approaching the true evil of the Beatles and disbelief sets in. Whenever they are faced with the unlikely but I suppose real enough prospect of being found out (they didn’t bother to cover many of their tracks) and scolded or something, presented with an outcry from victim advocates, these murderers, who justified their psychiatric web by the demonstration project of slasher murder in Seattle, as though to say, see, see, it can happen, man, start a new ordeal of viciousness terribly difficult to describe, driving their past depravities into obscurity, leaving their trauma care mutilation victim cringing as the inside circle of AIDS victims (billed as an Ayn Rand guild) are brought in barking to leer. The idea that sexual leering should be put aside to humanize victims of terrible crime like I am, was completely nullified by the plotters behind the song, “Big Time,” and it’s parochial accusation by a sadistic British fraud acting as kingpin of the legerdemain. The watchword for these rabid animals has always been “unbelievable.”