Nazification of Seattle and Pittsburgh is obvious from the way that politics, not law, is used to evaluate an incident of torture.   Under Nazi Germany in the White Rose trial, the professor on trial said that he wasn't a political man, and the Judge barked then you aren't a man at all.   When Gail Burstyn wrote her defense of the United States for releasing the AIDS attack, speaking for Britain, the mastermind of the atrocity, she called me a "Not-See".   While I have been accused of trying to get help from a gang they have prevailed by convincing Seattle and Pittsburgh to not-see.  In other words, it is evil for a brutally damaged child not to understand a post-doctoral dissertation, and holy for an informed public to deny evidence of torture, rape and mass murder.   All very interesting.  When politics, not law, are the determining factor in personal injury, the United States has fallen.  I don't want it explained why this having been done to a white is why it doesn't matter.  I already understand, Nazi.