A friend of mine gets ahead of himself as a writer because he is making contributions to the future.  I understand that dilemma. In writing this retrospective on the success of the AIDS attack the failure to censor testimony through murder of a witness by authorization of Federal authority shows that the attackers shrugged.  Why bother with censorship, particularly the noxious kind, when you can cancel the truth by Federal refutation? If no one believes it, what’s the harm in free speech? This is of course an ugly world, and precautions were taken instigating make-pretend reprisals by those who know it is true masquerading as units being incited by paranoid and irresponsible journalism.   Clever. There is delusion in the case, and the affirmation of delusion in the case is characterized by the terrible guilt in the conduct of Seattle Queers.

     The underworld created by Richard Starkey through brutal British military intelligence operating out of MI-7 through units like King Crimson have excoriated me as narking on the AIDS attackers, a mysterious and pervert view aligning the victims with their killers.  Normal common law requires repudiation of the victims in their call for death to Mr. Responsible. The British put my name on their crime so they could then take responsibility for execution of the plans. Lennon’s disappearing act, set to the soundtrack of Dia’s monologues, provided Villainy Insurance to the operation.   The murderers among other atrocity actually used brain trauma hoping to create a military robot that would scream insanely providing soundtrack by malediction, sadism as pleasure for the misled but rationally aggrieved. This fetish was also one for excluding evidence and commonsense, while building alliances among the criminals for a game of Rashomon, the pitting of false readings from all directions against the maimed and mentally wounded, while destroying evidence to render the soundtracks relative.

     Slurs, say the caseworkers, are relative, too.  The cruelty, banality, hostage tears provoking sadism of the slurs that came from the Jewish community, laughing about dragging the victim through glass, calling it queerbait and schmuck, anything dirty, brutally beating its brains in, laughing at its sexuality, making smut films of a pedophile direction in child hostage, trading them from the basements of museums, targeting the white object as an item of sociological hatred because white, because liberal, because innocent, the murderers detoxed the nauseating endlessness of their crimes by scuttling anything that shined a light on their war crime’s internal organization.  For example, the book: Sexual Self-Destruct ~ The Conscience of the West, predating AIDS, was found on the same block Cyril Wecht lived and Leslie Katz had her graduation party as Valedictorian of Ellis. For another example, Alpana lived across the street from ARTEK whose Salk Labor team locked me in a house from the inside to keep me traumatized by men named Kasper who kidnapped and tortured me as a child. Salk, sexual self-destruct, Mt. Desert Island and Leslie Katz.

      Stakes can be high in a society of purposeful ethnic exclusion that increasingly mirrors in America the way the rest of the world do business.   During World War Two society women brought low would sell their heirlooms and their virtue for escape from the war zone. The trauma of non-acceptance in America is real and we find evidence of Asian Sociology in the sociopathy behind the hit on queerbait.   Shopping for errors of decorum hired attack prostitutes of Ming Na Wen made a fetish of exploring the impacted soundtracks brutally juiced into an invisible neuroplasm for the purposes of mockery and extrusion. The researcher, in other words, is the one doing the targeting.

     Whenever the FBI and UW politicize me for their ends, using destruction of evidence, which they always afflict, to promote a fetish of counter-allegations by a script writing team proven unspeakably ghoulish and craven, they announce the moderation of a progressive idea, the thoughtful leader, who can take hope from a woman like Chin I without social standing but whom without exception the people who met her can say always, I can see why you love her, even the rapist pigs who used her to promote their psychotic justification for Mt. Desert Island by invention of a deranged allegation, that virginity proves rape, to experiment some more on the pale white thing who thinks it’s so special.

      Due to the fact that Donald Trump and Obama are capable of this tragedy against the rights of a deaf person in Our Commonwealth, I believe that prominence and media access do not always equate with significance.  There is no exceptionalism in the gross inability to ascertain reality or recognize the exceptional. Chin I may mean nothing to them but fodder in a sociological test of wills, just as they callously tampered with and destroyed a chosen and selected American iconography to pit against prior victimization paradigms in a bloodthirsty ordeal, but degrading the American landscape is hardly proof of their moral significance.