The crime I am going to describe today was Federal in origin and sufficiently effective that no one is challenging the conspicuous violation of civil rights posed by Hitlerian vivisection supported by a Nazified and weird digest of slanders originating with campus liberalism and Black social adventurers.  It was all set up.  To understand what Clinton, Trump and Obama did would ignite such an explosion that 100 million more people might die and knowing that the cult with Ultrahigh power were behind AIDS what’s 100 million more?   It is fruitless to expect sincerity or consistence from people who have told you that timely warning would have been pointless and the truth about AIDS is unimportant.  They see the whole world as a joke.  With the growing awareness among Kennedy researchers that Adolf Hitler was in South America when Kennedy was shot comes awareness that the all-or-nothing mania of that dictator is behind the nuclear ultimatum of global destruction attending the attack.   The entire facility is an upload in which the resistance faction itself was put together in advance for dramatic effect.  The New York syndicate responsible for this terribly vicious scam are not sincere people.  They actually released AIDS to make money, actually, with the shrug of absolute cynicism that provides bystander protection to the people averting their eyes.  The Government of the State of Washington are among those who have let them do it.  For fun, the crime is a game full of syphilitic ingenuities from Oxford types like Brian Eno.  They wanted it known and accepted in the end.


      Political correctness as a move was part of the AIDS attack.  Black Nazis like Obama and Colin Powell were put into gear for the purpose of calling intelligence reports to the public through the press by the name of fighting words.  Dr. Proctor of PITT/FEMA and WQED in African Studies appears to have known Schugar Bear, a Pittsburgh representative of the famous history black-Jewish alliance that used to beat up Puerto Ricans together in New York City now working with Leni/Stahl and Duzzledorf, words we are told mean nothing, despite being indicative of the film service ties between Leni Reifenstahl, African Black Nazi warlords and all these ties would imply with Germany.  The British like to flatter themselves cooing there is method to this madness from King Edward, exemplified by the code for AIDS, Church of Illness, a play on the name Churchill, which of course contains the admonition, Winston for wins ton of money by which they have the streets doing like this here and that there covering it up rather than admit the truth, that my name was ransacked by John Stockwell’s Department at the CIA and this feature a tactical suppression.  Rather than warn, the British normalized AIDS for storytelling from Pentagon Disney.  It gets pretty rough to the head.   They wanted it to spread for the Hidden Play.  Diva, one of the films they spewed out of the generator, is an advertisement containing pieces of the plan.  The British literally do not care how bad they make it for everyone who loves truth.  They cornered the market by new Orwellianisms like it really doesn’t matter if they are wrong, they are still right, a fetching catchall from Dear Leader.