It’s all very nice to say that Liberals are weak and squishy, but the AIDS attack was the most treasonous and cowardly war crime in history and the Kennedy assassination proves that Liberals were the target group.   It gets interesting though, due to the jet set masquerade that Elizabeth Taylor and Elton John put on in the name of Lennon. I have a backlog of HitlerReagan semiotics I have been meaning to get around to, but this one is poignant enough due to the implications of the imagery and references to the Texas Schoolbook, spanning John Wayne to Donna Rice.   The cowboy looks at the pale flakes of his little box as though to query, “where’s the beef?” Found in the Oswald Diary edition of LIFE Magazine, I have told these zany brilliants many times that the full arsenal of American intelligence is arrayed against them, they just won’t listen.